Eyewitness News at Eleven July 10, 2013

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When is it gone stop? How many young black men do we have to lose? You know, before we come together as a community. Early Friday morning, 17 year old Jimmani Edge was killed, shot outside to Zodiac lounge in Macon. Police say Bland appears to be an innocent bystander. I don't know why he was down there. What he was doing, I don't know. Flight attendants asked the pilots for permission to evacuate, but permission was initially denied. As the Boeing Triple 7 began to burn, passengers were told to stay in their seats. Tonight we learned that that order from the flight deck delayed the evacuation by 90 seconds. NTSB Chairman Debra Hersman says it was one of the flight attendants, who insisted passengers had to start getting off the aircraft. And he could see fire outside of the window. He sent the flight attendant who was sitting with him up to the front of the cabin to let them know that there was fire and that they needed to evacuate. The U.S. Has lost the title of world's most obese developed nation. The report comes from the United Nation's food and agricultural organization. They say that Mexico holds the most obese title, based on 2008 numbers. "they're just trying to run off with the leg, and you're like, No, no, no, no, we're not done, but you feel great about it." These Mercer University students went to South Vietnam, on a 3 week mission trip to fit prosthetics on amputees. Even on the streets, they'll just be like, rolling along on a stroller, or walking with little blocks of wood, because they don't have either limb. Almost 2 thousand amputees were fitted with prosthetics. It begins with a well-fitted socket, which goes on a person's stump. It takes about 45 minutes to make a socket, and first, you have to prepare a mold. To prepare the mold, you cover it with a sock to prevent damage by the hot plastic. Then you heat the oven to 390 degrees Farenheit. Then you put the plastic in and wait 25 minutes for it to melt.

Those are some of the top stories that made headlines in Central Georgia and beyond today. We also have some breaking news to bring you. 13WMAZ is on the way to a fire at 8410 Hawkinsville Road tonight. That's in Bibb County, not far from the airport, in North Manor trailer park. Macon-Bibb Fire dispatch confirmed...firefighters are out there right now. Eyewitnesses tell us...it looked like the fire had fully engulfed one home. No other details are available right now...but we'll keep you updated...at 13WMAZ-dot-com.

First up at eleven, we're learning more about the man involved in a murder-suicide in Pulaski County. 13WMAZ's Tom George looked into Jesse Edge's past...and found he served prison time in a killing more than two decades ago. The GBI is investigating the murder-suicide that happened last Friday on Riverview Drive. That's where the GBI says 67-year old Jesse Edge, Jr killed 32-year old Misty Lee Oliver, then turned the gun on himself... The GBI says Oliver had been living with Edge in his waterfront home on the Ocmulgee River, but wasn't sure what their exact relationship was. What we do know...is that Edge has a history with violence. Records from the Houston County Sheriff's Department show he was convicted of killing his first wife 23 years ago. Back in 1990, when Edge was 44, he shot his wife, 30-year old Barbara Thompson Edge at their home in Perry. Edge was charged with murder, but was convicted of manslaughter. He was sentenced to 5 years for possession of a firearm during a crime, and 20 years for manslaughter. Edge served 13 years in prison from 1991 until he got out on parole in 2004. Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.





Family and friends... heartbroken over the deaths of 3 South Georgia high school athletes... gathered in their honor today. A vigil was held in the Brooks County High School Cafeteria. The football players all died on site...when their S-U-V slammed into a tree. The young men were leaving their morning football practice. Another teammate was critically injured. Their coach is Maurice Freeman... former Head Coach at Southwest High in Bibb County. He says the boys were more than athletes to him... but he won't let the loss stop the school's spirit. We spent a lot of time, even outside of the school, we spent time together, so it was just like a child to me. My seniors are... because we want to play and we want to play in their honor and we want to do the best that we can, as we always have done. Investigators say the boys weren't wearing seatbelts... and they believe speed may have caused the driver to lose control.

