Athlete of the Week: Shermaine Pinkard

10:20 AM, Mar 23, 2012   |    comments
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Athlete of the Week

As you've come to expect our "Athletes of the Week" effectively juggle sports and classroom work, but Shermaine Pinkard blows the doors off extracurricular activities and has a pretty impressive transcript.

Track coach Greg Nisbet fondly recalls a time a couple of years ago when he convinced a sophomore to go out for his sport.

"Talked her into going out for track, and the first year she broke a school record. Last year placed third in the state, and this year she is signing a scholarship to Kennesaw State, Nisbet said.

Shermaine Pinkard signed on to become an Owl and launch the shot put for Kennesaw.

Her coach Greg Nisbit says both sides made a good deal.
"Kennesaw State got a diamond they have no idea what they got a hold of," he said with a grin.

Pinkard puts in a lot of hours lifting weights with the football team to compete in track and field.

"She squats 335 pounds, Nisbet said. She's about to make the 700 club for bench press. She is extremely strong."

That strength has paid off. When Pinkard finished up with the basketball team this year, she got to work in the sport that may earn her a state championship. Kennesaw signed her to throw shot put, but she is also showing some amazing talent in the discus.

"I had thrown one pretty far in practice. The state record is 148 feet, and my coach said I could do it. And if he believes in me, I should believe in myself," a determined Pinkard said.

"In practice on Monday she popped one 148 feet, so that would be a state record is she did that at the state meet," Nisbet said.

In class Pinkard is also in motion raising her hands and giving in-depth answers.

"She's got a 3.85 grade point average," Nisbet said. "She's just a joy to have in class. She contributes. She is intelligent. She works hard. She has a work ethic. If there is one thing I can say about Shermaine Pinkard it's that she has a work ethic."

"First thing I get home from practice I do my schoolwork because education is always first. Education is going to get you farther than your sport," Pinkard said.

Pinkard has plans to go pretty far in both. She wants to become an NCAA champion, get her degree and eventually teach middle school math.

"I want to make an impact on young kids, and being class president showed me I can help people," Pinkard said.

"She's going to walk into that 7th grade room and she's going to get their attention," Nisbet said.

She's already in the spotlight and ready to make her mark at the next level.

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