ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Dominique Gibson

7:44 PM, Feb 24, 2011   |    comments
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This weekend, the Howard Huskies will begin their quest for a championship when they take on top-seeded Eagles Landing in the state basketball tournament.

They will look to a junior on the team for support and leadership.
Doninique Gibson is a thinker on the court and in the classroom, and it's those efforts that have made him our 'Athlete of the Week.'

Everything adds up very nicely for Dominique Gibson.
He says math is his favorite class. His teacher, Amy Brand, says he's an inspiration to work with. "Dominique's a very determined student he works very hard he's currently taking Accelerated Math 3, which is a Precalculus, and he's on track to take AP Calculus," Brand said.

Add to that weighty subject Advanced Marketing, Literature, and Spanish 2, and you can see the junior's pretty busy. Overall, he carries a 3.3 grade point average.

Dominique credits his success with the books to his love of basketball. "My coach, he pushes us. We have study hall everyday. When it's 2:30, it's time to go to study hall, and he makes sure you get your work," he said. "And some players on my team are in my class, so we push each other to succeed."

Levon Grant is Dominique's coach. "Dominique's very hard-working in the classroom and on the court," Grant said. "He's a good basketball player, but I think he's an even better person and a better student."

The kid that impresses his coach also worked to bring the Huskies together as a sophomore. "Dominique, he's the guy last year, when we went through all the struggles losing a lot of games, Dominique was the guy who stood up and told the guys we weren't going to quit and the good times will come, and now that they're here, that's why he's the leader of this basketball team," Grant explained.

The leader wants to eventually go to law school. He figures he's already started to prepare for his future. "I already know you have to have a good work ethic to achieve a lot of stuff, so it's going to be easy. If I can go through my coach's practice, it's going to be easy," Gibson said.

Law school and 'easy' is questionable, but what's not up for debate is what Dominique's doing in the classroom, bringing in those team building skills and boosting his fellow students up.
"He works with his peers, too. When they're struggling and he gets it, he's the first one to jump up and try to help the others, and it's a great team atmosphere in our class, and he has a lot to do with that," Brand said.

Dominique says he got interested in law because of his aunt. She's a lawyer and used to take him to work with her.

The Huskies sit at 16-10 on the year.

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