Lauren Giddings' Bathtub Hauled Away to Crime Lab

6:03 PM, Aug 4, 2011   |    comments
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13WMAZ's Eleanor Lissitzyn reports that the bathtub was removed from Lauren Giddings' former apartment Thursday afternoon and hauled away by a Macon city truck.

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A Macon police crime-scene technician told 13WMAZ that the bathtub was being taken to the police crime lab in Macon.

On Wednesday night, Eleanor was invited by the landlord into the apartment and reported that the bathtub had unusual scratches along the outer edge.

Our reporter said the scratches were about a foot long and like the scratches seen on a kitchen cutting board.

Eleanor says the outer edge of the bathtub was covered in protective fabric as it was removed.

Police technicians were in the apartment Wednesday afternoon. Police Chief Mike Burns said they were taking crime-scene photos.


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