The first on-duty death of a Georgia state trooper... happened near Ringgold in 1940. Sergeant William Frederick Black, Junior, of Macon, was killed by gunshot wounds at a routine traffic stop. But today... 73 years later, Black was honored with ceremonies at the grand opera house... and a Sign dedication at the I-16 and Ocmulgee East Boulevard connector. Governor Nathan Deal recognized Sergeant Black... And his fellow troopers... this morning... Colonel Mark McDonough told us about the sign's message to those who wear the State Patrol uniform today. it should remind them of his sacrifice, but also remind them to be safe and careful, carrying out the duties that they're required to do. The department of public safety plans to honor nine more fallen troopers... with signs throughout the state... by the end of this year. 17 more will follow next year.

Boston Marathon Suspect Dzhokar <JA-HAR> Tsarnaev entered a plea of not guilty during his arraignment today. He faces 30 counts... Including use of a weapon of mass destruction to kill.

Federal prosecutors have not decided whether or not to add the death penalty for the 19 year-old. The defendant arrived in a motorcade four hours before his hearing.

There was a heated exchange in another high profile case. That's the trial of George Zimmerman...accused in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. As the defense was preparing to wrap it's case... The judge asked the defendant if he planned to testify. I object to the court inquiring as to his decision about whether or not to testify. Judge: your objection is overruled. Defense Attorney Don West objected to the court's question three times... And was overruled each time. The judge cited a rule where the defendant can be directly asked of his or her intent to testify in their own trial. Most of the day centered on testimony regarding re-enacting different scenarios... Using a mannequin. Prosecutors presented the model in an effort to clarify just how the defense held the gun. The defense used it to show Trayvon's dominance. Closing statements are expected this Friday.

A South Houston County man returned home today.... Surprised at what he DIDN'T see. i drove up and got the mail out of my box and said 'hold up, where's my driveway at?' and I saw it and that's what it was, underwater. A collapsed pipe caused all that flooding. And as a result, workers had to dig up Barrett Road... near the Pulaski County line. Crews closed a 40 to 50 yard section of the street. There's no word on when repairs will be done. According to David Thompson...from Houston County Roads and Bridges...the pipe rusted...probably due to the rainy season.

If you had trouble Googling today...you weren't alone. The company says Georgia is one of four states where web service was out for a while this morning. And it wasn't just the popular search engine. G-mail, Google Plus, Google Drive, and Youtube also took a hit. News of the outage spread quickly on Twitter. No word on what may have caused it.

And here's a surprise for you tonight. Ever wonder why your phone bill...always costs more than the plan you bought...even though you didn't exceed your minutes? Your wireless carrier isn't the only one pocketing money when you pay your cell phone bill. Local, state and federal governments, 9-1-1 systems and even school districts often tack on taxes and surcharges...and you probably don't even know it. Here's what the Tax Foundation says that means in terms of dollars and cents.. American cell phone customers pay an extra 17-point-2 percent on average in fees. That's up from 16-point-3 percent more than a year ago. For example: a 60-dollar cell phone bill actually costs the average customer about 70-dollars and 32 cents. if you own a pickup truck or s-u-v, you may want to keep a closer eye on your vehicle. The Highway Loss Data Institute looked at insurance claims to measure theft numbers and said that between 2010 and 2012 - bigger rides were the most popular targets for thieves.  What's at the top of the list? That's the four-wheel-drive ford f-250... followed by chevy's silverado ... Third...the Avalanche. The Cadillac Escalade-- the former front-runner, dropped out of the top-five, to sixth place. The institute says the Escalade's lower ranking might be due to its improved antitheft technology. But its sales have fallen in recent years, so there may simply be less of a market for them. Ford, however, takes issue with the ranking. The automaker says the higher insurance claims are due to thieves snatching items from the truck beds - rather than stealing the entire truck itself...and that could be true...since it's not clear whether property cases are rolled into those theft numbers. You're not necessarily out of the woods if you drive something smaller, though. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - which doesn't go by insurance claims, cites a 2010 fbi report showing nearly 73-percent of stolen vehicles were actually passenger cars.

Now there is some good news tonight...for any driver...stealing a car is a lot harder than it used to be. The NHTSA says... with anti-theft technology becoming a standard feature, old-fashioned hot-wiring isn't much of a threat anymore.


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