Eyewitness News at 11 Sept. 19, 2013

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And those are just some of the stories...that made news today.Our top story tonight on Eyewitness News at 11...

The Bibb County School board has voted in favor of bringing two new charter schools to Bibb county.

That's Macon Charter Academy and the Academy for Classical Education.

Elise Brown explains.

The Macon Charter Academy... is slated to open next fall...it'll initially serve grades k through 5...and expand itself to the eight grade by the 2017...2018 school year.

Consultant to the school Monya Rutland says the school will offer the international baccalaureate program to its students.

<starting in kindergarten going through eighth grade, and then it will feed into Central High School's IB program. So it will in turn give parents the opportunity to enroll >

Also the Academy for Classical Education plans to open next fall as well.

The school will have kindergarten through eighth grade....adding a grade each year...until it reaches 12th.

Co-founder Laura Perkins says the curriculum is going to be historically and developmentally based.

<for example in the early grades, children are very good at memorizing and so we take advantage of that by helping them learn math facts, a lot of spelling , cursive writing, things that they can memorize and recite. >

<and we are very hopeful that they will be successful. And what we want the entire community to know is that those schools will be available for all of the children of the community. >

Board member Ella Carter voted against the charter schools...she says it will take too much funding away from regular schools...and that the IB program will segregate students.

Mayor Reichert also spoke to the board...in hopes that they would consider the charters.

Elise Brown..13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

There are still details that have to be worked out...like securing and approving locations.

Also at that board meeting tonight, some personnel news.

Jane Drennan... who joined Bibb County's leadership team with former Superindent Romain Dallemand... is leaving her post as Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

She's moving to Canton, Ohio and to work with charter schools.

And while Drennan plans her departure... Ron Collier made his return.

He's the Chief Financial Officer for the school system... Who spent a few months off the job during a legal tug-of-war.

Today... he delivered a district financial update to board members... his first since returning to work.

Last year... Collier filed a suit claiming that then-Superintendent Romain Dallemand removed him from his job... because he refused to sign off on misuse of school funds.

He settled his suit against the Bibb County School District last week.

As part of the settlement... Collier got his job back... And the district agreed to pay him 100-thousand dollars.

In other news tonight... investigators in Laurens County have charged a 22 year old man with shooting another man to death in front of his trailer.

The Laurens County Sheriff's office says 51-year-old Mike Whittle was found dead around 6 a-m.

He lived near the corner of Highway 126 and Dublin-Eastman Road near the Laurens and Dodge County line.

A couple hours of later... deputies arrested 22-year old Jesse Rowland and charged him with murder.

According to Whittle's son... he tracked down his father's accused killer... blocked him from getting away by hitting him with his car... and then called 9-1-1.

That information, again... is from Whittle's son's account.

The sheriff's department says they're still investigating the motive for the killing.

They say more arrests are possible.

Continuing coverage now...

of the shooting that left thirteen people... including the gunman... Dead at a navy shipyard in Washington DC.

Three days after that deadly assault.. life there appears to be returning to normal.

Delia GonCalves (Gone-SAL-vez), with our Gannett sister station, WUSA... Went there today to find all the buildings... Except building 197 where the shootings happened... Open... and people there trying to move on.

That story from our sister station, WUSA.

The secretary of the navy has ordered three reviews into security clearances in the wake of those shootings.

Secretary ray mabus wants to know if any red flags were missed in granting gunman Aaron Alexis clearance.

Two of the reviews will focus squarely on Alexis...

The third, as ordered by defense secretary Chuck Hagel, will scrutinize the entire security clearance process.

Despite three arrests... possible mental health issues... and a less than exemplary military record... Alexis was granted security clearance as a military contractor.

Once again... we are facing a possible government shutdown.

If lawmakers can't work out a compromise, many functions of the federal government will be shut down indefinitely on October first.

House G-O-P leaders said this week that they'll agree to pass a bill to keep the government running...

But only if President Obama's health care reform law is fully defunded.

That is why it is so troubling that the president has decided to just sit out this debate. He says he won't engage. You know most presidents refer to their bipartisan efforts to reduce the deficit as achievements. The president sees this as 'extortion.' So, while the president is happy to negotiate with Vladimir Putin he won't engage with the Congress on a plan that deals with the deficits that threaten our economy."

But Harry Reid says... the White House and the rest of the Democrats... have done all they can.

He says the problem is a sort of internal civil war in the G-O-P.

You can nitpick what happened on the fiscal cliff, as to how it came about, it came about. At the time it was the right thing for the country, and I'm glad we did it. We'll have to wait and see what happens with the Republicans, the ball is in their court, they don't have to, they should have no wind behind their backs that Obama is going to change, because he's not going to. He's got a country to worry about.

President Obama told business leaders yesterday that he is happy to negotiate with Congressional Republicans... as he has done in the past.

However, he said he doesn't want to create a habit where the nation's credit ends up as a bargaining chip.

Musician Edwin McCain.... Has a music career spanning more than 20 years.

You may remember him from his days would Hootie and the Blowfish...and its front man turned country singer Darius Rucker.

More recently... He's courted a new audience in his solo career with his songs..."I'll Be" and "I Could Not Ask for More".

Next month... You can see him at the Cox Capitol Theatre.. in Macon

He'll perform on Thursday, October 24th.

His latest album, Mercy Bound, was recorded in Los Angeles and features guitarist Warren Haynes, who worked as a longtime guitarist for the Allman Brothers and founded Govt' Mule.

General tickets are $20 in advance and $25 the day of the concert.

Macon's own vocalist and guitarist Darin Curtis opens the show.

You may remember him from the local rock band, Homeless Hill.

As for your plans for this weekend... Perhaps a movie is in order.

Get out your dancing shoes... Or your ruby slippers...

A tournament of the world's best dancers inspires a hip hop mogul to ask for the help of a basketball coach.

The only problem is... The coach knows nothing about dancing... nor does his team get along very well.

See how every thing shakes out in the battle of the year... Rated P-G 13.

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal lead an all star cast in a search for a pair of missing girls.

A police investigation stalls... And a father takes matters into his own hands in Prisoners.

This movie is Rated R.

And if you click your heels three times... You can see the limited re-release of the wizard of Oz.

This time... You'll be off to see the wizard in I-Max 3-D.

The rating for the classic film is P-G.

A tournament of the world's best dancers inspires a hip hop mogul to ask for the help of a basketball coach.

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