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Hello, everyone. I'm Frank Malloy.

First up to bat tonight... Little League fan fever is back.

It's time to play ball once again at the Southeastern Regional LIttle League Field in Warner Robins.

That's where we'll find 13WMAZ's Courtney Lyle tonight... Covering Georgia's first game.


Though it may still feel like summer outside...Central Georgia families are all in back-to-school mode.

But instead of reaching into a backpack for a textbook ... Some Monroe County students will be grabbing I-Pads. Judy Le has more

This year....Monroe County Schools is B-Y-O-T


<bring your own technology>

They're encouraging a more... Digital classroom. Starting from Third Grade and up ... If you have an ipad ... Nook tablet... Or even a smart phone ... Bring them to school.


<(did you ever think there would be a time where you could bring your toys to school?) no, when I heard that in one of the sessions, I was like wow>

At new teacher orientation... Tomice Harvey is learning how to use ipads in her pre-k class.


<you have to treat the techonology like they're your friends. Be sure to take care of them>

The school spent 750-thousand-dollars on new technology. That includes ipads and macbook pros.

<that means the student can access that textbook at home as well and not toting around a big 25-50 pounds worth of books in their backpack>

They purchased 260 new ipads to use in the schools. In some cases ... Students will be able to take them home.

<standup - filling up these digital backpacks are a lot cheaper than a traditional one. This graphing calculator app is free. That'll save you about $90 >

For every subject ... "there's an app for that". Band Director ... Eric Thompson uses a tuner app


<i like to call bubba, especially for the little kids and every time you play in tune, he smiles, which is really cool>

Even with this new technology... The schools are still buying textbooks. Some students still enjoy turning a page


<like you can take it home and study. With the ipad, you can't take it home unless they give it to you to take out for the school year >

For Harvey ... There's excitement in learning. And she's not alone. Her seven year old has become her biggest ipad teacher

<he comes home and he was able to be like, look mommy look what I learned today. And so I was excited that he knew to teach me>

The digital upgrade... Is a chance to make learning accessible.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

The schools started introducing ipads into the classroom three years ago.

They bought 50 ... Now the number of ipads in use has more than quadrupled.

In our web poll tonight... We're asking... Should schools supply iPads to all students?

So far...23 percent of you say yes...

But 77 percent of you tell us no...That's not the school systems responsibility.

You can cast your vote now at 13wmaz-dot-com. You'll find your question on our homepage...

And just a reminder in case you're one of those iPad users... You can also download our app...and follow us on the go with a tap of the finger.

Milledgeville Baldwin County's Habitat for Humanity will start a new program...that's all about paying it forward.

It's called Adopt-a-Home...and local business can sponsor homes...that need repairs.

Murali Thirumal (mer-ally thur-mal)...the Executive Director of Milledgeville-Baldwin County's Habitat for Humanity...says they're tackling homes in the Harrisburg area.

Thirumal (thur-mal) says some homes here need repairs ranging from painting...to roof repairs

Businesses can donate anywhere from 200 dollars to 1-thousand dollars or more...and the homeowner pays it forward.

<Murali Thirumal, Exec. Dir.:It's a full payment for the materials here we are using basic figures here 500 dollars can be provided into three payments or four payments or five payments and paid back it's actually calculated based on the average income of the family >

Thirumal (thur-mal) says so far they have collected 3-thousand dollars in donations.

He says they haven't yet selected the first homes that will benefit from Adopt-a-Home.

Now Frank I know gardening isn't really your thing... But one woman has captured our attention and our hearts this week....

(((Suzanne and Frank adlib)))

<"suzanne: Look at this. Alice from Elko, you go girl. First of all, there are so many elements that I love about this photo. What do you think Olivia?

Olivia: I absolutely love it. Suzanne called me into the newsroom yesterday juts to look at it and I could not take my eyes off of it.

Suzanne: First of all, the pose is fabulous. Alice, way to go. Second of all, Alice wrote us that her vegetable garden back there, you can almost see a pumpkin off to the right there, is made out of an old satellite dish.

Olivia: Unbelievable." >

So thanks to a little digging and our Facebook fans we tracked down Alice and here is how her satellite garden all came about.

<20:27it was my grandson from Warner Robins, Mama you on television and before he could get off I said Ohh Lord it's somebody else.>

Alice Parker is taking her new found fame in stride.

She doesn't think there is anything unusual about turning an old satellite dish into the ultimate container garden.

<17:42 honey I've been thinking about it for awhile and I thought about flowers.>

But summer veggie's won out.

<did you see these largest tomatoes ... These right through there... Lookee at three of the tomatoes.>

<15:54 I had some zucchini right there...17:08 I'll find you some bigger than that. There is a watermelon.>

For Alice this satellite.. that used to sit in the yard.. is quite functional.

<17:16 there is a hole in the bottom of this and it runs out the water.>

That helps because the woman that grew up on a farm in Dodge county is now on oxygen and battling a host of health problems.

For the most part she doesn't have to reach very far now to pick her crops.... But one day she did run into a situation.

<23:00 I had to crawl in there... My foot I didn't think I was going to get out. I was scared to get in there... "why did you crawl in the middle?" To tie this up.>

Okay sure she had to stake the plants... Makes sense and she survived...which brings us to this sassy picture.

I asked Alice about her pose...Before I could stop her.... She quickly recreated the scene.

<21:39 Well I stood up and I didn't think you could see the zuchini very well so I said I'll just get down on the ground. 21:17 I said Pat you may have to help me up cause I don't get down even to clean the house.>

Pat is her neighbor that snapped the shot... But didn't want to go on camera with us.... She wanted Alice to get all the attention.

As for the retired Robins air force base worker...... She has a gardening tip for folks.... First use plenty of horse manure....then....

<23:33 I put paper here because the dirt gets so hot and the grass won't grow through it either.>

So if you're ever in Elko.... Stop by and say Hi to Alice... She can always whip up a snack.


<24:16 i've got some good out of it... Let me tell you. 17:57 I'll pull that big one tomorrow or I can fry it now... You batter and fry it like chicken... Its soooo good.!!>

Just go to our website.. 13wmaz dot com.

Scroll down the homepage and choose the your peculiar planters gallery.

Follow the directions and show us the unusual features in your garden.






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