Eyewitness News at Six July 23, 2013

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Tickets to the Southeastern Region Little League Tournament in Warner Robins won't cost you a dime.

But... New security measures may add a few minutes of time to your trip.

Lorra Lynch Jones explains what's new at the ballpark.

John Mallory and his buddy Tony Brzezicki...

Better known as Ziggy... Stress over wind shears each July.

<it's only a zip tie. If it don't work. Don't work.>

Both volunteer for the two weeks of tournaments.

They know what's allowed... And what's not.

<I think they said no coolers at all./Yeah. That's right.>

And the duo caught word of a new rule... Another measure to keep everybody secure.

<John: Ziggy? What are they going to do?

Ziggy: Be bag checking. Put tags on the bag to know they've been checked.

John: Yeah.>

Little League Regional Director Jen Colvin says police will check bags in the wake of the Boston Bombings.

<we don't have a lot of people that bring 'em in however we would rather err on the side of the caution.>

<there's two entrances to the Little League Park. This is one of them. Bags will be checked at both of them. Then marked with color coded tags, different colors for each day of the tournament.>

<that way too, if there's anything that's left around the complex, by the concessions or rest areas that isn't tagged, we will know enough to get in touch with law enforcement.>

Gary Kay... another volunteer... Says big events need protection.

<people are crazy in this world. No one expected anything to happen at the Boston Marathon either, but it did. Better be safe than sorry.>

And it's not just here it's happening.

<were not doing anything different than they do at the Little League World Series.>

Ziggy and Mallory say safety's important... More so than they're handy work.

<they're not here to look at the fence. They're here to look at the ball players.>

Security keeps the focus on the field.

In Warner Robins Lorra Lynch Jones 13wmaz Eyewitness News.>

The first girls softball game is Thursday at 10 a.m.

Parking lots are off Cohen Walker Drive.. And Hunt Road for volunteers.

The softball tournament runs through next Monday..The Boys Southeast Regional Baseball Tournament will start on August 2nd..

Several central georgia hospitals announced a coming together today..

Elise Brown is in Studio B with the details of a massive partnership..

Thanks frank...

23 hospitals and 1500 physicians across central and south Georgia...are now members of Stratus Healthcare.

That includes the Houston Medical Center....the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon.....and Oconee Regional Medical Center in Milledgeville.

For patients this means shared medical records, reduction in duplication of services and telemedicine.

Chris sa-vaa-taa-waa...a Middle Georgia State College assistant Professor of Health Administration... explains.

what we have is a cooperative strategy, it's not an acquisition, it's not a merger. It's a voluntary coming together of organizations to achieve a strategic initiative the like minded-ness of purpose brings together human resources, financial capital, to recognize the responsibilities the organization has to its consumers. >

Sa-va-ta-waa says organizations working together have greater financial power...and could pass cost savings onto consumers.

He says they can do a better job of sharing of best practices and health information.

that is one of the most intense financial liabilities that we're going to see in the future. So if we can eliminate those duplications and essentially not have that intense financial investment that is maybe required due to healthcare reform obligations to better have continuity of information for patients, then any of those saving we could pass onto consumer. >

sa-vaa-taa-waa says the partnership helps the hospitals meet the new requirements of federal health-care reform.

Earlier today... Frank talked with Ninfa Saunders... The CEO of the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

She talked about what it means to healthcare for people in Central Georgia... And how it may affect health costs.

All in all... Saunders says the collaboration should change the culture of competition between hospitals.

And can lead to better healthcare practices throughout central Georgia.


Thanks Elise.

Yesterday we told that Peach County and Warner Robins officials were working together to bring a water park to town.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen told 13wmaz's jennifer moulliet that the park would go on Vietnam Veterans Parkway.

That's parallel to interstate 75 between russell parkway and watson boulevard.

That project is apparently causing a political stir in Warner Robins.

Jennifer Joins us now from the newsroom.... with an update.

Frank...about an hour ao....I spoke with Warner Robins Councilman Mike Brashear.

He's one of the council members who's been working on the water park project...and he says it's the works for over a year.

He says the state's Economic Development office sent Atlanta developer... Jeff Franklin to warner robins... last year.

Since then....Franklin has met with both Warner Robins' and Peach County's planning and zoning offices... Visitor's centers... And engineering departments.

Brashear says the city already invested 2 million dollars to build Vietnam Veterans Parkway... And they plan to buy three acres to build a welcome center and a vietnam there memorial.

He says the city would then running utilities to that road... Which would be an incentive for Franklin to build the water park there.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen told me yesterday he was unhappy that council members are giving Franklin... an outside developer.... special treatment.

But Brashear says that's the same treatment they gave to the owners of Rigby's entertainment center... Off Karl Drive.

Brashear says the water park would bring 50 full time jobs to town.. And 150 seasonal jobs.


Peach County Commissioners and members of warner robins council were set to meet yesterday to discuss the water park... But that meeting was postponed to wednesday..

We've since learned tomorrow's meeting has been canceled too.

So far...no one is saying why... Or when it will be rescheduled.





















































The race to replace Georgia's senior senator is already underway.

The daughter of former Senator Sam Nunn... Michelle Nunn... Announced she will enter the race yesterday.

She becomes the first major Democrat to enter the race.

On the Republican side, U.S. Reps. Paul Broun of Athens, Phil Gingrey of Marietta and Jack Kingston of Savannah - along with former Secretary of State Karen Handel - have entered the race.

On the Republican side, U.S. Reps. Paul Broun of Athens, Phil Gingrey of Marietta and Jack Kingston of Savannah - along with former Secretary of State Karen Handel - have entered the race.

Clif Wilkinson... A professor of political science at Georgia College... Joins Randall Savage to talk about the race... And this field of candidates.

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