Eyewitness News at 11 Oct. 9, 2013

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Earlier this evening... A 53 year old man fell out of his wheel chair close to the waffle house on riverside drive... Near downtown Macon.

Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones told us he was taken to the hospital earlier today... and treated for a bruise on the head...

A customer told an off duty macon police officer... Who was at the restaurant... That The man was on the sidewalk outside.

The officer dialed nine one one... But when paramedics arrived... The man was dead.

There have been no other injuries reported on the man's body... and foul play is not suspected.

There was a wild scene in Forsyth this morning after a man received his sentence in the Monroe County Courthouse today.

Around 11 this morning...

Jeffrey Keith Sligh was found guilty of burglary and sentenced to 20 years in jail... But before officers could take him into custody....Sligh ran out of the courtroom.

He first led officers on a chase... Using a personal vehicle officers say was parked near the courthouse.

When that truck crashed... He jumped into a police cruiser.

That's when officers opened fired.

Dustin Roberts lives close to where the truck flipped over.

the police surrounded the truck and it looked like the guy was actually going to give up. But when he got down he jumped straight into the police car.>

The police cruiser eventually hit a pole... And officers then took Sligh into custody.

The GBI is now handling the case... Because shots were fired.

No one was hurt.

A plea hearing in the Gail Spencer murder case has been postponed.

That's according to Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke.

Earlier today - Cooke indicated three of the four suspects were expected to enter pleas tomorrow afternoon..

Tracy Jones, Michael Brett Kelly, Courtney Kelly and Keith Dozier are all accused of killing Gail Spencer, a Macon legal secretary a year ago.

Cooke would not say which three suspects were expected to plea... nor the charges.

But late this afternoon...his office said that hearing was postponed...due to an attorney's illness.

We have an update to a story we brought you yesterday on Eyewitness News.

Police have released the name of a man who was shot in the leg at his home...and died at the Houston Medical Center.

He was 47-year-old Willie Johnson.

His wife told us yesterday... That a man tried to rob their home.

Her husband was shot... As the men fled the scene.

When officers arrived... They found Johnson suffering from a gunshot wound in his front yard.

Police are looking for three male suspects in their late twenties.

Their heights range between 5 foot ten and six foot three.

Police are also looking out for a grey or silver four door vehicle.

If you have any information on this case... You can call Warner Robins police at 478-302-5382.

That number again....302-5382.

You can also send an anonymous tip by text to 274... 637.

Last January - A teenager was found dead Rolled up in a mat at Lowndes High School in Valdosta..

The death of 17-year old Kendrick Johnson was originally ruled accidental suffocation..Investigators said he was reaching for a pair of shoes and got stuck in the mat.

Tonight... The justice department is reviewing new evidence in the case after an independent autopsy by the family found Johnson died of "non accidental blunt force trauma".

There is new video.. And almost 7 hundred crime scene photos from the day the body was found.

And the parents say the shoes investigators claim their son was reaching for... Did not belong to him.

A private investigator for the family says police should have taken a closer look... When D-N-A testing revealed the blood at the scene did not belong to Johnson.

<obviously, we're going to check this out and find out who does it belong to.>

<A kid couldn't have scraped their knee or arm or something and got that much blood on the wall.>

<There is no way that they would allow whoever was supposed to clean this gym to leave that blood on that wall.>

It is unclear whether or not the justice department will launch a federal investigation into the death.

According to the state's Commission on Family Violence... More than one hundred people in the state of georgia die each year... From domestic violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month... And one woman in Fort Valley says she is now getting ready to celebrate her one year anniversary... as a survivor.

Alecia Johnson spoke this week at a vigil on the campus of Fort Valley State University...and told how she was violently attacked by her ex-husband.

A Fort Valley police report says he forced her into a car and drove into the woods... where it says he severely beat her.

He drove her to a store...and took off while she called police.

I guess I was just so afraid to share with anyone, even my mom to let her know what was going on in my household because I didn't want anyone to know that my marriage was a failure and that I had married someone who was evil to me>

Prosecutor Cindy Adams says Byron Livatt is charged with battery-domestic violence and false imprisonment.

She said there's a bench warrant out.... because he failed to show up at his latest court date.

There have been many technical problems with the online exchange for the healthcare marketplace... Since it opened last Monday.

Many of you have experience error messages because the site has been overloaded... Causing error messages to interrupt the process.

To help... We're offering you a chance to get your health care questions answered by experts... tomorrow.

Starting at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon...

Some of the University of Georgia's Healthcare Navigators will join us in studio to help you with your questions about the state's new health exchange.

That's tomorrow right here on 13wmaz.

Police in West Virginia say a retired police officer fired up to two dozen shots at a U-S Federal Courthouse in Wheeling this afternoon.

55-year-old Thomas J. Piccard was armed with an assault weapon and a handgun.

On duty officers were injured by debris... When the gunfire broke windows at the courthouse.

Three people were admitted to the hospital with injuries.

The gunman was able to stop and reload his weapon.

Officers returned fired... And killed him.

<We were working, not fully staffed due to the government shutdown. We heard gunshots outside the federal building, windows of surrounding folks were hit, at least one window was hit, possibly more I think. It's still going to be part of the investigation as to how many shots were fired, how many windows were hit, which windows were hit. >

Homeland security is investigating the shooting.

Even though the government shutdown continues... People still protest over many pressing issues... Including immigration reform.

During a traffic stop in Tucson Arizona... People demanded the police department to stop calling the border patrol for immigration violations.

But a state law in Arizona allows local law enforcement to maintain the practice.

Demonstrators and law enforcement collided in a public display of the friction between the two sides.

Protesters say the argument is not necessarily over the traffic stop... But whether or not too much force was used.

The Tucson police are conducting an internal investigation on the case.

On Eyewitness News at Six... We had a chance to speak with a local minister... Who attended the protests in Washington D.C. This week.

Stacey Harwell of Centenary United Methodist Church participated in the protests for immigration reform... And one of her concerns centered around traffic stops like this one.

She says the Latino population made its presence known in the last election... And our elected officials should take note.

The Tucson police are conducting an internal investigation on the case.

The Dalai Lama is in the Peach State this week.

He's lecturing at the Tibet Science Institute at Emory University..

He gave a speech in Gwinnett County... Where he called on all educational institutions to expand the work of their students by embracing morality and incorporating ethics into their curriculum.

He is a presidential distinguished professor at Emory... And the spiritual leader says religion can play a role in addressing what he referred to as a moral crisis...

The Dalai Lama also received an update on the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative.

It's an ongoing partnership to expand the science education of Tibetan monks and nuns.

Jeffrey Keith Sligh was found guilty of burglary and sentenced to 20 years in jail... But before officers could take him into custody....Sligh ran out of the courtroom.

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