Eyewitness News at Eleven July 22, 2013

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A 21-year old father was denied bond in the killing of his 2-month-old child.

Darrlyn Jones was charged with murder and aggravated assault after police were called to his home to find his baby, Jayceon Davis unresponsive.

Jones told police he had shook the baby to get it to respond after he says he saw the baby get startled while crying.

Macon Police alleged that Jones made conflicting statements to investigators.

Dr. Yameika Head, a forensic pediatrician at the medical center says infants getting hurt is an all too common problem that parents can easily solve.

Most cases I do see are from being frustrated or the child not doing what they're supposed to and parents not being able to deal with that. So just walk away, you know, take some time to get yourself together is what I want them to know.Coroner Leon Jones says this is the second case of a child death involving a family member this year.


Last year, there were three such cases..

Walmart on Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins is now reopened after being evacuated because of a bomb threat.




According to Warner Robins Police Chief Brett Evans a threat was called in from an outside area code.

Bomb sniffing dogs swept the building... But didn't find anything.

Warner Robins and Peach County COULD get together soon....to collaborate on a water park off Interstate 75.

That's according to Mayor Chuck Shaheen.

Jennifer Moulliet has more.

There was a meeting scheduled today... between officials from warner robins and peach county to discuss economic development... But it was postponed.

Shaheen says they planned to discuss the proposed park... off Vietnam Veterans Parkway.... Which runs parallel to Interstate 75 between Watson Boulevard and Russell Parkway.

Council members Mike Brashear... And Mike Daley would only confirm that the meeting would be discussing development on the road.

One Peach County Commissioner did say discussing a water park was in the meeting plans... But that the project was in it's early stages.

Mayor Shaheen says bringing a water park wasn't at the top of their priority list in their council work sessions.

He says he's not against bringing a water park to the city... But doesn't understand why council wants to bring in a developer from out of town.

<"we have a local developer two developers in town Johnny G's and Rigby's want to build a water park I dont think the city needs to get in the water park business now if a developer wants to come in and there's free enterprise and he wants to pursue a water park then he can pursue the water park, but the city doesn't need to be involved in competing with local business owners that are going to provide a fun service for the city." >









A few years ago council voted to use a portion of the city's hotel motel tax to fund a welcome center on Vietnam Veterans Parkway... The exact location of the center hasn't been decided.

That could be something officials discuss in their next meeting.

Peach County Administrator... Marcia Johnson confirmed that meeting has been moved to Wednesday afternoon.

When law enforcement expand their search to cover bodies of water ... Some of the people they call on... Are divers. Judy Lee tells us Members of The Jones County Rescue Dive Team are keeping their skills sharp In case their needed..

Brandon Teague wears this 70-pound suit to work ... Almost every day ... For the past three years.

<Brandon Teague, volunteer diver - they said hey we're putting on a dive team, the first one for jones county to ever do. The surrounding counties didn't have a dive team and I was like, well that's a good thought>

He's one of 12 volunteers from the Jones County Fire Department that make up the rescue dive team.






<we need that kind of support around here, especially with all the water and rivers around>

Teague hasn't been called out to a search and rescue yet .... But He's still getting practice in at East Macon Park. That's where assistant chief ... Bill Wright ... Started the annual training.






<Bill wright, jo co fire department assistant chief - so we can watch each other, make sure we got our techniques right and then we move to a lake or pond where we can't see>






<standup - as part of their training, wright will darken out these goggles to mimic the dark waters of the river>

Divers learn to rely on touch when they can no longer see. This year will be Teagues' first time training in the Ocmulgee river. 

<you never know what's up under there, rocks, trees, even alligators>


But he's ready ... And he's felt ready at a very young age ...









<natural born swimmer. I think my mother threw me in the pool around two years old and said go with it>

He's learning these skills in the pool to later use in the river ... to for look for bodies and evidence.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

The team will practice for the remainder of the summer.

Kids battling cancer in central Georgia let loose for a few hours today to play some arcade games and get ready for a new school year.

But as Katelyn Heck shows you... They took home something even better than what their game tickets could buy.

And a lot of other back to school essentials... All stuffed in brand new backpacks.

They're for these kids... Some who have battled cancer...

<he was diagnosed with optic nerve gleoma... A tumor on his optic nerve, his eye.>






...And their siblings... Who have helped them through all of life's obstacles.






