Remembering Lauren Giddings with Two Ceremonies

11:02 PM, Aug 25, 2012   |    comments
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Two separate ceremonies celebrated the life of Lauren Giddings. Family members, who flew in from Maryland, were surrounded by many of Lauren's friends and supporters at Mercer Law School and then later at Washington Park. 

Family and friends took a walk down memory lane at Mercer Law School to raise up the memory of Lauren Giddings.

She was killed last summer just weeks after she graduated from law school. Faculty, students, and alumni raised $10,000 to revamp the school's old sign, that is now complete with a bronze plaque honoring Lauren. 

"The old sign was just a wooden sign. The new brick sign adds some character. And when you first come up Georgia Avenue and you see it, it makes Mercer Law," says Ashley Morehouse, who met Lauren her freshman year.

"Lauren's story in the past year has been so much about tragedy and it was really important to us to put a new light on it to show that Lauren was so much more than just the end of her life," says former classmate Bowen Reichert, who is also Mayor Robert Reichert's daughter.

The celebration continued at Washington Park where a new bench was unveiled.

"I created it to represent her strength as a women. It's also still feminine in the shape and color," says Scott Tisdale, who created the bench.

The family dressed in pink, Lauren's favorite color, took turns admiring the steel bench. The park was filled with live music and supporters both near and far.

"She was a beautiful beautiful person from what I hear and I'm here to celebrate a beautiful life," says Jenny Fox from Macon.

"We would've driven eight hours. It's the least we could do," says Peggy Crofts, who drove two hours from Douglasville to attend the event in the park with her husband.

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