Athlete of the Week: Jessica Burroughs

9:19 AM, Sep 23, 2011   |    comments
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The Houston County High School softball team is working to make another run at the State Championship.  Last year they came in as state runners-up.

They've got a senior on the team who brings the heat from the mound. The pitcher takes classes on the Bear's campus, and she's dual enrolled at Middle Georgia Technical College.

Economics isn't a tough sell for Jessica Burroughs.
She carries an overall 3.4 grade point average.
She also layers in a morning English class at Middle Georgia Tech. "It's different than high school a lot different. The work's harder, and you have more independence. You have to teach yourself more, kind of rely on yourself and not your teachers," Jessica explained.

The senior's seen the economic principles she's learning about work first hand. Her skills on the mound are in high demand when it comes to colleges looking for their next star.
"Well there was Ole Miss and Auburn and Tennessee, and I also flew out to California, and visited UCLA, but Tallahassee was my last visit to Florida State, and I just loved it, and I fell in love with it," Jessica said with a big smile.

Coach Angela Crawford says its no contest when batters have to face Burroughs. She says her pitcher has already tossed three no-hitters this season.  "The spin and break on her ball makes it outstanding, makes it hard to hit and when hitters make contact, they don't hit it solidly," Crawford said.

"I have my curveball, breaking ball, rise and my drop and my changeup also drops a little bit. But I throw those and try to keep all the batters off balance, and that's my big goal," Jessica said.

Her overall big goal is to one day stand on the sidelines and report on athletes, she's going to major in Communications at Florida State.

Burrough's learned that all of her success in the classroom and on the diamond has come with its own pricetag.

"It's tough because it takes a lot of time. I miss a lot of things that most kids get to do. I just think there are things I want to be doing, but I've got to do other stuff to get where I want to be," she said.

Don't feel sorry for her, because she's okay with exactly how her life is going. She's missing football games and birthday parties, because when she's not playing for the Bears and tending to her classwork, she's out of town most weekends with her travel ball team.

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