Vendors Set Up for Cherry Blossom Festival

10:02 AM, Mar 15, 2012   |    comments
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It wouldn't be a Cherry Blossom Festival without rides, food and fun.

Vendors from all over are making finishing touches to get ready for crowds when the festival kicks off Friday.

For Chris Robbeloth from Tampa, Florida, it's his 12th year. He says he has a lot of work ahead of him.

"The first thing is taking it off the trucks, setting the trailers down, setting up the tents and then we gotta clean everything," he says.

Robbeloth's gearing up to satisfy taste buds with his mobile restaurant.

"I sell turkey legs, I have sausage, Polish Italian sausage, corn dogs. I also bought a new trailer this year. I'm going to be doing some sweet potato ribbon fries and also chicken on a stick and a chicken tenders basket," he says.

William Toland specializes in rides, and told us about the 'tub of fun.' "We get the youngins and load them up in here. They spin the tub themselves while the ride turns and spins too and they have a good time," said Toland.

Toland works at setting up and then operation when the festival gets underway. The best part he says, are the kids.

"Just seeing a cheerful look on a youngin's face. Them laughing and having a good time. That makes me feel good out here doing something for them," said Toland.

It's the kind of ride that keeps kids coming back for more, he says. As for Robbeloth, this is the kind of festival that keeps him coming back year after year of turning a successful profit that he says stays in the community.

"We do take some money out of here but we also spend it while here. I keep the money in the economy in this town."

The festival begins with opening ceremonies at noon on Friday.

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