Athlete of the Week: Braxtyn Talton

7:45 PM, Dec 15, 2011   |    comments
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She is a difference maker on the hardwood and in the classroom helping the Westside Seminoles to early undefeated jump in region basketball play, and for those accomplishments, we recognize Braxtyn Talton as an Athlete of the Week.

Braxtyn Talton admits she is a late bloomer, learning to play the sport she has come to love the most just a few years ago at the age of 12. "At first, I started playing baseball, but my mama wanted me to try basketball and I liked it, so I played it," says Talton.

Now the senior can't get enough of running the floor for Coach Deb Baber and the Westside Lady Seminoles. "I like defense because I think when I play defense, the offense is going to come."

Talton is a 3-year-starter for the Noles, but has been a major contributor ever since she stepped on campus back in 2008.
"The girls love her," says Baber. "We were at Rutland Saturday and Braxtyn was taking the ACT. So she didn't get there until halftime, and you could just feel everybody's spirits lift when she walked in. She didn't really score a lot of points, but just her presence and the way they all feel about her. She is a special kid."

Talton sports a 12-point average on the floor and a 3.2 GPA in the classroom and also takes AP classes. The senior says academics come first.

Talton says, "Most basketball players can go places without their grades, but I want my grades and the sports. Plus, my mama don't play."

"Basketball is not really about the basketball. It's about life," says Baber. "One of the things we are most proud of here is we send a lot of girls to school, whether it's academic or athletic, but it's about focus on school, and basketball is getting ready for that."

And Talton says she is looking forward to her future studying forensic science and playing college basketball, but is enjoying her finale year as a Nole, sharing her knowledge of the game with the future.

Talton explains, "It's just like watching the regular varsity players play. Watching them play knowing they can play and I'm getting ready to leave makes me feel comfortable knowing the team can play without me and my teammates."

Braxton had a season high against Howard with 27 points already this season. The Noles hit the court Friday night against region rival Mary Persons at home.

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