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Thank you for joining us, everyone.

I'm Jennifer Moulliet.

Many furloughed air force employees...returning the their jobs this week..

That story in a moment.

But first...for days now... We've been tracking the tropics... And while we didn't get the tropical storm that once seemed destined for Florida and Georgia...

meteorologist Olivia James has still been watching weather conditions closely throughout the evening over in the weather center.

In other news tonight... for the air force employees at Robins Air Force Base... a week of uncertainties and worries ended today.

The Base announced in an email this afternoon... air force employees put on furlough have been asked to come back to their jobs as soon as tomorrow morning.

Different departments spent the day notifying the workers affected.

An air force spokesperson couldn't tell us how many positions that included.

Other civilian defense employees do work on base.

The family of one worker shared a portion of an e-mail he got today.

It read...

All A-F-M-C Civilians who have been furloughed are to return to work on October 7th 2013... That's tomorrow... at their normal shift and duty location.

It goes on to read... If you are unable to do so, notify your supervisor promptly.

A couple of departments have the option of bringing employees back in on Tuesday, according to scheduling needs.

That's also according to that e-mail.

Again, the statement from the base says, departments have been working to make sure employees get the right instructions.

This news from Robins comes just a day after the Pentagon announced an end to military furloughs.

Robins Air Force Base is the state of Georgia's largest employer.

Before that news rolled out... 13WMAZ's Tom George got a chance to see how some of those temporarily out of work... Were spending their days.

He was at the Georgia National Fair in Perry... Where he met a Robins' staffer staying positive by investing in some family time.

Inside these gates, it's all about Ferris Wheels and funnel cakes....

< It's kind of hard to be in a bad mood when you're walking around all of this with all the sights, the sounds, the smells, the flags, all the beautiful warm day, it's hard to not be happy.... >

It's a way to escape the outside world for a little while...

< It's a way to get out with your family, take your mind off of it, you know, otherwise it's very stressful when you're sitting there trying to think about the future. So I think yeah you'll see a lot of folks out trying to enjoy the weather and some time with your family. >

Although many workers at Robins nearby have been furloughed by the shutdown, they're still turning out at the Fair...

< If the weather cooperates with us, we'll look at last year's numbers for attendance which last year was a little over 445 thousand, we expect that many people to return.>

<they wouldn't miss it for the world..>

Chadwick Jones works at Robins and is on furlough ... But says coming to the fair is a family tradition..

<it's the ride , ferris wheel rides, and the animals too...>

< We cut back where we can, but for this you can't really do that, you just have to go and have a good time. >

< There is uncertainty, but I'm sure everything will work out...>

So, while people wait for Congressional roller coaster to end...

< At least they'll be able to have some fun while they wait ... At the Fair in Perry Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.>

People in the military will also get a little relief on Monday and Tuesday ... On those days, active military, retired military, and their families can get free admission into the fair.

While furloughs have ended for many of the men and women of Robins... The government shutdown has not.

And as it approaches week two... House Republicans and the President remain locked in a stalemate... Pushing the country ever closer to its next money crisis.

As Danielle Nottingham explains... The country could risk defaulting on its bills... if a deal to raise the debt limit isn't reached soon.

On the sixth day of the government shutdown, the halls of Congress are empty. And no one is at the negotiating table.

House Speaker John Boehner said it's up to President Obama to sit down with Republicans is he wants to end the standoff.



Rep. John Boehner/ (R-OH) Speaker of the House/ Courtesy ABC "This Week"



President Obama and Senate Democrats are calling for the House pass a bill temporary funding bill to reopen the government with no strings attached.

They also want a straightforward bill that will raise the country's debt limit, before the US runs out of money to pay its bills on October 17th.

Speaker Boehner said the President will have to make some concessions.


Rep. John Boehner/ (R-OH) Speaker of the House




On Face the Nation Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned lawmakers are playing with fire.


Jack Lew/ Treasury Secretary/Courtesy "Face the Nation"



New York Senator Chuck Schumer challenged Speaker Boehner to put a clean bill to reopen the government to the test.


Sen. Chuck Schumer/ (D-NY)/ Courtesy ABC "This Week"




The House DID pass a bill to give furloughed workers the pay they're missing.. And the Senate is expected to follow suit this week.

Still on furlough because of the shutdown--- nearly 800-thousand F-A-A safety inspectors.

That's almost all of the agency's 12-hundred certification staff and inspectors.

While some have expressed concern for flight safety... an F-A-A spokesperson says... The agency will begin to recall specific employees back if congress and the White House don't come to a resolution soon.

We're learning more tonight about two anti terror operations overseas... One in Northern Africa...and one in the horn of Africa.

The United States says the military operations should send a message to terror organizations around the world... That there's no hiding from justice.

This is the Tripoli neighborhood where one of the F-B-I's most wanted terror suspects had been living.

U.S. Commandos nabbed Anas <ah-nahs> Al-Libi <all lee-bee> outside his home in broad daylight.

