Athlete of the Week: Rebecca Miller

6:43 PM, May 19, 2011   |    comments
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Rebecca Miller knows what it takes to go out with a bang. She proved that by scoring two goals in a state championship game on her home field. It's the type of stuff kids daydream about in class, but the FPD senior striker insists she didn't plan it that way.

"It was definitely not how I expected it to go," Miller said.
Her coach had a good feeling about it though.
"I told her before the state championship I thought she was gonna have a hat trick," FPD soccer coach Josh Trieste said. "I'm not disappointed she didn't have a hat trick."

After all, disappointment is not a word used to describe FPD's leading scorer. 

"Anything that's got Rebecca Miller's got a chance," Trieste added.

That proved to be the case this year for the Lady Vikings, who sailed through unchartered waters in their first season of GHSA competition.

"Just to be part of the first team to do something different I was excited about," Miller said.

Rebecca was far more than just a 'part' of the team. She scored 46 goals and dealt out 17 assists to go along with her contributions as a senior leader.

"Every team would be extremely lucky to have Rebecca," Trieste said. "If Rebecca didn't score a goal or get an assist she provides leadership."
It's just another quality that Miller will take with her to Valdosta State, where she will blaze another trail as part of the school's first women's soccer team.
"There's only one team that's gonna be the first team at Valdosta, so I'm glad that I will be able to be a part of it," Miller said.

"To get somebody like Rebecca in your program, even if she wasn't the star player, she would be an asset to any team," Triese said.
If anyone knows that it's her coach.

"You can't walk into the locker room with Rebecca and not have a smile on your face," Trieste said. "And the way she works on the field, you walk off the field and you have a smile on your face too."

That was undoubtedly the case when she walked off the field for the last time at FPD, and did so as a state champion.

"It's just the icing on the cake," Miller added. "You can't beat winning a state championship your last year."

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