Lauren Giddings' Family Continues to Search for Remains

5:12 PM, Aug 3, 2011   |    comments
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As Macon police charge Lauren Giddings neighbor with murder, the family of the recent Mercer Law graduate keeps searching for her remains.

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They've received help from a search and rescue expert whose resume includes high profile cases like the Natalie Holloway investigation.

Lauren Giddings' cousin, Darrell Mann, spent several days in Macon.

"This just shouldn't have happened," said Mann. "We just need to bring her home."

Mann says he and the family asked K-9 investigator Fred Golba to help them recover the rest of her body.

"His dogs are only people dogs, that's all they look for they're not multitaskers and Fred's a volunteer," said Mann.

Golba and his dog Rhino searched around Lauren's apartment on Georgia Avenue and at the Ocmulgee River.

He believes the body parts were put in a trash bin at Mercer Law School, and Golba says commercial trash from there is taken to the Wolf Creek Landfill in Twiggs County.

Mann says, "Through the process of elimination, we found out the city landfill was pretty thoroughly investigated, but we also found out that there is another landfill that was looked at, but not as closely."

Golba calls the area where the bin is located, "in McDaniel's comfort zone."

He says, "From everything we've done, we believe the probability of her being put in that dumpster is much greater."

Macon Police Chief Mike Burns says they've searched the Wolf Creek Landfill and have no plans to go back.

Landfill General Manager Virginia Villatoro said Golba and Mann have not contacted her, but she heard they were planning to.

"We're not here to solve the case," said Mann. "We're here to look for Lauren."

And he says the family will continue to fight to find their loved one.

"The family is terribly devastated and you know the arrest helped,"said Mann. "I don't know if anything will make it OK, but not knowing where she is, is difficult."

Mann and Golba left town Wednesday afternoon, but they say they expect to come back to search more.

Lauren Giddings funeral is Saturday in her hometown of Laurel, Maryland.

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