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  Our top story....State inspectors confirmed today ...

   the Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare services needs to quaratine its puppy area..., for three days....due to the parvo virus.
 Judy Le has more.

Six puppies were adopted out during the Adoption Special last week ... But one died from Parvo. That's a deadly virus that attacks younger dogs. Of the remaining five ...
all of those are doing great. I talked to all of the owners>

The state inspected the place Tuesday... And issued a 3-day quarantine because of Parvo. That means the puppy section will be cleaned and disinfected....and they're not taking in any new puppies.

Most animals coming in to the shelter are not updated on shots... That's a big reason for the infection
sarah tenon, director - with the number of animals that come in and the different situations that they come in from, it's definitely common>
At the first sign of Parvo ... Tenon euthanized five puppies to prevent the virus from spreading.
tenon - parvo is a virus that you have to respect because it is highly contagious>

Bibb County Commission Chairman ... Sam Hart ... has noticed the shelter's improvement... and stands by Tenon's handling of the parvo case.
sam hart, chairman - I think in terms of what is expected of that director she has conformed to that and is in compliance with our expectations. >

But commissioner ... Joe Allen holds the county responsible.
joe allen, bibb co commissioner - we should have done something as a board. we have not stood up to the plate to get to the bottom of this. we don't put somebody in charge and don't do something>

He argues that if more attention was paid to the shelter's condition.  ... more dogs could've been saved.

The quarantine ends Friday...when the shelter will take in puppies again.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
Parvo generally does not affect adult dogs.
     So, grown dogs are still available for adoption during the quarantine shelter


  Officials today move closer to having the Macon-Bibb government elections on Sept. 17.
     Macon-Bibb Elections Board member Ronnie Miley says the board voted three to one to ask a federal judge to sign-off on the September election.
     Miley says the vote came after the board supported a consent agreement that would settle the federal lawsuit brought by Mallory Jones.. A candidate for the District 4 seat on the new commission.
     In the suit.. Jones asked for non-partisan elections on Sept.17.. He also asked the court to deny the requirement for a new candidate qualifying period.
     In exchange for the Sept. 17 non-partisan elections.. Miley says Jones agreed to drop the candidate qualifying period from the suit.
     So... the elections board set qualifying July 22-24.
     Miley says officials hope the matter will go before a federal judge this week.


This afternoon Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke confirmed that Bibb Grand Jurors added three more charges against four people in connection with the murder of Macon legal secretary Gail Spencer.
Tracy Jones... Michael Brett Kelly...
 Courtney Kelly and Keith Dozier have now had malice murder and three counts of felony murder tacked on to other charges.
Spencer was found dead and it is believed that she was suffocated in her home last October.
     Authorities believe Spencer was killed as part of an intricate embezzlement plot. 
     The four defendants remain in the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center. 

The GBI told us today...two deaths in Pulaski County are the result of a murder suicide late last week..
 The agency has also released the names of the two who died in this home on Riverview Drive in Hawkinsville.
They are.... 67-year old Jesse Edge, Jr...... and 32-year old Misty Lee Oliver.
     That's according to Todd Lowery of the GBI's Eastman office, who says, according to autopsy findings, Edge shot the woman....then himself.
    Investigators don't know how the two were connected...but they have said...they lived together in the home which Edge owned.
     Lowery says the GBI is still investigating.


People packed Macon City Hall this afternoon... To celebrate former Police Chief Mike Burns' 39- years of service.
Burns joined the force in 1974... And was one of the first officers to work his way up to Chief.
     At his retirement ceremony today... people championed his accomplishments during eight years as chief.
     Some of them include.... reducing the city's crime rate ... And maintaining national accreditation.
     But for Burns... One achievement stands out.

it's hard to narrow down, but I guess, just helping people. It's what I wanted to do from the first time I put on the badge and I did it all the way until my last day as the chief.
 Burns' last day in office was May 31st.... Deputy Chief Mike Carswell stepped in as the interim...until the department merges with the sheriff's department on January first.



  Demolition crews are tearing down what used to be a Mexican restaurant in Macon... and making way for a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.
     Video journalist Claudia Taylor was there for a final adios to El Azteca.
 Casey Bullington, President, Georgia Environmental Group:  We're removing the building out to the edge of the sidewalk.>
Casey Bullington, President, Georgia Environmental Group: The type of equipment we're using on this job is going to be excavators, skid steers and what's called a telehandler.>
 Casey Bullington, President, Georgia Environmental Group:  What we use this equipment to do is tear into the building get the material to the ground and then sort the material. We also use the machines to load the material and haul off containers to the landfills and recycling facilities.  Any CND.. which is considered construction demolition debris...  Will be hauled to the city of macon landfill.  Also, concrete will be hauled separately.  Your metal, copper, stainless and so forth will be hauled to a recycling facility.>
Casey Bullington, President, Georgia Environmental Group:  Once it's gone then Buffalo Wild Wings has their own contractors that are going to come in and rebuild the new restaurant at their expense.
Casey Bullington, President, Georgia Environmental Group: I think it's good for the area because it brings a little diversity when it comes to restaurants because on this side of town we're somewhat limited... Unless you go to the new mall.  So, I think it's a great thing.>
The demolition is expected to continue for up to eight days. The Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant will go up later this year.