<leukemia and cancer... 'how old is she?' six>






<our goal is to alleviate some of the burden that these families are facing. So if it means just giving them some school supplies so they don't have to go to the store and they can focus on their children, then it's something we're happy to do.>






The Jay's Hope organization helps around 250 kids and families throughout central Georgia... like Tyler Knight... A four-year-old... And a cancer survivor.






For him... It may just seem like fun and games... But his mother Melissa Knight says for her... It's so much more.






<this event means for me a little less stress for school supplies that i'm going to have to worry about. It means for Tyler and Kalyn his sister that we can come be with other families here that are all fixing to start school that are in the same part we are and it makes us normal for a day>






Jay's Hope members will also deliver backpacks and supplies to some kids who have to get ready for the new school year... While in the hospital.

Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News

Jay's Hope has several events scheduled for the rest of the year.

For more information... or to find out how to help... Look for this story on our website... 13WMAZ dot-com.

It's an exciting time when a university gets a new president.

Today was Dr. Ivelaw Griffith's first day as president at Fort Valley State University.




He didn't waste any time getting around campus and meeting new people.

The former provost and dean....talked about putting walls of wisdom in 68 buildings around campus.

That's where motivational quotes from historical people will be posted.

Griffith says the walls will remind students, faculty and visitors of challenges and values.

Griffith is Fort Valley State's ninth president.

welcome back.

There are some big stories making the news around the world today.

Including a big arrival in London.

We take a look at some of the headlines for this Monday... July 22nd.


People in Cleveland are dealing with another case of missing women.

A registered sex offender was charged today for slaying three women whose bodies were found in a neighborhood in East Cleveland.

It is the third case in four years that involves multiple killings or abductions in the community.

Civic leaders in the town say this is partly to blame on the break down of neighborhoods... And how people connect to one another in the town that is quote "down on it's luck."

In the past year... The Cleveland area has lost more jobs than any big urban center nationwide.


The American Civil Liberties Union wants state authorities in Florida and Massachusetts to investigate the death of a Chechen man... Who was fatally shot while being questioned about ties to the Boston Marathon Bomber.

Ibragim Todashev (IH'-bruh-heem TOH'-duh-shehv) was shot and killed in May... While Massachusetts state troopers and Orlando police officers questioned him.

Original statements by officials claimed Todashev lunged at an FBI agent with a knife... but they later said it was not clear what had happened.

The FBI leads the investigation.


In world news... many watched and waited for months to see when Prince William and his wife Kate would have a baby... And today... The waiting stopped.

Just before 4:30 this afternoon... The royal couple announced the birth of a baby boy... Who is third in line for the british throne.

President Obama says the birth of the new prince comes quote "at a time of promise and opportunity" between Britain and the United States.

The new heir was born at 8 pounds 6 ounces. No name revealed yet..

And those are just some of the stories around the world this Monday July 22.

In state news... Governor Nathan Deal and State School superintendent John Barge say... Georgia will no longer associate with the Common Core Curriculum.

This will ensure that officials in Georgia keep control over the academic standards and testing with in the state.

According to state school leaders - Using a general assessment would not allow education officials in Georgia to adjust standards for students.

Barge says the partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers would cost more than 27 million dollars... Which is more than the state allots in the budget for system wide assessment.

A federal judge reset Georgia's election calendar... And this effects more than state and county elections.

The ruling by the judge requires at least 45 days between main elections and runoffs... To allow time for absentee ballots to return. Candidates running for office may face longer runoffs and earlier primaries as a result.


Campaign strategists say a longer runoff will allow candidates to raise more money... And momentum.

The GOP primary for Georgia's open senate seat is almost guaranteed a runoff.

Democrats expect a strong candidate to emerge through their primary.

Qualifying re-opened today for the Macon-Bibb consolidated government races.

And one new candidate put his name on the ballott..

Al Tillman qualified for the district 9 commission seat... And will run against current city council president James Timley.

Tillman says his campaign will focus on boosting the area's economy... And bringing the community together.




<we want to be able to encourage entrepreneurship, in our district, in our community, people need jobs. We're going to try to encourage people to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship drives this community, it drives this country.>












Qualifying for the September 17th nonpartisan election will close Wednesday at noon.

Advance voting begins August 26th.


















Michelle Nunn... Daughter of former U-S Senator Sam Nunn... Announced today... she will be running as a democrat in the race for the seat vacated by Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Nunn becomes the first major Democrat to enter the race. On the Republican side, U.S. Reps. Paul Broun of Athens, Phil Gingrey of Marietta and Jack Kingston of Savannah - along with former Secretary of State Karen Handel - have entered the race.
































































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