How Telfair Cocaine Bust Measures Up

1:46 PM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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This weekend's 384-kilo, $13 million cocaine bust in Telfair County got us wondering about how it stacks up in size against other coke busts.

13WMAZ went searching through the headlines to find the following:

-The biggest recent bust in Georgia came in Februray 2011. Authorities seized 567 kilos of coke worth an estimated $24 million.

-The Coast Guard nabbed 2,200 kilos of coke in April off the coast of Panama. The haul is estimated at $362 million.

-In July 2012, Hong Kong made its largest cocaine seizure ever. 649 kilos of coke, worth an estimated $98 million, came off the streets.

-Just last week, authorities seized 1,800 kilos off the coast of San Diego. Those drugs are worth an estimated $50 million.

The United Nations cocaine stats from 2009 show a decreasing use of cocaine through the past years in North America. The estimated value of coke transactions in the continent was $34 billion.


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