Eyewitness News a Six July 25, 2013

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The Jones County Sheriff's Office is looking for the driver who killed....28-year-old...Marquis DeShaun Lawson.

He died after someone hit him last night on a side road outside Gray.


Lawson's body was found this morning on the 300 block of Wheeler Road.

That's off Highway 11, the Monticello Highway.

Capt. Earl Humphries of the sheriff's office says Lawson was hit between 8 p.m. Wednesday and midnight. There were no witnesses to the accident.

Humphries says Lawson lived nearby.

Humphries said people in the neighborhood described...what he calls ... a vehicle of interest.

captain Earl Humphries: some of the witnesses reported seeing a utility type of vehicle a large boom truck or a bucket truck uh that was uhm in the area and we are looking for any information concerning those type of vehicles in that area last night >


Some neighbors say people walk around this neighborhood all the time...and that sometimes cars drive along the road fast.

Paula Holmes:Oh it's very scary it makes you very conerned and worried but I try to wear reflective clothing bright colorful so people can see me and hopefully avoid me. Mike Underwood: I won't change my habits just walk in the day time and not at night. I know it is cooler at night but I am going to keep walking. >


Again Jones County Sheriff's Office says they are looking for a "utility-style vehicle" with a boom or bucket attached..





Anyone with information on the case can call the sheriff's department at (478) 986-3489. That's 986-3489.

We did reach out to the Lawson family....they declined to comment.

Another suspect in a nightclub brawl and shooting that left a Macon teenager dead appeared in court today.





Johnifer Dernard Barnwell was arrested yesterday in Macon..He made his first appearance before a magistrate today at the Bibb County jail.

The 27-year-old is charged with attempted murder and criminal participation in gang activity.





As Judge Cedric Leslie read the charges ... Barnwell said he wanted a commitment hearing ... where police are asked to explain the charges against him.

That led to a testy exchange between the suspect and the judge.

Leslie then told Barnwell his commitment hearing is in two weeks.





The case of another suspect... who allegedly drove the alleged drive-away car...was turned over to Superior Court.

Miranda Victoria Pettiway faces the same charges as Barnwell.


Nine people in all face charges in the shooting and death of 17-year-old Jammoni Bland.

Police are still looking for one suspect.....he is Jimmy Lee Scott.





Anyone with information on the case can call Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1-877-68 CRIME....again...that's 877-68-CRIME.

Robins Air Force Base is Georgia's largest industrial complex.

Enormous hangars... Jet engines.. And thousands of people dominate its landscape.

So it may surprise you that nore than a third of its seven thousand acres... Are swamp or timber.

As Lorra Lynch Jones shows you Behind the Lines.. it's the work of Natural Resources manager... Bob Sargent... to define the boundary between military progress and the native habitat.

In Bob Sargent's office... Sunlight through a canopy of water tupelos replaces the glare of flourescent overhead lights.

The whir of cicadas stands in for ringing telephones... And his co-workers... They to stick to their own business.


<it's like having a wildlife refuge in the backyard of the place you go to the office everyday.>


His schedule on this July morning includes a meeting with familiar territory.


<I use the same tree every year, the same time of year.>


He nails open cans of sardines to the trunks... pours out juice...


<I end up wreaking from the stuff by the middle of the day.>


It ripens in the summer heat for a few week...





{***are you hungry? (cover this)***}


... the odor beckoning area black bears.


<they'll try to snatch them off the tree. A better word is rip them off the tree.>


The evidence of snacking helps measure the bear population... And the likelihood of them mixing with people.

It's happened before.


<about 10 years ago, We had one get in a tree about 100 yards from the commanders house one morning. No idea why he was there.>


Sargent helped the wayward bear to safer territory... Sheltering man from beast... And beast from man.

That's the balance Sargent strikes.


<sometimes conserving, managing these species means


The overabundant hog population frequently dredges landscapes... Forcing the placement of large traps in conspicuous locations.


<we've seem them be very brazen and even go to places like the commissary or Burger King.>


The allure of a free meal makes catching them easy... at least compared with another species that occasionally oversteps its boundaries.


<they end up in silly public areas. Last year, we had one at the base gym between the walkways in a lawn. Everybody's standing around and it becomes a public spectacle.>


Sargent's wrangling of the creatures often plays a starring role in the show.


<you ever get on a large alligator and they can get their feet underneath themselves, you feel like a toy on the their backs, because they get leverage and the next thing you know, you're in for a rodeo and it's no fun.>


Not animal he eyes looks so menacing.

