Athlete of the Week: Clay Bridges

5:52 PM, Nov 3, 2011   |    comments
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Clay Bridges is number one, and it's not just his jersey number. It also defines the way he plays the game of football on Friday nights and the attitude he carries in the classroom during the week.

Clay's head coach Ronnie Jones agrees, "Clay is just one of those that coaches dream about. He plays smart, and when you combine smart and aggressive that's what makes him a good football player. And I haven't had many who were smarter than he is or as agressive as he is. He just loves the game and plays hard."

As a Hornet, Bridges says he enjoys competition under the lights by bringing the stinger on the field through defense instead of buzzing with the ball as a running back.

"I got a couple favorite players that I like to pattern myself after, Troy Polamalu and Ray Lewis," says Bridges. "But I am a defensive player definetly. It's been my first year running the ball since the third grade, so it's been a while since I toted the ball."

Coach Jones adds, "Clay is so valuable to us. We tried to put him in places that we thought could help us, not that he couldnt play every position that we had. We just try to use him and get him in a spot where we think people are going. He's just a valuable player for us."

In the classroom, the senior boasts a 4.0 GPA and lists Math as his favorite class. It's not a surprise that Clay is the same leader in the hallways as he is between the lines.
"Most of the time I'm a silent leader but when it comes to Friday nights I'll be hollaring," Bridges says and continues, "It teaches work ethic. You got to come in and do your job everyday."

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