Eyewitness News at Eleven August 12, 2013

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And those are some of the stories that were part of your world today....

One Bibb County high school has one of the lowest graduation rates in Georgia.

Elise Brown sat down with Southwest High School Principal Tanzy Kilcrease to talk about her plans to bump that number way up..

According to the state... Southwest High School's graduation rate was 39 percent in 2012.

Its new principal Tanzy Kilcrease means business.... and demands change.

She says quote "when you can get students to behave in an appropriate manner, to come to school, and come to school on time, prepared, then you can work with students in order to help them graduate."

And that's just what she's doing.

Senior Corey Stewart says school lacked stability and students did whatever they wanted... before Tanzy Kilcrease (nat pop) became principal...

<they just running crazy. So they ain't really focus on they work. So they really ain't worried about graduating. >

Georgia Tech hopeful Kevin Bonner agrees.

<sometimes things wasn't done about bad things that go on around school, but now it's like it's in check. I think this year will be a better year.>

Kilcrease polled students to find out what they thought about school.

<a lot of them did not know what the graduation requirements were. Although, I know for a fact that the staff talked to them about it but they just didn't seem to have a good understanding >

Kilcrease set academic expectations during July's senior night.

Students were given graduation plans... or what they call a balance sheet.

<which pretty much outlines all of the requirements and then tells them and shows them exactly what they have earned, the credits they've earned and also the tests that they've been successful on and what they needed to do next.>

<when I seen it, it kind of put me where I needed to be at. Like a mindset of what I got do to graduate. I was missing a couple classes and a test that I had to take. A graduation test that I didn't know about until I got my balance sheet.>

<well the first two days of school we were going over the pride matrix. All the procedures for this year, the new rules and everything.>

The PRIDE of Patriot Behavior and Expectation Matrix....outlines how to act in school... for example respecting yourself and others.

Kilcrease wants students to graduate... but also to be college ready.

<although sometimes students and teenagers get a bad rap for not caring about their own learning, my students care about themselves and so i'm excited for them. >

<southwest needed dr. kilcrease.>

<I couldn't see myself at another school.>

She also hopes to increase this senior class' graduation rate to 60 percent or higher. Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Kilcrease has reviewed each of her approximately 180 senior class students.. transcripts, balance sheets and class schedules.

If you want to see the graduation rates for your community high school.. Visit our website.. 13wmaz dot com.

Look for this story on the homepage.

The Braves are hosting the Phillies tonight in Atlanta.

Play was delayed for around two hours because of rain.. And during that time a man was taken to the hospital.

Courtney Lyle joins us now with more.

Frank Atlanta fire officials say an unidentified man fell from the upper deck.. About 30 to 40 feet.

There is still no information on the cause of the fall and where exactly the incident occurred.

He was taken to the hospital and is listed in serious condition.

We'll continue to update this story on our website at 13WMAZ.com.


This is the second fall at a sporting event in Atlanta in the past year.

Last August, a fan fell and later died at the Georgia Dome during the Tennessee, N-C State football game.






















New tonight...a hospital technician who once had ties to Houston Medical center... Is set to plead guilty to causing a multi-state outbreak of hepatitis C.

That could land David Kwiatkowski 30 to 40 years in prison.

He's accused of triggering the scare by injecting himself with a painkiller using stolen syringes... Then replacing them with saline before the tainted ones were used on patients.

Prosecutors say Kwiatkowski infected 30 people in other states and caused Houston Medical to send letters to everyone who may have come in contact with him when he worked in the heart cath lab tech in 2010 and 2011. Last year, officials said no Central Georgia cases were linked to him.

The plea agreement, which will help him avoid additional charges, says the traveling cardiac technologist will plead guilty to seven counts each of tampering with a consumer product and obtaining controlled substances by fraud.

People in Macon County may soon have to travel farther...to get care in times of medical emergencies.

That's if Montezuma's hospital shuts down its emergency room.

According to a letter from Flint River Hospital...that facility could soon become an urgent care center.

That means for severe emergencies like trauma or a heart attack... people would be taken to hospitals further away like Perry or Americus.

That means patients could wait as long as an hour and a half...from the time of the 911 call...to the time of admission.

People are going to die because of this. Personally I feel that way. Because like right now you can go to this facility, they can stabilize you, and if its just urgent care, they're not going to be able to do this. >

Hospital officials made it clear they haven't made a final decision...but they wouldn't comment further.

State Representative Patty Bentley says she and other people plan to meet with hospital leaders to urge them to keep the ER open.

Remember when Blackberry used to be King of the Smartphone Heap?

Years after it released the first of a new generation of smartphones...the board of directors is considering selling the company.

In a statement, the directors of the canadian company say they have formed a special committee to look at ways to boost sales of the blackberry 10.

It said those alternatives could include joint ventures, strategic partnerships, a sale of the company or other options.

Blackberry stock plunged about 30 percent in late june, after the company announced disappointing sales and a quarterly loss.

The crux of the problem is the blackberry 10.

It was intended to be the catalyst for the company's turnaround, but has failed to impress consumers.

Apple could be unveiling its latest iPhone as early as next month.

Technology blog "all things d" reports sources say the tech giant plans to debut its next iphone at a special event on september 10-th.

The wall street journal-affiliated blog has a solid track record for reporting inside apple information.

There's been a lot of speculation swirling about what the new phone will feature.

It's rumored to include improved cameras and processors and a fingerprint sensor for added security.

Apple has not confirmed the report.

In other news tonight... A star attraction at a state fair in Iowa... Has been hit by vandals.

A group called... Iowans for Animal Liberation coated the Iowa State Butter Cow sculpture in Red paint.

The words freedom for all were also painted on the display window of the exhibit.

The group says the pain represents all the blood from animals who have been killed in producing food.

The act was discovered Sunday Morning... But the paint has been removed from the window... And the scupltor... Sarah Pratt... scraped the paint from the cow... Restoring it to its original form.

And at the rodeo during the state fair in Missouri... A clown puts on an Obama Mask... and the announcer asks the crowd if they want to see Obama run down by a bull.

At one point he even said quote "we're going to stomp obama now."

Spectators cheered the stunt... But it has been condemned by republicans and democrats once the video was posted online.

The lieutenant governor of Missouri... A republican... Posted a tweet saying "we are better than this."

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill said the state fair... Which is a family event funded by tax payers is not the place to taunt and disrespect the president.

The Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association Board of Directors has apologized... Saying the rodeo is not meant to be a political platform.

The clown has been banned from performing at the fair ever again.

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