Eyewitness News at Six July 22, 2013

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Our top story tonight, a father back in jail after making his first court appearance... charged with killing his own baby.

Tom George was in court today... he brings us the latest... Tom?

Thanks Frank.

21-year old Darrlyn Jones made his first appearance in court since the death of his young child.




He's charged with felony murder and family violence-related aggravated assault.

A magistrate judge today....denied him bond.

A police report says police responded to Jones' house where they found 2-month old Jayceon Davis unconscious on Sunday.

Jones told police he'd been lying down with the child, then after going to get water,

He said he saw the child crying, then jump as if startled.

That's when he told police he shook the baby to get him to respond.

Medical tests showed Jayceon had severe brain injuries and died at the hospital.

After allegedly making conflicting statements to investigators, Jones was arrested.

According to coroner Leon Jones, this marks the second case this year of a child death involving a family member.

Last year, there were three other cases.

Dr. Yameika Head who works as a forensic pediatrician at the Medical Center, says there are also many other non-fatal cases she sees where children are left with serious medical conditions.

< There are some people that are just sadistic and their whole M.O. Is to hurt kids, but then there are cases where there's a parent or caregiver just gets so frustrated and after that, it's too late the child is hurt. >

Head says many of those cases involve babies being shaken or beaten ... She says sometimes parents don't realize msot children aren't in danger when they're crying, and that it's best to just walk away before doing causing any damage.

< We've never seen a child that had died from crying, so if you have a child that is crying, and crying does get on people's nerves, so they can just leave. Just make sure that the child is safe and won't harm themselves, but leave, give yourself a breather before you go to deal with your child.>






Now as Head says, that advice is so important especially because when a child is that young, even one injury can cause serious damage.






Sometimes....that damage might not even be visible ... Frank?

Dr. Head says even it's not your child, you should still contact law enforcement if you see something wrong ... There are ways to report anonymously.

Qualifying re-opened today for the Macon-Bibb consolidated government races.

The first candidate added to the ballot... Al Tillman.

He qualified for the district 9 commission seat... And will run against current city council president James Timley.

Tillman says his campaign will focus on boosting the area's economy... And bringing the community together.




<we want to be able to encourage entrepreneurship, in our district, in our community, people need jobs. We're going to try to encourage people to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship drives this community, it drives this country.>












Qualifying for the September 17th nonpartisan election will close Wednesday at noon.

Advance voting begins August 26th.

Warner Robins and Peach County COULD get together soon....to collaborate on a water park off Interstate 75.

That's according to Mayor Chuck Shaheen.

There was a meeting scheduled for this afternoon between Warner Robins officials and Peach County commissioners. But it was postponed.

Shaheen says they planned to discuss the proposed park... off Vietnam Veterans Parkway.... Which runs parallel to Interstate 75 between Watson Boulevard and Russell Parkway.

Council members would only confirm that the meeting would be discussing development on the road.

But Shaheen says the city has more pressing issues to focus on besides helping an out of town developer bring a water park to the area.









A few years ago council voted to use a portion of the city's hotel motel tax to fund a welcome center on Vietnam Veterans Parkway... The exact location of the center hasn't been decided.

Peach County Administrator... Marcia Johnson confirmed the meeting has been moved to Wednesday afternoon.

Back to school is right around the corner here in central georgia.

And today... some kids living with cancer got their own back to school bash... To ring in the new year.

Katelyn Heck joins us from Johnny G's in Warner Robins... Katelyn?




Thanks Katelyn...












We'll have more from the celebration tonight on Eyewitness News at Eleven.

Communities are full of stories.

One Macon group's mission... is to go out and listen to them.

The Roving Listeners hear the requests... of people around town.

Two people who live on Monroe Street realized... their neighborhood needed help.

As Lorra Lynch Jones Shows us... the Listeners were the perfect team for the job.

Carolyn Odom's lifelong neighborhood lost its charm over the years

<just this one block looked terrible. One of the houses was completely covered. You couldn

t see the house. It was so overgrown with trees and a lot of debris>






Carolyn's sister is Sheryl Welton. She also grew up on Monroe Street, and didn't like where it was heading.






<my sister and I have discussed for a number of years how bad the neighborhood looks, compared to how it used to look.>






They called the city, but the economic and community development department couldn't lend a hand. Carolyn made a choice.






<I decided we'd best just clean our own neighborhood>






That's where Macon's roving listeners come in






<We listen to stories form our neighbors. We try to find their gifts, try to find their concerns and some of the things that they like to see in the community.>






Carolyn wanted to see improvement. Thirteen year old Leah Davis heard her out.






<We had listened to Miss Carolyn Odom. She was talking about how she wanted her street to look a lot nicer.>






More than 40 people volunteered for the clean-up.






<We came out and fired them up, started cleaning up, and the kids showed up>






<It's been very hard work, but i think working for the community is the best thing you can do.>






Sheryl agrees. She has some advice for people in neighborhoods like hers






<If you see that your neighborhood needs cleaning, get up and clean it.>






In Macon, Lorra Lynch Jones, 13WMAZ Eyewitness news.

The Roving Listeners started their operations last summer

Volunteers from the group worked from eight am to noon this morning on monroe street...

They'll continue work down the block... and on Madison Street... at a later date.

Fort Valley State University's ninth president...is now on the job.

Elise Brown tells us how his first day in the president's chair went..

No first day of school jitters here

<i'm not in the jitters category. I think I have a sense of what we need to do. >

It's Ivelaw Griffifth's first day of being president of Fort Valley State University.

His vision includes accelerating and accentuating its emphasis on academic excellence.

And he's already gotten down to business.






<you're not wasting any time here? Nope. There is too much to be done to improve what we do and how we do it for our students, faculty and community to waste time. >


He's excited to make his mark at the university.

One of those ways is through walls of wisdom....that will be on each of the 68 buildings across campus.

They will provide students with inspirational messages....

Griffith likes to recite nobel prize winner rabindranath tangore.






<tagoore said among other things that you can't cross the sea just by standing and staring at the water. What he was saying was that if you've got a challenge and you want to achieve something..looking and maybe moping is not gonna cut it. >






<During a meeting about campus improvements... student krystal freeman apologized for having so many ideas. Before she could continue....Griffith told her never apologize for having lots of ideas.>






<I didn't just want to be like answering and raising my hand and critiquing and saying something about everything I didn't approve of. I was glad he told me not to apologize for it.>

Griffifth says his approach to the job will be inclusive...and transparant.

He said he's looking forward to hearing from students, faculty and staff.

Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Larry Rivers stepped down last month as president of Fort Valley State.

Griffith is a former professor of political science...and a specialist on Caribbean security, drugs and crime.

He comes to The Valley after six years as provost and senior vice president at York College of the City University of New York.




















































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