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<we lit the candles to show our love for Marquez.>
  a candlelight vigil tonight... wasn't about the death...but about the life...of Marquez Blount... The 13-year-old who family members say, passed away last week when he was accidentally shot.
  Plus... Beefing up security at a local animal shelter...
{***SOT FULL***}
<we had another security company come out, and offer to pay the first year.>
     After a breakin that lead to the deaths of three dogs.
     Details tonight...on Eyewitness News at 11.

     Hello, everyone.
     I'm Austin Lewis.
     Frank Malloy is on assignment.  He'll join us a little later for Football Friday Night.
     We'll get to both those stories this evening... Plus, details on what locked down a school...south of Atlanta today.
     First though... A look back at the day in review... Your Friday, October 18th... In sight and sound.

     And those are just some of the stories...that made news in our communities today.
     Tonight... We begin with that candlelight vigil we told you about at the top of the newscast.
     At a home on Cleveland Street in Macon... Family and friends came together...to celebrate the life of a Macon teen who aspired to be an architect one day.

     Instead, the dreams he planned to build were cut short when he died a week ago.
      Police say 13 year old Marques Blount was shot in the face when he and another teen were holding a gun... And it went off.

       Earlier this evening...Marquez's family gathered in the comfort of candlelight and community.

<we're having a memorial for my nephew Marquez Blount that was shot fatally friday and passed away saturday as a result of his injuries. >

TO: 0:07
{***SOT FULL***}
<we lit the candles to show our love for Marquez and in celebration of his life. >

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<I had donated his organs. And I got the call today about his organs. His heart was donated to a 14 year old boy in tennessee. His liver is a 12-year-old in Georgia. One kidney a 34-year-old in Georgia, another kidney a 57-year-old in georgia and his intestines was to a 62 year old in washington dc.  >

TO: 0:05
{***SOT FULL***}
<he was just cool, cool with everybody. Miss him >

TO: 0:04
{***SOT FULL***}
<we're having a memorial to show young people that this can easily be you.>

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{***SOT FULL***}
<sometimes it takes one life to bring up another.>

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<if you see these children on the street with a gun don't be scared to say something to them. Say something to them because the life your saving could just be your own or your child. >

     Miriam Dean...Blount's mother says he would have enjoyed seeing everyone gathered at his home.
     The funeral service is tomorrow.
     The other teen's name has not been released...because he's a minor.

     Volunteers at the All About Animals shelter on Riverside Drive in Macon say good things have come out of a crime that left three dogs dead...and injured three others.
     Overnight Wednesday, someone broke in...and let many of the animals loose to fight.
     In addition to those killed...more were injured.

     But today...a show of generosity.
     People were in and out of the shelter all day, dropping off items like blankets, dog food and bandages.
     Macon police spent part of the afternoon dusting for fingerprints and investigating...
     They say this is the first time they've had a problem with security at the shelter,
     But that they do not have a clear motive.
     The shelter director says they did not have any security systems or surveillance cameras,
     but after this week's break-in... that will change.
<we had another security come out and offer to install something, and pay the first year so we're going to be covered with the security, so that's good. That's good news>
     Crawford also tells us all dogs have been accounted for....and the injured ones are expected to make a full recovery.

   An EBT card fraud conspiracy case...led to a 4-point-6 million dollar restitution order for a man from Wilkinson County.

    That's on top of 40 months in prison...and three years supervised release for Elbert Eugene Shinholster.
    That's according to Sue McKinney of the U.S. Attorney's office in Macon....who says Shinholster was sentenced Friday.
    EBT cards are intended to provide healthy foods for the needy.
    But two years ago, Shinholster and five other people were accused of conspiring to cash out the cards for money.
     Wilkinson Sheriff Richard Chatman said investigators believe Shinholster committed more than $4.5 million in fraud between 2006 and 2011.
    He pleaded guilty last year to fraud and money laundering.

     The G-B-I  turned over its investigative file... into the allegations that Senator David Lucas choked a 14-year-old child  to the District Attorney's Office Friday.
     That's according to a news release from D-A David Cooke's office.
     The release says the D-A's office will review the files...that contain numerous reports and witnesses interviews....compiled by the G-B-I and the bibb county sheriff's office. 
     The office will determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence that Lucas has committed a crime.

