Eyewitness News at Six July 11, 2013

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Heavy rains caused some street flooding across Macon this afternoon...

This is cell phone video sent in by a viewer

It was shot near First Street in downtown Macon..

You can see a truck with water up to its doors..and a dumpster floating around..

Here's a shot of Gray Highway near Second Street - thank you to Robert Daniel for sending these..

Some cars had water up to their windows.. these pictures are from just before 5 p-m.

Macon police say the heavy rain apparently caused several accidents in the past hour.

That includes one on Interstate 75 near Pio Nono...and one at I-16 at Spring Street.

So far...there's no word on injuries.

About 20 minutes ago...Macon police dispatch said there were no roads....or intersections...closed due to flooding.

Georgia Power is reporting several outages affecting about 150 customers in central Georgia.

Ben is standing by in the weather center with a look at what we can expect for the next couple of hours.

The rainy season is apparently causing sinkholes...to pop up on some area roads and yards.

This sinkhole was spotted in North Macon in the 700 block of Malvern Hill Drive.. It looks about 6 inches deep.

A public works crew member told us they got a handful of calls this morning...about sinkholes.

Less than half a mile away.. Another sinkhole was found off Captain Kell Drive.

This one was about a foot deep.

More arrests.. more suspects... and more charges in the death of a Macon teenager.

Since last week... we've been reporting on the death of Jammoni Bland..outside a nightclub.

Elise Brown reports that police now have three people in custody... and are looking for five more... in a case that may be gang-related.

Magistrate Judge Barbara Harris denied bond for Miranda Pettiway.

She and Andre Bonner are charged with murder, criminal attempt to commit murder and participation in Criminal Street Gang Activity.

judge I've spoken with Miss Pettiway, she understands what she's charged with...>

Pettiway allegedly admitted driving the getaway car...after Andre Bonner shot 17-year-old Jammoni Bland five times at close range.

That was at the Zodiac Lounge in Macon early last Friday morning.

Police say it started with a fight inside the lounge....where shots were fired. Then the shooting spilled outdoors.

Bland died at the scene.

Police say John Hollingshed who shot Deion Davis eight times....was also in Pettiway's car,

They are still looking for five suspects....including Hollingshed.

many of the individuals named are well known to investigators. All charges are connected to this on-going investigation.>

Police have updated the Bland family.

and they were pleased. We're trying to give them closure. Detectives are working very hard to make sure that's a result of this investigation. >

A third suspect....30-year-old Kiyo Latrice Johnson turned herself in today.

Police have not described what role she played.

But she ...And five others.... Are charged with criminal attempt to commit murder and participation in criminal street gang activity.

Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Macon police won't talk about the motive for the shootings... or how they happened.

For pictures of the other five suspects in the case...you can look for this story at our home page.....13WMAZ-dot.com.

Anyone with information on this case can contact Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME. Again...that's 877-68-CRIME.

Macon Mayor Robert Reichert says the zodiac lounge shooting -- and its teenaged victim... brings up a problem the city has been battling... Youth violence.

In 2011... he and former police chief Mike Burns put together a seven-step plan... And presented it to city council.

They asked for permission to hire six new police officers.

They planned to partner with schools and the religious community... and use the city's office of Workforce Development to promote jobs and education.

Instead of six new officers... City Council allowed the police department to hire one civilian.... to spearhead crime-prevention projects.

Last year... Reichert said police did several truancy sweeps at schools and met with ministers to discuss ways to help.

Bibb County schools also hired career coaches through Workforce Development.

we hope that it is getting better, but obviously every time you have a high profile incident, a death, a fatality, it makes you feel like we're not making any progress at all. So it's disconcerting to say the least.

Reichert says the city still needs to focus more on prevention... Not just enforcement.

we've got to have more programs and more participation by churches, by schools, by neighborhood associations, by neighborhood watch, and by parents and family members to step up and help us do something. It is not a police problem, it is a community problem. And it is not just in Macon, it is throughout the country.

Community and police efforts across the nation... are reflected in the latest youth homicide numbers from the CDC.

The findings were released today.

They go in hand with a decline in murders and other crimes over the past twenty years.

