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We begin tonight with the arrest of a seventh suspect in the Zodiac Nightclub shooting earlier this month that left a Macon teenager dead.

Officers arrested Jonifer Barnwell on Taylor Street in macon around 6:30 tonight after receiving an anonymous tip.

Barnwell and another individual were inside and refused to answer the door so police broke into the home.

Barnwell was arrested without resistance..

Terico Balkom was also arrested on charges of harboring a fugitive.

In Columbus yesterday...

27-year-old John Hollingshed was captured in a hotel room...after a tip to the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

That's according to John Edgar of the task force.

Hollingshed is charged with felony murder in the death of 17-year-old Jamonni Bland and a separate charge, criminal attempt to commit murder.

Investigators believe Hollingshed shot Deion Davis.

The shootings happened early on July fifth...after a fight inside the Zodiac Lounge in downtown Macon.

The marshal service is still searching for one more person involved with the shooting.

A bonaire teen accused of murdering her sister is expected to plead guilty friday.

That's according to the office of Houston County DA George Hartwig.

In July 2012....Carmen Collins was charged with arson and murder.

Prosecutors say she shot her 12-year-old sister, India with a .40 caliber handgun...set the fire...and drove to Columbus with her parents' car.

She pleaded NOT guilty....last November.

Her defense lawyer...Nick White.. confirmed that a hearing is in the works...but declined further comment today.

The Twiggs County Sheriff's office says a girl who went missing this afternoon was found safe tonight in Roswell..

13 year old Nina Louise Thompson went missing from her home in Twiggs County home this afternoon around one o'clock..Investigators do not believe she was taken against her will..

The Warner Robins Planning and Zoning board stopped a low income apartment complex from coming to one are of the city.

They made the decision last night.

The 96 unit complex was slated to be built here.. Near the corner of the Feagin Mill Road extension.. And Jerusalem Church Road.

Homeowners from 13 neighborhoods signed on to a petition to fight the plans.

Planning and zoning originally approved them... Then overturned that decision on appeal.

Emily Tart's family moves frequently.. Because her husband is in the Air Force.

She worried the complex would lower her home's value.. And turn away potential buyers.

we were concerned that would just send people to not even want to look at a different part of town, not even want to look at this neighborhood.>

We called the owner of the property... As well as the company trying to develop it.

This week on Eyewitness News we've told you about an atlanta developer who wants to bring a water park to the houston peach county line.

The park would go on Vietnam Veterans Parkway near Interstate 75 in Warner Robins

But the water park... is just the beginning.

Jennifer Mouillet spoke with the developer earlier today... To find out just what's in the plans for the International City.

<we're looking very strongly at an amphitheater to go across the street there, there's a phase two that involves a historic theme park it's not the size of disney of course but it is pretty good sized it will employ several hundred people and be open year round it's been designed by Peter Alexander who is the project manager for the building of EPCOT down in orlando >

Franklin plans to open his water park next April... And says he enjoyed the Peach ice cream from Lane's Southern Orchards so much... he's going to offer it inside the park.

There are now twenty five people running for the nine Macon-Bibb commission seats.

Qualifying ended at noon today... With a few new faces on the list now.... Including Robins employee Chhor <chore> Chav.

The sheet metal mechanic... And real estate business owner qualified for the District 6 seat.

Chav moved to Macon from California six years ago... and wants to help grow the place he and his family now call home.

<everyone is moving out, we're losing population every year. Because why? There's no jobs here, the crime rate is really bad, and everyone knows about our board of education. And you know what? I want to be able to change that.>

Also vying for the district 6 seat... long-time City councilman Ed Defore... Robert Abbott... And Adah Roberts.

Before qualifying closed at noon... Another candidate... Harold Young... Entered the District one race in North Macon.

He will face current Bibb commissioner Gary Bechtel.

We could not reach Young for comment.

For the full list of commission and mayor candidates... Look for this story on our website... 13WMAZ dot-com.

A five year old boy in Irwinton is a fighter and he needs a little help right now..

Antwon Coverson has spent most of his young life in and out of hospitals..He has an aggressive form of sickle cell anemia...and needs bone marrow to help him get better.

His family isn't a match.

Antwon was first hospitalized when he was just three months old...and had a seizure at two years old.

His mother Nicole Thornton says they are holding a bone marrow drive in hopes of finding a donor.

Nicole Thornton, Irwinton:I think the first scariest thing was when the doctor said his case was aggressive his case of sickle cell was aggressive and that he might not be able to graduate from high schooL>

The bone marrow drive will be Saturday from 11 to 4 at East Wilkinson County Community Park in Irwinton.

All it takes to register is a swab of a cheek and filling out a consent form.

Thornton says they're especially interested in African-American donors because they are more likely to be a match.

For the third time in four years...the American Cancer Society is asking for your help in a cancer study.

It's called the Cancer Prevention Study Three.....it's research that will help scientists better understand how genetics, lifestyle and the environment affect cancer.

