Eyewitness News at Six Sept. 2, 2013

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  A Peach County boy missing since Sunday was found safe just a couple of miles from his home.

   11 year old Zen Bawn was found on Cessna Way in a neighborhood off Highway 96 in Fort Valley.

   He was reported missing Sunday.

    That's less than 3 miles from where he was last seen..  which was on Fulwood Road, the street where he lives.

    That is just across Highway 96.

  Labor Day is a good chance for people to hit the waves... soak up some rays... And enjoy the waning moments of summer.

     Whatever your water activity is... It's a good idea to take caution on this holiday.

     22 drowning related deaths have been reported in Georgia waters this year... As well as 8 boating related deaths... and 68 boating related accidents.

     Tobesofkee Recreation Director Doug Furney says... One common sense rule is the the most important one for boaters to follow.

the biggest thing that we emphasize is that they have life jackets on board for every person. Kids under 13 must wear the life jacket at all times while on board a moving vessel

     There's no alcohol allowed at Lake Tobesofkee... Furney says that helps reduce Tobesofkee boating accidents.

     Rangers also warn boaters If you're operating a vessel at night - make sure it has proper lighting on board.

  The holiday weekend proved deadly for people spending time at lakes and pools.

    Right now crews in North Georgia are searching for a man believed to have drowned in Amicalola Creek near Dawsonville.

    Department of Natural Resources officials say the 45 year old Atlanta man was swimming at a popular spot called Devil's Elbow with friends and family Sunday.

    He swung out on a rope swing into the swift pool and never came back up.

    A 23 year old man drowned in Lake Allatoona this weekend.

   Witnesses heard the man calling for help after he dove off a rental boat near the swimming beach, but it was too late.

   And in Clarkston, east of Atlanta, a 4 year old girl drowned after she fell into a partially filled swimming pool.

   Police say the girl was playing with friends at an apartment complex pool when she fell in.

  In an effort to control drunk driving for the holiday... Triple A is offering it's tow and go program.

     The program is designed to help keep drunk drivers from behind the wheel by transporting the driver and their car to a safe place within a 10- mile radius of their current location.

     Anyone, whether they are a Triple A member or not, can call 855 286-9246 for a free Tow to Go ride.

     The service is offered through midnight.

Some people look forward to sleeping in Labor Day.

Others like to hang out with family...eating BBQ.

But hundreds here...started this national day off with a run.

Austin Lewis takes you to the annual Labor Day Road race.

And they're off.

Hundreds of runners hit the pavement at Forsyth Road...for the Labor Day Road Race...the 10K event

Brandon Ellen, Macon: I had a lot of anxiety start It off with I mean you have like 25-hundred people running with you and I am used to running by yourself

But once on the street...many runners enjoyed the journey to the finish line.

Becky Smith, Charlotte NC:  Um I love the old houses that we passed  that was my favorite thing about the Vineville as it turns into Forsyth is the beautiful house that was kinda nice cause it passed the time.

Other runners found the journey...was less difficult than they  imagined.

Rich Childs, Macon: Uh I didn't know if I was going to finish it or not but able to run the whole way had a good time.

Crystal Traub, Warner Robins :25: 39 I think somewhere around there but that's my best 5K that I have done.

Because what better day to start a holiday....'Than with a run.

Asha Ellen, Macon: In the past my Labor day was all about BBQ which BBQ is still great might even have some later on today who knows but you know this is just a great way to start it off and I am pumped and full of energy.

That energy is something they'll keep in stride for the rest of the day.

Austin Lewis 13wmaz Eyewitness News.

The race ended at Central City Park.

There was also a fun run for children...all of the kids received a finishers medal.

With the Labor Day holiday ... a lot of people are on the roads.

But usually once you're on the road, you want to stay there.

Tom George talked to some bus riders hoping to get to New York, but instead found themselves waiting 16 hours in Byron.

This crew is a long way from home...

From New Jersey...

Taking the La Cubana bus back to New York after a trip to Miami.

Yes, a wonderful time.

A great time until their bus was stranded outside Arby's in Byron around 7 Sunday night., making them wait for 16 hours.

We had elderly people on the grass sleeping, we have people that don't have their medicine

As they took advantage of Arby's open late schedule, they also made calls to the bus company, which they say didn't help.

And the lady at customer service, there's only one lady, kept hanging up the phone and saying there was nothing she could do and that was too bad, that we had to deal with it.

Now by the time THE company decided to send a rescue bus from Miami, it was around 1 a.m.  From there it takes around 9 hours to get to Byron ... The bus finally got here around 10 a.m.

Around 3, that they were allowed to go to a motel across the street.

I hope we don't get no bed bugs and take 'em home.

By the time the bus got there, it was too late for some on a tight schedule, who ended up going back to Miami once the bus was fixed.

It's bad , it's bad...

It's finished everything now.

I go to the office, I try to talk to somebody cause I need my money back.

Still, they say, nothing like a 16 hour wait to bring people together...

We did, we did a lot of praying and laughing and talking, so it was a great.

A taste of the Peach State ... On the way back to the Big Apple.

 I come to Georgia again for vacation .. Me and my family one day

One day ... Just not too soon...

In Byron, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

We called La Cubana's offices in Miami...

The attendant there told us that emergencies happen, and that the people going to New York would most likely not get any kind of compensation.

  A former Georgia state representative and gubernatorial candidate will lead the state's Democratic Party. 

The party chose Dubose Porter of Dublin as their next state chairman.

Porter won that post on Saturday in Newnan in a special election.

In June, Mike Berlon stepped down as state chair for personal reasons.

When congress returns on September 9th... House republicans plan to push for denying funds for the health care law... Or shut down the government.

     Democratic Rep John Barrow... From Augusta... Says he won't join them.

     Barrow was one of only 4 democrats who sided with G-O-P lawmakers in August... When they voted to gut a part of the Affordable health care act... That gives enforcement powers to the I-R-S.

     Critics of the congressman say he tries to have it both ways.

     He voted against the passage of the law in 2010... But has not supported a full repeal of the law.

It's Labor Day... But one group of Macon parents are raising awareness about a different kind of labor.

     Reporter Anita Oh finds out.

     Ninety-six hours.

     That's the time it took Samantha Gilbane to deliver her baby girl Penelope naturally.

     But that's exactly what she wanted after a C-Section three years ago left her with more than just physical scars.

I ended up going and having a C-Section and I was panicked the whole time. It was a terrifying experience

     According to the World Health Organization, the ideal cesarean rate for any country shouldn't be higher than 15%.

     But in Central Georgia?

locally...we've been quoted... We have between 36... 36-40% c-section rate locally

Pregnancy has become an alienated thing... It's like we're not trusting our bodies to do what we've been doing for years and years... Like millenia

     On Monday... More than 20 parents stood together at Washington Park in Macon for the second-annual Rally to Improve Birth...

     THEY SAY It's part of an international movement for maternity care TO put mothers and babies first.

A group of Macon parents are holding signs like this one to raise awareness about the different options moms have during child birth    

     Options -- like vaginal birth after a PREVIOUS cesarean... that many Macon moms say aren't available here.

with my daughter, we researched.. I planned to do a VBAC, and then find out there's no real option in this area

     Because of that, many moms I spoke to say they chose hospitals in Atlanta with more flexibility in birth choices.

     Their hope in promoting this event.. Is to bring that freedom -- home.

     In Macon, Anita Oh - 13 WMAZ Eyewitness News.

     According to U-N data, the United States has the highest maternity care costs in the world...

     But it ranks 45th in maternal safety. That's on par with Iran and Hungary.









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