Eyewitness News at Eleven July 16, 2013

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Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

We begin the broadcast with a look around your world at some of the stories making headlines for this Tuesday... July 16...


Eighty three passengers from the Asiana Airlines flight prepare to sue aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co.

A news releases from the law firm says they filed a petition in cook county circuit court to preserve evidence from the crash.

Three people were killed as a result of the crash... When a Boeing 777 clipped the seawall of the runway at San Francisco Airport.

They will also file an additional plea against Asiana Airlines... And various parts manufacturers.

According to the firm... The crash may have been caused by a mechanical malfunction of the auto throttle.

In addition... Some of the emergency ramps opened inside the plane... Injuring some passengers and blocking come exits.

Boeing has had no comment.


People all over the nation have responded to the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman... Including a grammy award winning artist.

During a performance in Quebec... Stevie Wonder says he will not play in the state of Florida... Or any other part of the world... That recognizes stand your ground laws.

Almost two dozen states have a form of stand your ground... Including Georgia.


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke to a crowd at the N double A C P convention in Orlando.

He commented on passing down a tradition to his son... That he hoped he would not have to.

<"I am his father and it is my responsibility, not to burden him with the baggage of eras long gone, but to make him aware of the world he must still confront">

Hooded sweatshirts have become a symbol of those who support Trayvon Martin... Because that is what he was wearing during the fight with Zimmerman.

This is a detail that sticks in the mind of some parents throughout our nation...

<"If you're black or brown, and you're wearing a hoodie, people are going to perceive you as being suspicious, or up to no good or that there is some type of criminal activity associated with that hoodie.">

People gathered outside of the CNN center in Atlanta... To protest the verdict as well...

Marches in Atlanta have remained peaceful.

And in Macon... People marched through downtown... Saying the trial may be over... But the fight for unity and justice in central Georgia... Is not.

this is not against zimmerman, this is not about being against him, what it's about is about us being active and it's about standing for what we believe in, and it's about gun control laws and thinking about the violence that's going on in america.>


<whether you're white, black, spanish, it doesn't matter what religion you are, but for us to get together to help our children and those that are lost.>





<it should touch a person that has a heart, it shouldn't matter what happened, because when someone gets killed, we want to know why and what happened.>





<right now, some of our young people are asleep when it comes to political issues, when it comes to laws and getting them passed and we want to stand up and be angry after something happens, so today I want people to know, let's not just vote because there's a black man running for president, but let's vote, let's be active in laws that are being passed. Let's find out what we need to know so we can be effective in our city.>





<but it's mostly important to be able to demonstrate the intellect, the competence of young black males and allowing people to see a different light and actually encourage other persons who are young that you're not to young to get out there and march, youre not too young to vote, you're not too young to make a difference in your community.>>

And tonight.. Another group met for prayer...


<that we can all live in one big happy nation.>





Greater Friendship Church held a prayer vigil... Saying the Zimmerman trial divided many communities throughout the nation...including central Georgia.

Different pastors from around Macon focused on four main points... Unity... Understanding... Love... And peace.

Doctor Stephen Summerow... Pastor at Greater Friendship... Says he wants to lead people to prayer... Instead of violence and protests.

He says the vigil's messages were for both young... And old.

so many people had differing opinions and when the verdict came down people were upset because wounds were open from civil rights times from other times when there was injustice. So now we look at this and we need to come together.

You should get over racism for like black, white, and asian people and sometimes come together when people need help and all that.>


Summerow wore a hoodie to close out the event....asking the audience to not judge others based on clothing... Race... Or economic status.

Crawford County Students will be in the classroom a few less days during the upcoming school year..The school system recently announced plans to cut the school year.


Students will be in school for 160 days... instead of 175 like last year.

They will be in school for more time each day.

However... that length hasn't been determined yet.

I believe the children need to get as much education as possible because our kids do need to be very educated these days.

Superintendent- we're gonna do the very very best that and we're gonna educate our children here in Crawford County, because that's what we love to do. We're passionate about that. >

The superintendednt and others will meet at the school board offices... To figure out more details.


He says people are welcome to make suggestions.





The meeting will be held on Tuesday.... July 30th at 6:30 p.m. in Roberta.




The state cut the school's funding by nearly one-point-two million dollars.

Some parents say they aren't upset.

They just want to make sure the kids are still being properly educated.

We looked at starting dates...and the length of the school year....for Central Georgia districts.

And we found they're all over the map.


Crawford County now has the latest starting date in the area...on the day after Labor Day.

The earliest is Dooly County. Their students report back to the classroom next Monday....the 22nd. County has been on a year round school calendar for several years now..

