Eyewitness News at 11: July 7, 2013

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you hear thunder so I think I might go home and not get wet. Thunder... Lightning and heavy rain delayed the show at the warner robins independence celebration tonight. Sending many people seeking shelter... Under the stands... And in their cars. Officials eventually cancelled the event altogether... Including the fireworks. Lead singer for the band reserve generation says she thinks the weather sends a message. i think it's a sign we shouldn't leave I think that means they need to keep us here until we can actually have the concert.someone said the angels keep crying because they know that we're leaving. Warner Robins Mayor... Chuck Shaheen says the city plans to reschedule the fireworks once again... No word yet on when. We'll let you know as soon as we know when that will be.

Bibb County Sheriff's are investigating a personal armed robbery... At the Villager Lodge this morning. A man was visiting a friend who was staying at the motel. When he left... 4 to 5 male suspects dressed in all black approached him and demanded money. One suspect was armed with a handgun... And hit the victim with it. The suspects escaped with money and items from the victim's car... But he only suffered minor injuries and was released from the Medical Center. If you have any information on this incident... Please call Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1... 877... 68 CRIME... Again 1... 877... 68 CRIME.

The State Department of Natural Resources says... They have already ticketed the same number of people for boating under the influence... That they did during the holiday season last year...when the weekend was one day longer. Through Saturday... Seven people were cited for B-U-I... And there have already been 8 boating related injuries. A man died from injuries he suffered... While on his boat at lake Alatoona this weekend. Officials at the Department of Natural Resources say... They are not sure how he fell off his fishing boat. When they arrived... the boat was going in circles around him. This picture shows the boat as rescuers made it to the scene. 52 year old Robert Timothy Lewis from Dallas, Georgia was pulled from the water... and later died. authorities are investigating if alcohol was involved.

DNR ranger and other corps rangers and emergency personnel got all the other boats out of the area so the boat that was unmanned would not hit anything. It was under full power for over 15 minutes until it finally ran out of gas.

It is the only boating related death reported over the holiday season. the man was not wearing a life jacket. this is a big story affecting a lot of you right here in georgia... Thousands of full-time national guard members are being affected by sequestration... They'll be living with 20 percent less pay over the next three months, because of defense department budget cuts... Guard members will be furloughed for one day a week starting tomorrow.. These cuts will not affect active duty personnel... The furloughs will affect over one thousand guard members here in georgia. Also... This week starts the furlough days for most civilian defense employees at Robins Air Force Base. The cuts are expected to last until the end of the federal fiscal year... On September 30th.

At least five cars were involved in a crash Friday... and now five people face charges from the accident. The cars were heading south on Interstate 75 in Clayton County... When one of the vehicles hit a pedestrian crossing the road. According to police... This started a chain reaction... And five cars piled up on the highway. Two people... Including the pedestrian were taken to the hospital. Police are not sure if the drivers know each other. They're still investigating that now to see if they actually came from a certain location, if they all knew each other or if they were coming from a party. We don't have any of those details yet because it is such a random incident with five people being connected like that. Five of the drivers involved were charged with D-U-I. Several of those men bonded out of jail this morning. Police say most of those drivers were following one another too closely and collided after one car struck the pedestrian.

The fire in Arizona is 90 percent contained. But it came at a high price for 19 firefighters... This past week. Today... A Memorial procession for the 19 firefighters killed in the Arizona Fires went one hundred and 25 miles from Phoenix to their hometown of Yarnell. 19 hearses left the medical examiner's office... Past a collection of firefighters and the statehouse complex. Fellow firefighters... police officers... And people from all walks of life saluted the motorcycle-led escort. The fire in Yarnell started when lightening struck. When the winds shifted... the firefighters were cut off from their safety zone.

