The Great Hang Up: Teens Still Text and Drive

10:33 PM, Apr 24, 2012   |    comments
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A recent study by State Farm shows teen drivers still send the same number of texts behind the wheel as in 2010.

Less than 50 percent of teen drivers said they have never sent a message on the road.

Sean McCann, a senior at Veterans High School says, "Adults talk to us about it, but as teenagers, we usually just tune it out."

Another senior, Darquelle Gooch says, "You can miss a text when you're at home and it doesn't bother you, but something about getting a text when you're driving you just want to answer it."

The Houston County Sheriff's Office drew up a new plan to teach teens the importance of keeping their eyes on the road.

Deputy Justin Hall says, "I can get out there and write a bunch of tickets and that will be effective, but if I don't get out here and educate people, then I haven't done one thing to prevent it."

Students say hearing personal stories from teens in a movie by AT&T really grabbed their attention.

Gooch says, "Something about watching a video and I see people who have actually been through those experiences, and I see how their lives were affected after one of the crashes happened really gets to me."

The Houston County Sheriff's Office plans to expand their program to all of the district's schools next year. The Macon Police Department says they applied for a state-funded grant to start a similar program for Bibb County schools.

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