ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Artisha Holston and Brittany Troutman

6:35 PM, Mar 8, 2012   |    comments
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Artisha Holston and Brittany Troutman have been friends and classmates since elementary school. Now the talented duo are teammates for the Taylor County Lady Vikings, and over their high school career, they have been the starting backcourt for head coach Matt Troutman.

"Both of our post players are real good players," says Coach Troutman, "They've been with me for four years. The best thing about those kids are they are smart and they work hard at the game."

On the court the young ladies both like to defend and help score points for the team. In the classroom they both say they favor Anatomy class and realize books are just as important if not more so than making free throws.

"In order to get through life, you have to push yourself through books and on the basketball court," says Holston.

"First I get my lesson, then I get my skills on, because with basketball it's something that comes naturally. With classwork, it something I have to work at, so without school work, I have no basketball."

Her teammate Brittany Troutman agrees, "I think grades are important just as much as basketball beacause you have to have the grades to play and I dont want to settle for a C when I can make an A."

The two low post players average double-doubles on the floor while Brittany carries a 3.7 GPA, and Artisha holds a 3.2 GPA. Coach Troutman says he proud of all of the above.

He explains, "I have watch them come from freshman to seniors, and every year they have improved. And they are very important to this team. And they are the people that make this team go."

As the two finish their senior season, they want to finish out on top, but if they don't, the legacy of these athletes of the week will linger in fans of Viking nation for years to come.

"That's been the goal ever since Ive been here", says Brittany, "And since we didnt we get the year we went to the final four, this is it for me."

Holston agrees, "I want it all. The ring, the trophy. We've come to far to turn back now. I want to finish on top."

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