Athlete of the Week: Anasterasia Terrell

5:53 PM, May 3, 2012   |    comments
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Anasterasia Terrell puts her best foot forward on the track and in the classroom.

Howard High track coach Sherri Marks says, "She loves to practice. She's dedicated to putting in the time and effort into it. So, that makes it easy for a coach when she likes what she's doing. That means she's going to put in 100 percent at all times."

With two national championships and state records in triple jump and hurdles, Terrell sets the bar pretty high for herself.

She says, "If I didn't have any goals, I'd be lost. If I didn't have anything to work for, I'd be lost."

Before she stepped on the track, she tried to jumpstart her athletic career playing middle school hoops.

She says, "I didn't make the team because I couldn't play. I still can't play now, but then my coach, Ms. Marks, she recognized my potential by playing basketball. So she took me and a few other middle school girls in the parking lot and we raced, and from that point on that's when I started liking track."

Once she started her training, the high school junior earned a top spot in the national rankings.

Marks says, "She's always somewhere between one and five on National Elite's website foe the triple jump. She does very well with the hurdles as well; she ranks somewhere between one and ten."

Terrell will take her skills internationally this summer. A cultural exchange meet in Australia invited the junior to compete with some of the world's best. Terrell also had to qualify academically. With her 3.7 GPA and schedule filled with college-level courses, she made the list with no problems.

She says, "I know how much I love track, and I know in order for me to do track, I have to have good grades. If you're not doing well in the classroom, you'll be inelligible to play sports."

She hopes to take her triple jumps to new heights and one day compete in the Olympics.

Marks says, "I do see that this young lady could possibly make it if she continues to work hard as well as she does now."

The next step in her bucket list is signing on with a college track team, then acing the bar exam and becoming a lawyer.

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