79-Year-Old Macon Man Says Home Broken Into Three Times

6:35 AM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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A 79-year-old Macon man says his Dawn Street home was broken into three times in the last year. 

Macon Police say they have reports of two burglary incidents at that address off Mumford Road and Napier Avenue, and each happened within six months of each other. 

Charles Williams said he came home Tuesday to find his house ransacked. 

"I just say, "Oh, my god, they just messed me up. They tore all my stuff up'," said Williams. 

He said that his rifle, $250 worth of gold coins and a machete were missing. According to the incident report for the break-in January, five guns and an electric guitar were stolen.  

"All these material things I can get these things back, and the problem is people breaking into your home, taking your stuff that you labored so hard for, it's just not right," said Williams. 

Williams said that he is a gun collector and that he has permits for them.

He said that he is trying to protect himself. He spent Wednesday making his own window bars. He hopes that it will be enough to deter the culprits. 

"If they come in my house while I am here, it is probably me or them," said Williams, "I have no feelings for nobody that break in my house."

Macon Police say they are investigating this incident. If you have any information on this case, you call 877-68-CRIME. 

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