Former Rutland Player Doing Well at Mercer

2:58 PM, Jan 13, 2011   |    comments
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The situation has allowed a former Rutland standout to really rack up the points for the Bears.

Although Kendra Grant hasn't had an easy caree, she says she's gotten a boost with the hometown crowd. "Ohh it's very exciting playing at home and having your family and friends come and watch you," Kendra said with a grin.

Grant is an exciting player to watch. She's can hit from three-point land and so far this season she's averaging just under 10 points a game.

But not everything in the young player's life has come easy.

"It was very hard trying to catch back up with your teammates and being off for three and a half months, but I was determined to play my sophomore year so I did what it took, she explained.

She was determined because Kendra didn't get much time on the court during her freshman year.

"Well, last year I was dealing with bilateral stress fractures in my shins and then my knee injury last year and I had to have surgery in the off season, so rehabbing during the summer trying to get back," Kendra said.

Kendra came storming back under first-year coach Susie Gardner. But Gardner learned quickly to treat her second-leading scorer delicately. When the Bears practice, it's not unusual to see Kendra spinning away on the bike, trying to save those knees for games.

"She's very bright so she can watch practice and learn, so that's a positive but she's in a lot of pain I think her teammates respect her because they know she's in pain . She doesn't talk about it, she just fights through it," Gardner said. "She's had some great games but I have to be careful as her coach not to overplay her, not over practice her, although I'll admit I do overplay her because we need her on the floor."

Even though her body will betray her every now and then, Kendra is a fighter. "She wants to win in everything she does we'll play ping pong or something silly like that and she is the most intense person on our team that wants to win," Gardner said.

The kid that wants to win says she always had confidence in her ability but even she's surprised a bit by her early success.

"Of course I would think I'm going to do well in sophomore year but I didn't think I would do as well as I have lately its been exciting," she said.

The Bears are in the middle of a three-game road swing.

The Bears will take on Stetson down in Florida this Saturday.

They return home to the University Center the 22nd against North Florida.


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