Search for Lauren Giddings' Remains Ends at Twiggs Landfill

6:51 PM, Sep 16, 2011   |    comments
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The search at a Twiggs County landfill for Lauren Giddings' remains wrapped up Friday, and Macon police are being tight-lipped about whether they found anything of interest.

Giddings' torso was found in a trash bin outside her Macon apartment in June.

A Macon Police crime van and several other vehicles rolled out of Wolf Creek Landfill Friday morning.

That's after five days of going through trash and searching for Giddings' remains.

"This is a horrible thing that happened and it has devastated that family," said Sgt. Scott Chapman, a lead investigator in the murder case. "We can never give back what they lost but we just want to give them something. You know bring a little bit of peace back to the family."

Chapman helped in the search, but says it was a collaborative effort that included Pyles Plumbing and Utility Contractors and Seller's Construction donating equipment and the FBI manning the search.

"The costs were going to be $500,000 just for a week of doing this search, but because of the efforts made by Bill Causey, city engineer, and all the graciousness provided by Wolf Creek Landfill, we was able to do this search without any cost to the city," said Chapman.

He also says an engineering consulting firm drew up the plans for the search free of charge.

Investigators spent 10 to 12 hours a day at the landfill, said Chapman, and sifted through every piece of trash in a specific area.

"The landfill kept great records. They were able to tell us exactly where trash on that day was dumped," he said.

Police won't comment on what they found.

When asked what they found, Chapman said, "Not pertaining to the case, not at this time. I can't really comment on anything in reference to that, but we searched hard."

We spoke to Kathy Mann, who is Giddings' cousin.

She said the family is disappointed that nothing positive came out the search, but she said they're overwhelmed by the kindness of the people who helped they and appreciate the effort.

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