  Council members and the mayor of perry discussed how to build their city economically in the spring... Now it's time to follow up and decide what improvements should make the top of the list.
     Jennifer Moulliet sat down with Mayor Jimmy Faircloth to find out his vision for Perry.
Browsing Carol Street in downtown perry you'll fine retail shops and the occasional eatery... and if the mayor and council have a say... Soon you'll be using an alternative to your normal means of transportation.
we've got a vision of having transportation that does not include cars, we have a plan for bicycle trails and even golf cart trails  in certain places in town  we're trying to make certain we have the ordinances in place and hopefully we'll see some people living downtown in lofts
hey will need houses to buy they'll need schools to attend, retail shows in which to shop they'll buy gasoline and vehicles.   >
we have over seven hundred acres that's available for industrial growth... It's on a four lane highway it's right on highway seventy-five it's current it's vacant it's available we have water sewer and gas    >
<i want to make certain and so does the balance of council and the citizens of perry that the future we are creating today is attractive enough for our children and their children  to want to come back>
Mayor Faircloth says Funding drives what gets done and what doesn't... because the city mainly uses the special option sales tax to pay for improvements... perry doesn't qualify for most federal grants.
     But he says events at the Georgia National Fairgrounds..  bring a lot of visitors who may decide to make perry their home.
Jennifer moulliet 13wmaz eyewitness news.
 Mayor Faircloth and council members will meet tonight to decide what should top their list for economic development.


Department of Defense furloughs are impacting Robins employees... Including the eight at the Museum of Aviation.
     Marketing Director Bob Dubiel says those workers will take every Friday through September off... Reducing the museum's ability to create exhibits and restore planes.
But... You can do something to help bridge the Gap.
  Dubeil says people can help off-set the loss by coming out to the Museum of Aviation Foundation Auction.. Raffle and Taste of Local Cuisine.
  It's this Saturday in the Century of Flight Hangar at the museum.
     Auction items include jewelry... Trips... Furniture... And much more.
     The money pays for year-round education programs and the preservation of Air Force history.
<we are a significant historical facility here that perserves that history and young kids need to know about the history of aviation and the military.
 Tickets for the Museum of Aviation Foundation's Auction.. Raffle and Taste of Local Cuisine are on sale now.
     One-hundred dollars admits two people... And enters you for a chance to win 30-thousand dollars or a new car.
     The auction is this Saturday.. July 13th.
     Doors open at 6-30.
You can buy tickets at the door.. Or in advance by calling 478-923-6600.
     Again that's 478-923-6600.



This week, Muslims across the world and right here in Central Georgia began celebrating the holy month of Ramadan ... Tom George caught up with some local Muslims observing the holiday..by fasting...
With shoes off, it's time for the call to prayer...


But this time, it's even more special as they mark the biggest holiday in Islam.... Ramadan..
and it's the word of God that came to the Quran through the prophet Muhammad so it's very important for us
For Muslims, Ramadan is a month of daily fasting, banning them from eating or drinking sunrise to sunset.
The biggest struggle for abstinence is the abstinence from water because it does get hot here in Georgia>
  They say..going without...  teaches them a lesson..
 And it also gives compassion, because when you're fasting and you're experiencing the hunger pains, it makes us feel for those who are less fortunate in society and make us want to do more to help others.>

Many Central Georgia Muslims weren't born into the faith
 No sir, I grew up in a Missionary Baptist Church right around the corner Beulah Baptist... I actually grew up Southern Baptist... When I came here to Macon, the Muslim community embraced me.>

And part of becoming Muslim is learning Arabic ... Every day during Ramadan they read one thirtieth of the Quran, so they finish it by the end of the month

When Ramadan ends ...With food, presents...
We don't want to commercialize it, but we do want to give gifts to those that we love to our family, and out friends...>

...And wishing each other a Happy Ramadan...
he greeting is Ramadan Mubarak which means Blessed Ramadan and reply is Ramadan Kareem which means Generous Ramadan .. Alright so Ramadan Mubarak Leo, Ramadan Kareem, Tom

   According to a 2010 national study on religious membership ... Bibb and Houston counties have three Muslim congregations...with a total of about 1,600 members.

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