They are looking for at least 250 volunteers to enroll for the November Houston County event...

You'll have to answer a survey....allow a waist measurement ... give a small amount of blood and sign a consent form.

To qualify you have to be between ages 30 to 65...never been diagnosed with cancer...except for skin cancer...and agree to complete follow-up surveys.

To register look for the link on our website.

Heather Griffin with the cancer society... says Houston County was chosen for a reason.

because we have a great affinity for the American Cancer Society and relay for life in Houston County. We've got a great following. So many of our partners are businesses and churches and just family and friends that they really rally around anything that we do. >

The society is also looking for what they call champions.

Those are people who agree to help recruit 10 people to register for the study.

Griffin says 16 people have already registered. They need 50 by September 24.

If you're interested you can call 478-743-6392...again that number is 478-743-6392.

The time is near for students to return to school...

And volunteers for the Mentor's Project and Just Children are making sure that some students will have supplies.

The organizations are sponsoring a back to school give away this week.

More than 1 thousand bags filled with binders, pencils, notebooks, and more will go out to Bibb County students.

Director of the Mentor's Project... June O'Neal... says the supplies were donated by organizations and individuals... and they're still collecting.

June O'Neal, The Mentor's Project: We don't get the fancy stuff, we get just the basics. We want every child to have what they need to be successful... to walk in feeling prepared.>

The back to school supply giveaway will take place Friday... at 3 locations in Macon.... Ballard Hudson Middle... Bloomfield Middle... And Miller Middle Schools.

The event starts at 8:30 a.m... and supplies will go out on a first come... first served basis.

Welcome back... We take a look at some top headlines around the country.

We start off with two professional players appearing in court today... Who play on the same team.

Here's what's making headlines for this Wednesday... July 24.

Aaron Hernandez was in court today... For his probable cause hearing.

But a judge has delayed it for another month.

Hernandez is a former tight end for the New England patriots.

He was dismissed by the team earlier this year... When he was arrested for the death of semi-pro player Odin Lloyd.

He is charged with pre-meditated murder for that killing... And police also investigate him for an unsolved double homicide in Boston from 2012.

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick spoke on the incident for the first time during a press conference earlier today.

He said the actions of this player do not represent how the New England Patriots want to do things.

"Having someone in your organization involved in a murder investigation is a terrible thing. And, after consultation with ownership, we acted swiftly and decisively.

"This case involves an individual who happened to be a New England Patriot and we certainly do not condone unacceptable behavior"

Hernandez is being held without bond... And his hearing has been moved to August 22nd.


Alfonzo dennard... Another member of the New England Patriots... Was in court today as well.

The defensive back faces misdemeanor D-U-I charges... From an arrest earlier this month.

He is already serving two years probation for assaulting a police officer in April 2012.

And this new charge could complicate things for him.

A judge is considering whether or not Dennard's charges are a violation of his probation.

In North Carolina... A flight was delayed for almost three hours... Thanks to a swarm of bees.

The U-S airways flight was expected to leave Charlotte at 1:15 this afternoon bound for Indianapolis... But didn't get airborne until almost 4 o clock.

The bees apparently liked the vehicle that pulls planes from the gate...because they wouldn't leave it.

Passengers were kept on the plane... But eventually a beekeeper managed to round up the swarm so the plane could take off.

(office of president george h.w. bush)

In a show of solidarity... Former president George H-W Bush shaved is head... For the two year old son of a secret service member.

The child is being treated for leukemia...and has started losing his hair.

Many of the members of the former president's secret service detail had already shaved their heads... When the 89 year old surprised them all by going under the razor himself.

Members of Bush's protective division have also launched a website to assist with medical bills for the child.

The Bushes lost their second child to leukemia almost 60 years ago... And when they heard of the fundraising efforts... They made a donation as well... And the former president decided to shave his head.

And in keeping with their trend to do things their own way.. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the name of their child 48 hours after his birth.

Prince William was named a week after his birth... And his father Prince Charles was named during his Christening almost a month after birth.

The newborn prince's official title is his royal highness prince george of cambridge.

His full name... George Alexander Louis.


And those are just some of the stories making headlines this Wednesday July 24.

In state news...

A vote is expected today that will clear the way for construction of a new Falcons stadium on a site that would NOT require the demolition of two churches.

Although negotiations are still underway to relocate Friendship Baptist Church and Mount Vernon Baptist church, the talks have stalled and there's an August first deadline approaching.

The vote by a state committee would authorize site work north of the Georgia Dome, a half mile from the nearest MARTA station.

Stadium backers call the north site Plan B -- they prefer the site south of the Dome, where the two churches now occupy the property.

Attention is shifting to a second site for a stadium that would be the new home for the Atlanta Falcons.

A deadline to buy two churches on the stadium's preferred site is just over a week away, and no deal with the congregations has been reached.

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