Eyewitness News at Six July 26, 2013

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Today in Houston County Superior Court...an emotional end....to an unthinkable crime.

A Kathleen teen pleading guilty to shooting her younger sister....and setting their house on fire.

Austin Lewis tells us more..

Carmen Collins entered the Houston County Superior Courthouse Friday.

Where...District Attorney George Hartwig...tells Judge Edward Lukemire...that they're accepting a new plea.

Collins solemnly pleaded guilty to malice murder...and first degree arson in the death of her 12-year-old sister India last July 3rd.

A moment that was hard to bear.


<George Hartwig: A sister killing a sister, a younger sister uh this is one of the most difficult cases that I have had to prosecute >



<Nick White: What makes it difficult of course that has lost one child to death and one child to prison>



Before Lukemire sentenced Collins...her mother...Angela...addressed the court.



<Angela Collins Mom Nat: I can't stand here and tell you that we had the perfect family neither can I tell you that we had one that was filled with issues I will tell you that our lives were changed in a manner that we would have never dreamed of or believe if we were told that it was going to happen. >



Hartwig says it all started...because Carmen Collins planned to leave home.



<her 12-year-old sister became aware of and figured out what's going on and probably tried to stop her from running away or threatened to call the parents.

George Hartwig: We believe that she retrieved a firearm that was kept in the residence it was her father's firearm shot her sister multiple times >



<Nick White: she told me that she burned down the house because she wanted her parents to believe that it was an accidental death, arson or by the house burning down rather than by her taking her sister's life >



White says Carmen pleaded guilty...partly to spare her parents a trial.



<Angela Collins Mom Nat: We long for the day that Carmen is back with us. We still lov

e her and always will. Those are forever our girls and Carmen will forever be in our lives>

Members of the Collins family declined to comment today.

Carmen Collins will be eligible for parole in 30 years...when she is 47.

A Macon man died...when his motorcycle collided with a pickup this afternoon.

It happened on Columbus Road in west Macon.






Bibb County coroner Leon Jones says the Ford truck was turning off Ebenezer Church Road... The motorcycle was traveling down Columbus.

He said the motorcycle... Driven by 48-year-old Anthony Baldwin from Macon...struck the driver-side door of the truck.

He says an off-duty Macon police officer stopped to give CPR to Baldwin.... But could not revive him.

Jay Crenshaw saw the motorcycle drive by... Just seconds before the crash.

i heard the motorcycle hit the vehicle. I didn't actually see it hit the vehicle, but I saw the motorcycle come by me so fast that I could hardly see what color it was because it came by so fast.>






Jones says the truck driver was not injured.

A motel manager found the body of a 51-year-old woman in a room this morning.






The manager of the Magnolia Court Motel in south Bibb County says she called police around 9:30 this morning.

Deputy coroner Lonnie Miley says the cause is unknown...but they are treating it as a suspicious death.

He also says police took a man away for questioning...but police would not comment on that



Police say the investigation is still underway

People at the motel tell us the woman helped clean rooms.

Jones County investigators are now looking for a second 'vehicle of interest' in Wednesday night's fatal hit-and-run.

The body of 28-year-old Marquis DeShaun Lawson was found on Wheeler Road... off Highway 11... yesterday.

Captain Earl Humphries says they're looking for a white SUV with a heavy brush guard or bumper... Possibly a Nissan Xterra.

That's in addition to a utility style vehicle with a boom or bucket attached.






Anyone with information on the case can call the Jones County Sheriff's Office at (478) 986-3489... Again that's 986-3489.

Investigators caught three suspects in a string of robberies in north Macon..


The Bibb Sheriff's office says three teenagers went into at least 7 unlocked cars in neighborhoods near Rivoli Road.

They took laptops....jewelry...checks and other items totaling more than 10 thousand dollars.

One of the suspects tried to cash a stolen check....and investigators say... That led them to the stolen goods.







19-year old Blake Davis, 18-year old Camden Jones, and 19-year old Daniel Mermann all face multiple charges...including entering autos.

The Bibb County Sheriff's office says they believe they've recovered everything that was stolen.







If you have any information on this case, you can call the Bibb County Sheriff's office at (478) 746-9441, again that's 746-9441.

Every Friday through the end of September is "furlough Friday" in Central Georgia.

Thousands of people who normally go to work at Robins Air Force Base... Will be at home... And not earning a days paycheck.

As Lorra Lynch Jones tells you... Many local businesses want to help out... Offering deals and discounts.

A fraction of the normal traffic volume flowed off Robins during lunch Friday.


... Slowing the pace of Dorothy Harris' cash register at Owen's Boarding House.



It's typically packed with base employees.

On this day... Only contractors crowded the tables.



<I want to say to say its about a 30 to 40 percent drop.>



They're trying to entice furloughed employees back... Offering a dollar off on Fridays.



McCalls on Commercial Circle came up with a similar idea.

Buy one get one free furlough friday specials.



<to take advantage of most of the deals, just bring a base issued government ID>



Robins Federal Credit Union is offering furlough loans... And "skip-a-payment" plans.

Both popular in what's just the third of an eleven week furlough period... Says CEO John Rhea.



<weve had about 200 responses to each one of those programs. We didn't anticipate that.>



He expects more traffic in August... When base employees see a portion of three paychecks missing.



Stylist at Colours Salon Chris Deese wants to help fill the gaps... Offering 10 dollars off cuts.... 20 off color service.



<it's just a small way to give back, help out when we can.>



Every penny counts says Harris.. Both for the customers and the business.



<if they survive and they make money they need to make, we survive and we make the money we need to make.>



it's a deal she says is worth the discount.



In Warner Robins Lorra Lynch Jones 13wmaz eyewitness news.>

We can connect you to complete list of businesses offering deals to furloughed base employees.

Look for the link inside this story on 13wmaz-dot-com.






Businesses who want to add discounts to the list can call the 21st Century Partnership at 478-225-9005.

Again that's 478-225-9005.

Your child's safety in school is a priority... So A new security system is on the way for some Bibb County schools.






A buzz-in system and security camera are being installed at all elementary schools.

The almost 600-thousand dollar project equips three doors at each school.... the front... Kitchen... and either bus or playground entrances.

That's phase one... Which is scheduled to be completed by the end of this school year.

phase two of this project is going to be all elementary schools will have all of the exterior doors that are monitored so they cant be propped open. Phase three of this project will be taking what we've completed at the elementary schools, monitoring all the doors at the middle school level, and phase four will be doing this at the high school level.>






The entire project is estimated to be completed by June 2018... For a cost of around 6 million dollars.

The I-75 southbound ramp onto I-16 East will be closed for several nights over the next two weeks for bridge repair.....and will get a little tricky for drivers.

Elise Brown explains.

crews plan on repairing joints on this bridge that over the ocmulgee river. Now for drivers that means detours.

Crews plan on closing the i-16 eastbound lanes from tuesday until friday from 8pm until 5 am...

Now that will resume the following monday and go through thursday august the 9th.

This means that the i-75 southbound ramp to i-16 east bound will be closed during those hours.

I-75 drivers who want to gain access to i-16 during the closure will have to continue south to the hardeman avenue/forsyth street exit to turn around and gain entrance to i-16 from i-75 northbound.

The portion of 1-16 east that will be closed is over the Ocmulgee.

Also...two lanes on the northbound ramp to 16 will also be closed at those times but one lane will remain open.



























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