Investigators say the data from flight recorders gives them a better timeline of the events... Leading to a plane crash during landing at San Francisco International Airport. Two people are dead... And two others are paralyzed from the crash... as dozens remain in the hospital. Bigad Shaban has the latest from San Francisco. Investigators say the crew of Asiana Airlines flight 214 tried to abort their landing 1-point-five seconds before the plane crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Data from on board recorders shows the plane was going too slow as it approached the runway. (sot NTSB) THE CREW CALLED OUT TO INCREASE SPEED SEVEN SECONDS BEFORE IMPACT. Eugene Rah was sitting in first class. (SOT Eugene Rah/Survivor) Bang!! the plane just hit ground so hard and tipped like this. It appears the back of the plane hit the seawall at the edge of the runway and spun out of control. The tail broke off and other pieces of the Boeing 7-77 scattered across runway 28. Inside seats buckled. Passengers rushed to escape. Including this woman and her eight-year-old son. (--SOT: INJURED PASSENGER NO NAME GIVEN--) "He told me, 'mom, we must go out and ran out the plane and he jumped down first." Most people had time to get out before the fire spread. Nearly two-hundred passenger went to area hospitals but few suffered burns. (SOT Margaret Knudson/ Chief of Surgery - San Francisco General Hospital) BUT WHAT WE DID SEE WAS LARGE AMOUNTS OF ABDOMINAL INJURIES, A HUGE AMOUNT OF SPINE FRACTURES. SOME OF THEM WHICH INCLUDE PARALYSIS. (STANDUP) NTSB INVESTIGATORS SAY THEY EXPECT TO BE HERE ON SCENE FOR MUCH OF THE WEEK. THEY'LL CONTINUE COLLECTING EVIDENCE AND PLAN TO INTERIVEW SURVIVORS AND CREW MEMBERS TO HELP DETERMINE A CAUSE. (SOT NTSB 17:06:55) EVERYTHING IS ON TABLE RIGHT NOW. IT IS TOO EARLY TO RULE ANYTHING OUT. A system that helps guide pilots during landing has been out of service at the airport since last month. Investigators are trying to determine if that played a role in the crash. Bigad Shaban, CBS News, San Francisco. There were 3 hundred and 7 passengers on the plane... the two who died were 16 year olds from China. There bodies were found outside the plane. Cnn reports south korean officials say the pilot in the captain's seat of the asiana flight 214 had 43 hours of experience flying the boeing 777.

Authorities in Canada are looking at the damage from an oil train explosion yesterday. The train was carrying 70 cars full of crude oil to Maine... When it unhitched and rolled almost seven miles... Before crashing and exploding into an inferno... That's Still burning today. There are five confirmed dead... And 40 others are reported missing. Officials say the train was parked... And "came loose." The prime minister of Canada... Stephen Harper... Visited the area today to assess the damage. People who aren't here, it looks like a war zone here. A large part of the downtown has been destroyed it's just terrible there's been loss of life as we all know and there's still many many people missing. Authorities believe that more people are missing... but they're waiting for people to come forward to report their missing family members or friends.

July has started with a lot of news throughout our nation... And the world. Here's a look ahead to the top stories going into this week. protesters in Egypt send a stern warning to the new leader... Not to defy the will of the public. In spite of notions in America that the military took control... Anti-morsi protesters say the military is doing the will of the people. Those who support Morsi clash in Tahrir square with those against his leadership. They feel the democratically elected president was wrongfully ousted... And should be reinstated. South Africans continue to pray for the health of Nelson mandela. He is in his 30th consecutive day at a hospital in Pretoria. The South African government says his health is critical, but he is in stable condition. One of his grandsons was removed as tribal chief... Because of a family feud sparked by him moving the bodies of three of Mandela's grandchildren. Mandela's wife has not left his side. In national news... the defense continues its case in the murder trial against George Zimmerman. He's the neighborhood watchman claiming self-defense in the killing of 17 year old trayvon martin. One of the biggest questions in the case now... Is whether or not Zimmerman will testify. Lead Attorney Mark O'Mara said he has not made a decision on that yet. And if you had a jersey by Aaron Hernandez... Today was your last day to trade it out for a different one. New England is distancing themselves from their former tight end by allowing fans who purchased his jersey from the stadium or their online store... To trade the jersey out this weekend. Hernandez faces charges from killing a man earlier this year... And is under investigation for a double homicide in Boston last year.

The immigration debate takes center stage again... On capitol hill. The Senate has already passed a compromise between democrats and republicans... On the future citizenship of millions of illegal immigrants in the U-S... And tightening border security. On Face the Nation today... Senator John McCain urged his fellow part members in the House to do the same. More importantly, to live with a situation such as we have is not what America should be all about. And it's a tough road to a legal citizen status. It's a very tough road to green card and then citizenship. It's not easy. And it shouldn't be easy. But we have shown them a path forward, and we hope and pray that our Republican colleagues will take up the issue and we can join together Republicans and Democrats. Former President George W. Bush says it looks like the bill has a chance to pass... And that it is important to quote"fix a broken system."

According to a person in contact with the Kerry Family... Teresa Heinz Kerry... the wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry... Is in a hospital in Boston. She was stabilized at a hospital in Nantucket... Before she was flown to Massachusetts General. A nurse at the hospital in Boston confirmed that she arrived in critical condition. There is no word on what the cause of her emergency is... And no additional details on her condition are available.






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