The homicide rate for older children and young adults is the lowest in 30 years.

The homicide rate for victims between the ages of 10 and 24 dropped by more than half since 1993.

That's when crimes were tied to an explosion in drug crimes.

Teens make up almost one third of all homicide victims.

A Macon-Bibb firefighter is in critical condition after being struck by a driver working on an accident scene earlier today.

Tom George has more.

It happened around 9:40 this morning here on I-75 north near the Sardis Church Road exit in South Bibb County. Now Sgt. Eric John of the Macon-Bibb Fire Department and three others were working on an overturned car accident scene, and they were just finishing up clearing that scene and John was actually speaking with a deputy in the left hand emergency lane, when a car driving north driven by 18-year old Nayef Shrouf of Warner Robins swerved into the lane and hit Sgt. John, he's now in critical condition undergoing surgery at the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Now the Bibb County Sheriff's Department says they're interviewing the driver of the car, and investigating the accident, but no word on any charges yet. Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News..

Chief Marvin Riggins says Sgt. John has been working in the Fire Department for 20 years.

We'll have more details on this case as they become available.

Skaters in Macon have two options when it comes to skating.

They can go to central city skate park downtown... Or they can go home.

A meeting tonight may start to improve that.

Central City Skate park is open seventeen hours per week.

The county is looking to provide skaters with a newer park.

Skaters can voice their opinions about the new park's design at the meeting.

Bibb County Parks and Rec hopes to complete the park this year.

we're just gonna discuss what we want to see in the park, and how we want it designed and constructed. Everyone's shooting for an outdoor, public, concrete skate park.

According to Doc Dougherty, bibb county parks and rec director... The county plans to put two or three hundred thousand dollars towards the new park.

` The meeting is underway at the Rosa Jackson Community Center and ends at 8.

Crawford County has shortened the school year for students.. And changed it's first day of school.

According to a message from the district.. The changes come due to extreme state funding cuts.

The first day for students will now be Tuesday.. September 3rd.

That's a little more than two weeks later than usual.

For the past two years.. Crawford students have gone back to the classroom in mid-august.

State regulators says Georgia Power should add more solar energy to its system.

The Public Service Commission's Lauren "bubba" McDonald proposed the change.... saying solar energy costs have come down.

Critics said adding more solar energy would cause rates to increase...but McDonald disagreed.

The commission wants Georgia Power to use the sun to produce 525 megawatts a year.

That's about 5 percent of their capacity.

Fort Valley State University is looking to give veterans a hand when it comes to higher education.

The school is holding an information session to talk about financial aid...academic opportunities... and even study tips for military veterans looking to hit the books again.

Austin Lewis has the story.

For 22 years..Tirrell Nichols...checked jet engines for the US Air Force...now

He only checks for the heartbeat...of Carly...it's all part of his veterinary science studies at FVSU.

Tirrell Nichols, Byron, U.S. Air Force for 22 years as e-6 tech sergeant, jet engine mechanic:I had started working for an animal clinic that was like I finally found what I wanted to do when I grow up.

Fort Valley State University says it wants to give military veterans the chance to come back to school.

Anna Holloway, Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education at Fort Valley State University:There will be information about time management budget management and we will be showing them at Fort Valley's Campus where the various thing that can be helpful are located.

Holloway says they feel like higher education is on the mind of service members as they leave the military...looking for a different path

Anna Holloway, Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education at Fort Valley State University: Obviously we are drawing down in Afghanistan and so a lot of people will be coming out of the military, the military is downsizing and gettting into a college is a good way to transition from the military and find different kids of work.

Anna Holloway, Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education at Fort Valley State University:Well there is the post-9-11, um, GI Bill and one thing about that is the veteran can use it him or herself or they can transfer it to their children or spouse.

As for Nichols...he's glad his new career as a student...includes...helping Carly.

Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.


Recruiters say Fort Valley is reaching out to veterans now... Because there are more state and federal resources available for those students.

The session will be from 4 to 7 p.m. tomorrow at F-V-S-U's Warner Robins Campus on Osigian Boulevard.

It's aimed at military veterans 25-years-old...or older.






















































































































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