Most public school students head back to school in the first week of August.





There's also a big gap in the length of the school year.

Three years ago...the state said districts could cut the number of school days down from 180. That was the traditional minimum.

Now districts just need to provide a certain number of hours of instruction time...regardless of how many days they're in session.

For grades 6 through 12...that's about a thousand hours a year.





Several districts are still sticking to 180 days in class.....like Houston...Baldwin and Jones counties.

But others have cut back. Wilcox County High is in session for 159 days this year....Peach....170...and Crawford County High is scheduled for 160 days.

The average school year in Central Georgia right now....is 175 days.





Bibb County students will be in the classroom for 178 days..The first day for Bibb students is August 1..

With Bibb County students headed back to school soon...the county health department wants to make sure they're fit...and ready.

They're sponsoring a back-to-school carnival later this month...as a one-stop event for kids' health checks.

That includes immunization...dental...hearing...and vision screening...and more.

It happens from 9 a.m. To 3 p.m.....on Monday...the 29th.


The Bibb County health department is located at 171 Emery Highway....in Macon.

The Emergency room at the Peach County Medical center was closed for six hours today... As the services moved from the old place... To a new space.


<now we have this beautiful beautiful facility to serve the health needs of the people in peach and the surrounding counties.>





The Medical Center in Peach County... Has been in service for over 60 years... And today... They moved into their new facility.

The 30 million dollar facility took 13 months to build... And it is equipped with the latest technology.

A SPLOST project is taking shape in Centerville.

The city's new courthouse is going up And the police department is getting a new home.

The foundation is set... And the walls are coming up... To centerville's new police department... Chief Sidney Andrews welcomes the upgrade.


Over the last couple of years they've had to replace all air conditioning units in their current building.

And if they run a few appliances... They're likley to trip a breaker... Which requires a trip to the attic to the breaker box.

He hopes the new place will be safer and more efficient.

we want this building to not only be ours but to be of use to the tax payers and citizens of houston county we're looking at holding citizen police academies and stuff of that nature >



The total cost for both building is around two point seven million dollars.


The rain has created a challenge during construction but their target date for both projects to be completed is next january.

The feuding among Bibb County Democratic Party members remains a debate topic in local political circles... And even crosses party lines in some cases.

In this week's Close-Up... State Rep. Allen Peake.. A Macon Republican.. Talked with Randall Savage about the new consolidated government.. The makeup of the Macon-Bibb County Board of Elections.. And a possible cause of the problems within the Democratic Party.



< Allen Peake, State Representative: I think a lot of people in the community are kind of tired of the old guard that has kind of controlled Macon politics for a long time, and in my opinion has been sort of the demise of our community. Some of population loss, some of tax base erosion.>








Peake didn't name the people.. That he called old guard members.

You can catch Close-Up in its entirety at noon Saturday and six a.m. Sunday on 13 WMAZ.

For most kids going to summer camp is a chance to try new things and meet new friends.

For 12-year-old Jordan Kozloski from Warner Robins.. It's all that and more.

Lorra Lynch Jones tells us a special camp in Ohio gives her the confidence to compete... year round.

Jordan Kozloski shoots for the skies in everything she takes on... Be it basketball...


<they call me the secret weapon.>





or academic aspirations.





<I want to study rocks and be a geologist.>





Her belief in herself... hasn't always been so strong.





<My dad ran over me with a lawn mower by accident. He didnt' mean to.>





<the lawn mower cut off and I heard my wife screaming and I just prayed it was the dog. It wasn't. It was Jordan.>





<she squeezed by finger.. Squeezed it as hard as she had ever squeezed it and said, Daddy I be fine, Daddy I be fine. Tore my heart.>





Jordan was two then... But spoke the truth.

She'll tell you now... She is fine... Better than fine... Playing a half dozen sports...





<jordan Kozloski. Houston County handball. Best Offense for Houston County sharks.>





She leaves for an amputee camp in Ohio this week.





<there's some like me, but some kids lost like two legs, one arm or one leg and two arms.>





She's been before. Jordan says its helped her on and off the court.





<it's helped me understand you don't have to be ashamed of





<to trust herself, to believe in herself and know she could do it.>





Jordan once struggled to talk about her prosthetic. Now.. each leg is a memory.





<My mom likes this leg, because it says God is a great artist.>





Occasionally.. there's discomfort... Sometimes frustration.

Jordan's not letting either stand in the way of reaching her goals.

Jordan dreams of playing basketball for the Crimson Tide... at the University of Alabama.

As for this week's camp...the non-profit Amputee Coalition is paying her way.

The coalition has sent nearly 800 children with limb loss to camp since 2000.




















































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