Sargent harbors an affinity for Robins airborne inhabitants... No relation to the aircraft.


the indigo bunting... The kentucky warbler... They're beautiful.

Often their winged counterparts create hazards for the manmade kind that share the skies.


<A large plane can suffer severe damage, engine failure, even bring an airplane down, if they hit enough small birds.>


Sargent and a crew from the Robins pest management team... Use a propane cannon to frighten flocks from the airfield.


They cut the grass along the runway a particular height. Too short attracts grazers.

Too tall...


<then it becomes a habitat for things like rabbits and rodents. We end up with hawks hunting over the airfield.>


Everday of his 20-plus years on the job.. Hasn't been a wildlife adventure...


<I spend in my view too much time sitting in meetings, reading emails>


It has allowed him to combine two passions.

The Air Force which he joined at 18.. And the outdoors.. Which he says was always his heart.


<ive been blessed to be able to do this as long as I have.>


His world walks the fine line between the wild and industrial... And while many are unaware... Just how closely the co-exist.


At Robins Air Force Base... Lorra Lynch Jones.. 13WMAZ. Eyewitness News.>

Sargent also spends a big chunk of time managing invasive plant species.. Such as alligator weed that can choke out lake ecosystems.

He also helps out the forestry service with controlled burns of the long leaf pine forest on base.

Those used to be abandant in the Southeast covering 80 million acres.

He says now.. There's about three million acres.

Operation Back to School is still in full force... And you can do your part to contribute right until August 8th.

Today... 13 WMAZ is on site working at spots all over Central Georgia to collect school supplies.





Judy Le is in Northeast Macon at Wal-Mart on Gray Highway for operation back to school. Judy...


We'll have more from today's Back to school event tonight at eleven.

Three days after announcing her candidacy for U.S. Senate.. Michelle Nunn made her first official campaign stop in Macon.. The town where she was born in 1966.

Nunn is running as a Democrat... And is the daughter of former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn..

13WMAZ's Randall Savage was there as Nunn swung by Jeneane's café in downtown Macon.. Worked the crowd and discussed issues.

NAT POP Welcome to Macon!

It could be called a homecoming for Michelle Nunn...


< Freda Hoff: It's a great family. It's just wonderful. I'm glad she's running. Surprised that maybe she wanted to do it at this time. >


Freda Hoff kept books for Nunn's grandfather at the farm in Perry..


< Freda Hoff: I don't say I vote the party. But it happens to be that I have voted Republican. I'm going with Michelle.>


Julie Groce of Macon offered Nunn a little advice.


< Julie Groce: To be honest and to answer questions and to do a good job. >


It's be your first vote and I'm looking forward to it


Harry Groce says Nunn would be wise to imitate Sam Nunn.


< Harry Groce: If she could follow in her father's footsteps, I think she'd do a great job, and I think we need people who would break the deadlock in Congress to make this government work again. >


Randall Savage.. 13 WMAZ.. Eyewitness News.

Nunn is the second Democrat to announce for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Saxby Chambliss... who isn't seeking re-election.

Atlanta doctor Branko Radulovacki is also seeking the position.

Several Republicans are in the race.

They include U.S. Reps. Paul Broun of Athens.. Phil Gingrey of Marietta.. And Jack Kingston of Savannah.

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel and businessman David Perdue are also running for the post.

After working the lunch crowd at Jeneane's.. Nunn answered questions at a news conference in front of City Hall.

She opposes furloughing federal workers.. Including Robins Air Force Base employees.





< Michelle Nunn, Senate Hopeful: My Dad recently made a speech and he said that we need fiscal reform in the worst possible way and that sequestration is the worst possible way and I tend to agree with that. I think it's the wrong mechanism to make the cuts and both sides agree upon that. So I think the people of Georgia and around the Air Force base are paying the price. I think we need to make some changes. We need to make cuts. We need to make cuts in the smart way.

Nunn thinks Congress should make sure voting rights are protected.


< Michelle Nunn, Senate Candidate: I think the Voting Rights Act has planned an enormously important role in our country, and I think that as we go forward Congress needs to legislate and we need to make sure that we're protecting voters rights throughout the country, and I think we need to look at current status and make decisions about the current status of our communities across the country and states across the country are engaging minority voters and make decisions based upon that criteria.>





If Nunn wins the Democratic nomination.. She would run against the Republican nominee in the November 2014 general election.

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