Eyewitness News at Six July 19, 2013

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This rainy summer has more mosquitos breeding...and biting....and more humans scratching.

Judy Le explains why...and tells us what people are doing about it.

When nine year old.. Madison Burns plays outside ... She becomes a becomes a tasty meal ...

<madison burns, wr - mosquitoes come and bite me and I don't know why. They just want blood>

She came to the park with friends ... But is the only one with a trail of bites..




<seven on both legs or five>

This summer ... The mosquito population has increased because of rain. It's so bad that some families move their fun indoors...





<Sandrea McCornell, macon - when the babies tell you go go, you know it's bad (laugh)>





<standup - i sprayed off on me this morning, but an hour outdoors and i've already gotten one mosquito bite>

The complaints are up. Bibb County Mosquito spraying coordinator ... Joe Bridges ... already used 800 gallons of repellant





<Joe bridges bibb co mosquito spraying coordinator - this is a little bit more than we already use>





<Sandrea McCornell, macon - we live on upper river road and we see him a lot more than I previously had seen him>

Mosquitoes breed in places with standing water. So Burns will be especially avoiding those areas while she's enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

Of course, more mosquitoes equals more mosquito bites.

But why is it that certain people seem to suffer from the pests more than others?

There is a lot of research out there on the topic.


Scienceline dot org lists several factors:

They include the amount of carbon dioxide in your breath....your body temperature, and your blood type.





When you are active outdoors...you exhale more carbon dioxide and your body temperature increases.

Pregnant women also exhale more CO2... and have higher body temperatures.





If you are drinking an alcoholic beverage....that also increases your body temperature.

And...it makes you less likely to notice or swat mosquitoes.





And finally, blood type may be a factor.

People release certain chemicals that are unique to their blood type.

Mosquitoes respond to people with Type O blood more than any other.





So how do you protect yourself?

Experts say....cover as much of your skin as possible when outside at dawn and dusk.

And use an FDA approved repellant.

Riding a bike can be risky for young children

Learning without training wheels comes with its fair share of scraped knees and elbows...

One thing kids... And their parents... Shouldn't have to worry about... is storm drains.

Citizens in a warner robins neighborhood think the city could do more...

To keep their childrens' streets safer

the city should address this as a positive thing for the entire neighborhood. Not just select one or two holes and say there we did our job, because they haven't done their job. So we need to get them all done.>








We could not reach City of Warner Robins officials today for comment.

A new industrial company opened its doors in Dublin this morning.

The German company... Erdrich makes auto parts... But Katelyn Heck explains how they also plan to build up the economy... And the job market.

Last year... this plant was nothing more than a drawing.

Now it's the site of Erdrich's first factory in the U.S.


The metal-stamping company makes auto parts for BMW... Mercedes... Volkswagen... And a few others.





<from twenty thousand parts a year to twenty million parts a year.>





That's at each of the company's five overseas plants.

Owner Nicolas Erdrich says choosing where to break ground in America was a difficult process...even Macon was a potential site... But Dublin offered just what the company was looking for.





<it was the community where we had the best feelings and the surrounding fit perfect with the ground we have here with the employees we expect to get here>





He says they'll start with 30 employees... But hope to hire nearly two hundred by the end of 2014.





<all of this area will be filled with grinding machines, assembly machines, and all different robotics>





That equipment will trickle in between now and September... With production slated to start at the beginning of 2014.

Erdrich says he hopes the Dublin plant will eventually compete with the company's two main sites in Germany.





<we have a lot of ground around so the plan is to expand. We built this way so we could easily expand to the back side.>





Erdrich now joins the list of other companies such as Mage Solar and Dinex... who also recently built plants in Dublin.

Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News

Erdrich also has plants in the Czech Republic and China.

Since the verdict of Not guilty was handed down for George Zimmerman... Many around the nation have waited for the president to speak.

Today... During his white house briefing... President Obama took time to reflect on the response within the african american community... And why this case means so much.


<when you think about why, in the African American community at least, there's a lot of pain around what happened here. I think it's important to recognize that the African American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that... that doesn't go away.>











An organization called the National Action Network will host " the Justice for Trayvon 100 city vigil" throughout various cities in the United States... including Macon.











The vigil will be held at noon tomorrow outside of the Federal Courthouse on Mulberry Street in Macon.

Furloughs effecting federal workers began last Friday

Today... Those workers received their first paychecks reflecting those schedule changes

The twenty first century partnership is hosting another event to help those workers... and their communities... next month

SHARE stands for Sharing... Help... Assistance... and Resources... for Everyone

The events aim to recruit vendors around central Georgia... To provide help for federal employees of Robins Air Force Base

SHARE compiles resources for mental health... financial strength... and planning for budget cuts

the 21st century partnership, as well as the community at large realize that we're going to have a substantial impact. Not only the workers themselves will feel this impact, but the economy as a whole>








The next SHARE event will be held August ninth... At the Courtyard Marriott Ball Room...

at 589 Carl Vinson Parkway... in Warner Robins

School supply lists can seem endless... no matter what grade.

Imagine showing up to a store and getting these items... In one brand new bookbag...at no cost.








Houston county families received that benefit... and more... this morning at the county's Back to School Bash.

The Warner Robins housing authority and Habitat for humanity ran the event.

Kids got free book bags... Food... Face paint... And hair cuts.

According to Housing Authority Executive Director Sheryl frazier... The event removes the stress of returning to school.

The groups gave away 11-hundred book bags... Filled with pencils... Paper... Crayons... And other supplies.

According to Patricia Duncan of Fort Valley State University's aquaculture department...it's an industry that's on the rise.

THe U.S Department of Agriculture reports that in the last two decades..the value of aquaculture production has risen to nearly a 1-billion dollar industry.

Duncan showed Austin Lewis their aquaculture department...and has more on how you can build your own aqua-farm.

Director of the Aquaculture department...Patricia Duncan says this is one of dozens of water tanks that they have...that "grows" tilapia.

They use it to show people who want to learn about aqua-farms.


<Patricia L. Duncan, Director of the Aquaculture: and aquaculture is really anytime that you are raising aquatic animals or plants in a system where you have control over it. >





So how do you control...tilapia...well Duncan says if you're starting...out you'll need tanks...





to keep the water clean...as an aeration system.





<Patricia L. Duncan, Director of the Aquaculture: It's because you can put them in urban areas or you can put this in the country, rural areas they don't take a lot of space.>





Duncan says the equipment can run you a couple hundred bucks...or more than a thousand...depending on what you want.

But she says potential profits can be high.





<Patricia L. Duncan, Director of the Aquaculture: Whole foods sells tilapia for 9 dollars a pound coming out of Chile so that gives you an idea of the potential worth. >





She says with the proper equipment...you can raise tilapia...or catfish...that grow up clean.





<Patricia L. Duncan, Director of the Aquaculture: That's where you have a specialty and you can assure your client that these are fish that have been raised without any additional hormones or chemicals that's where your different from different things coming overseas. >





She says they have had 10-thousand people come through here since 2003...to see what opportunities this fish hold.

Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Duncan says they have workshops every few months discussing topics on aquaculture...including how to market your fish to stores and restaurants.





























































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