He had been indicted for the 1998 bombings of two embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Secretary of State John Kerry says... this message is symbolic.

<((SOT John Kerry/U.S. Secretary of State))

"We hope that this makes clear that the United States of America will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable who conduct acts of terror.">

In Somalia... A U.S. Navy Seal team swam ashore... And engaged in a firefight with suspected Al-Shabab terrorists.

It's not clear if the group's leader was killed, wounded, or just got away.

Al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the deadly Nairobi Mall attack two weeks ago.

There were no U.S. Casualties... or injuries... in either operation.

And as we go to break tonight... the nation's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient has died in New Jersey.

Nicholas Oresko received the Medal of Honor from President Harry Truman on Oct. 30, 1945.

While serving as an Army Master sergeant, the badly wounded Oresko single-handedly took out two enemy bunkers during the

Battle of the Bulge, saving countless lives.

That's actual battle archive footage you're seeing there.

Oresko had recently been hospitalized after hurting himself in a fall at an assisted living center... and passed away after surgery

He was 96.

Tomorrow morning... Early voting resumes as people in Macon and Bibb County try again... To pick a Mayor... and four council members for districts 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Saturday, early voting opened in the runoff election... Slated for the 15th. That's a week from this Tuesday.

Voters choose between Mayor Robert Reichert and former Mayor C. Jack Ellis... in the runoff race for the top slot in the new Macon-Bibb County consolidated government.

Five commission seats were chosen in that election... with four that were too close to call.

About 90 people cast ballots in the wrong districts during the first vote because of problems at the board of elections. Those we spoke with yesterday said, they didn't have any problems this time.

Officials have said, they believe any voter district errors are fixed now, and if you voted in the wrong place the first time, you can now vote in the correct race.

You can cast your ballots all week this week... between 8:30 a.m. And 5:30 p.m.

The Board of Elections office is over on Pio Nono Avenue.

That is the only place voting will be going on.

This weekend, Georgia's top elected agriculture official visited 13WMAZ.

And while the state may be known for its summer crops of juicy peaches... You may not realize, pecans make up a major cash crop for the fall months.

Agriculture Secretary Gary Black talked with us about the forecast for this fall's harvest.

<theyre going to be a little shorter this year but we have good producers and were the number one producer of pecans in the nation so that puts us in a pretty advantage position. it's a high quality product...really competitve and such a health nut too >

The state's major pecan-producing region is near Albany, according to the University of Georgia... Although there are orchards in other parts of the state from Atlanta on South.

According to the school's Ag extension office, Georgia is the nation's largest supplier of pecans.

And an interesting fact... The state's average harvest weighs in around 88 million pounds.

According to UGA... That's enough to make 176 MILLION pecan pies.

Severe weather targeted the northern plains friday... With hail and damaging tornadoes.

Here you can see debris being tossed into the air in macy, nebraska.

The national weather service received reports of 16 homes damaged and three others destroyed.

There have been no reports of any injuries.

When you buy things at the store you expect them to work properly... But that's not always the case... And when they don't... The company issues a recall to protect you.

Schneider Electric is recalling their A-P-C surge protectors because they can overheat... Smoke and melt... Posing a fire hazard.

The company has received 700 reports of the surge protectors overheating and melting... And 13 reports of injuries.

The surge protectors were sold at best buy, circuit city.. And comp u-s-a from january 19-93 to december 2002 for between 13 and 50 dollars.

For more information call 1-888-437-4007.

Toys "R" us is recalling their journey girl travel trunks because the blue metal handle on the trunk can be sharp... Presenting a laceration hazard to the user.

The company has received 6 reports of incidents involving the trunk handle... Including one report of a consumer needing stitches.

The travel trunks were sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores nationwide and online from october 2012 to february 20-13 for about 30 dollars.

For more information call 1-800-869-7787.

Mercuries Asia is recalling their votive candle holders designed to resemble a large ant.

Because the decorative ant's arms... Used to hold up the votive can break... If this happens a lit candle can tip over or fall out posing fire and burn hazards.

The company hasn't received any incident reports.

The candle holders were sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores from may 20-13 through june 20-13 for about 6 dollars.

For more information call 1-800-828-9316.

That's it for this week's recall wrap... For more information on recalled products visit our website... 13wmaz dot com.

The tropical depression may not have dampened your weekend plans... But we'll tell you what did get dampened.

About 6-point-4 million people's appetites...for beer.

OktoberFest...the real one... wrapped up today in Germany... Complete with lederhosen... Traditional dancing.. And yes, mug after mug of frothy adult beverage.

And for the non-alcoholic appetite... Traditional foods were served like giant pretzels, sauer kraut and sausage, and pork and dumplings.

Plates...and kegs...aren't the only things that fill up at Oktober fest, so do lost and found bins. You may not be surprised that festival goers dropped more than a thousand passports... 520 wallets... 50 cameras... 2 wedding rings... And yes, even one of those segway personal transporters this year.



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