     Back in August...a Macon woman said Lucas choked her son, Chase King.
     The teen is the grandson of Terry Tripp....who was running against Lucas's wife ... councilwoman Elaine Lucas for a consolidated commission seat.
     Elaine Lucas won that seat in September's election.

     A metro Atlanta high school was put on lockdown after a student allegedly posted a detailed threat on his Facebook page.
     17-year-old Chance Harvey is a student at Luella High School in Henry County... South of Atlanta.
     Matt Pearl.. With our sister station WXIA explains what that message said.

< Temarcus Blanton, Student

1:34:07 "Couldn't go nowhere, locked the doors ..."

Shannon Stroup, Mother

SS 1:13:19 "She said, 'Somebody or a student said he's going to shoot up the school.'"

The student at Luella High School is Chance Blake Harvey. On Friday, police say, Harvey wrote on Facebook, "I want to pull a Tate at Luella. American Horror Story." Tate is a character from the TV show American Horror Story who goes on a school shooting. Harvey went on, "I really do want to kill some people at the school," and it got more graphic from there.

Emily Warren, Student

EW 1:15:19 "It's kind of culture shocking, you know ... when you go to school and expect to be safe, when something happens and you're not as safe as you were before, you just want to get away from it."

School officials found out Friday morning and put Luella High on lockdown, along with the nearby middle and elementary schools. Harvey was found an hour later at his home. He is 17, which means he's old enough to be arrested and taken to Henry County jail for "terroristic threats".

J.D. Hardin, Henry County Schools

1:20:22 "We try to advise them to be mindful of what they share, because even if they're joking, or they think they're joking, it's not received in that nature ..."

That was true for several parents, who came to pick up their students even after the lockdown ended.

Shannon Stroup; Emily Warren

SS 1:14:15 "The fear is real ... we don't need another Columbine, and when kids make these accusations, you have to take them seriously ..."

     That report, filed by Matt Pearl, with our sister station, WXIA.
     Matt also found the student's Twitter account... Which contained similar comments.
     Other students, who know him, and read his posts... Tweeted about the whole incident today too.
     They were split between those who thought he was harmless, and those who thought he was serious.

     Also in the metro Atlanta area...more than a dozen children were hurt when a 24-foot inflatable slide collapsed at their elementary school.

     According to the Troup County Sheriff's Department, two children were airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta following the collapse at Rosemont Elementary School in LaGrange.
     A school spokeswoman says one student has since been released and officials are investigating what happened.
     A West Georgia Medical Center spokeswoman says seven children brought to the hospital have been treated for minor injuries and released.
     Smith says up to 19 children were injured. Most were treated at the scene and released to their parents.
     Smith says the slide was in the gym and part of a reward for students.
     Former U-S House Speaker Tom Foley has died.

     Foley was a Democrat who represented Washington state in the house for 30 years.
     He served as Speaker of the House from 19-89 to January 19-95.
     Prior to that -- Foley served as House Majority leader and was an influential member of the select house committee on Iran contra.
     Those who now fill the house chambers paused to remember him today.

If I might offer my sympathy to the family of Tom Foley. He was a great American. We thank him for the service he gave to this nation, and thank his family.>

     The federal employees are back at work... Wheels of government are turning once again... And the pundits are predicting...what will happen next...as lawmakers try to figure out what to do about the budget between now and February.
     Overall, it's been an intense few weeks...
     But after all the verbal warfare.. A pleasant reprieve... Because government agencies aren't the only thing back in business.
     Greg Guice with our Washington, DC, sister station, W-U-S-A 9, takes us along for a day at the national zoo.

     Another opportunity reopening for visitors to our nation's capital...

after an eight-month hiatus, white house tours are coming back.
     Officials announced today, visitors can tour the east wing and executive residence starting on november 5th.
     The restarted tours will operate on a limited schedule.
     It wasn't the shutdown, obviously, but forced government spending cuts before that-- also known as sequestration -- prompted officials to suspend the tours back in march.

     That's all the time we have for Eyewitness News at 11 tonight.
     But Football Friday Night's on the way...with everything you could possible want to know...about your Friday on the field.
     As we head out, here's a look back at the week that was...
     "this is Home" in Central Georgia.

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