Eyewitness News at 6: July 7, 2013

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Asiana Flight 214 appeared to be on track for a routine landing at San Francisco International Airport Saturday. But in the final minutes, something went terribly wrong. Karin Caifa (prono: KAY-fuh) has the latest on the accident that left at least 2 dead, and dozens more injured. HARROWING ACCOUNTS FROM SURVIVORS OF ASIANA FLIGHT 2-14, AFTER A CRASH LANDING AT SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. The moment it touched the runway there was a bang. We were going back up, I thought maybe we'd go back up and start flying again ... as I said, it felt like slow-motion. All of a sudden the engine was off, like you sped up, like the pilot knew he was short. INSTEAD OF A ROUTINE LANDING, AN IMPACT THAT RESULTED IN SMOKE AND FLAMES. Asiana 214 heavy, San Francisco tower. (pilot - unintelligible) Asiana 214 heavy emergency vehicles are responding. We have everyone on their way. THE BOEING TRIPLE-7 WAS AT THE VERY END OF A TEN-HOUR FLIGHT FROM SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, SATURDAY, WITH 291 PASSENGERS AND 16 CREW MEMBERS ON BOARD. ALL HAVE BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR. It is incredible that we have and lucky that we have so many surivivors. NINE BAY AREA HOSPITALS TREATED 182 PASSENGERS AND CREW. BY SATURDAY EVENING, SOME WERE HEADED HOME. OTHERS -- STILL BEING TREATED FOR BURNS, BRUISES, FRACTURES AND OTHER TRAUMA. Some of them are in shock. Some are very tearful. Some look stunned. THE INVESTIGATION, CONTINUES. IN ADDITION TO AN N-T-S-B TEAM FROM THE NATION'S CAPITAL, SOUTH KOREA WILL ALSO SEND REPRESENTATIVES TO SAN FRANCISCO. U-S OFFICIALS SAID THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF TERRORISM. this is the first crash involving fatalities for the boeing 7-7-7. the aircraft manufacturer is also sending a team to san francisco to help investigators look into the cause of the crash. Officials say the voice recorder from the cock pit of the plane revealed... The plane tried to abort its landing... Before impact.

A Memorial procession for the 19 firefighters killed in the Arizona Fires went one hundred and 25 miles from Phoenix to their hometown of Yarnell. 19 hearses left the medical examiner's office... Past a collection of firefighters and the statehouse complex. Fellow firefighters and police officers saluted the motorcycle-led escort. The fire in Yarnell started when lightening struck. When the winds shifted... the firefighters were cut off from their safety zone.

Tonight... the City of Warner Robins holds the Independence Day Celebration in Warner Robins. It was rained out Wednesday night... And the organizers rescheduled it for today. The gates opened at 6 this evening... And the concert will start at 8. The celebration will be at McConnell Talbert Stadium... Which is on South Davis Drive across from Warner Robins High School. There are two big stories surrounding tonight's event. The celebration will honor the Army Reserve Band... Which was cut because of sequestration. And over the past few months... the stadium has gone through several renovations. Judy Le joins us from the front of the stadium. Judy... Tell us what you see?

There are lots of hidden gems all over the state of Georgia. And one town boasts a passion for gold older than the famous rush to California. Our sister station WXIA shows you about panning for gold in Villa Rica. Nats of guy who just panned for gold. (ted) that's the gold you can still find in Georgia. 47:20 they call it flower gold, that's why nobody mines today it's not profitable it would cost 20 dollars to get 2 dollars of gold. (ted) Carl Lewis knows, he tried. But 185 years ago it was profitable. california and alaska are famous for their gold rush...but years earlier 1826 in Villa Rica Georgia? 26:25 (Jeff Reese/Asst. City Manager) it was a gold rush, one of Americas first we call it georgias forgotten gold rush. (ted) This map from 1930 shows villa Rica's Caroll county as the Gold Region of the time and Dahlonaga another area with a 'first in goergia gold rush claim' was under the cherokee nation. Evidence shows Villa Rica was first by 2 years, But solid proof in the 1800's is hard to come by. Back then gold mining was a bootleg operation, law stated any gold found wasn't yours to keep. (28:35) it was secret gold mining, we had to get past the secret gold mining because nobody wanted to admit they had gold since it would have belonged to the state of georgia. (ted) at it's prime 3-thousand miners were hauling rock out of this glory hole, the last place they dug back in the 30's. (ted) today about 5000 people come to the site of the old mine each year to visit the new Pine Mountain Gold museum and try some prospecting themselves. 39:20 it's the same price to pan for gold or gem stones, both are really fun. (ted) there's a museum, one of only 3 rock crushing stampers in the east, and the ruins of the actual gold mine from the 1800's Carl Lewis donated the land to the city. It's now a 6-million dollar city park built for less than a million dollars using inmate labor. They're working on a train, the depot already built. (ted) Lewis was the last active gold miner here in the 1990's, he learned the hard way a gold mine isn't always. 46:14 (carl Lewis/donated land for museum) I lost money maybe 60-thousand dollars thought I'd get rich, don't quit your day job.

The State Department of Natural Resources says... They have already ticketed the same number of people for boating under the influence... That they did during the holiday season last year...when the weekend was one day longer. Through Saturday... Seven people were cited for B-U-I... And there have already been 8 boating related injuries. There have been no reports of drownings or boating related deaths on any of Georgia's lakes.

this is a big story affecting a lot of you right here in georgia... Thousands of full-time national guard members are being affected by sequestration... They'll be living with 20 percent less pay over the next three months, because of defense department budget cuts... Guard members will be furloughed for one day a week starting tomorrow.. These cuts will not affect active duty personnel... The furloughs will affect over one thousand guard members here in georgia.

Testing those who may have been infected by a hepatitis C outbreak last year in new hampshire has slowed. Only a few hundred patients have been tested since december... And at least 33-hundred of nearly 8-thousand people asked to get tested outside of new hampshire have done so. 47 people have been diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis C that David Kwiatkowski (kwiht-KOW'-skee) carries... the employee who is accused of spreading the virus through tainted syringes. 33 people in New Hampshire, seven in Maryland, six in Kansas and one in Pennsylvania... contracted the virus through the outbreak. Kwiatkowski has pleaded not guilty to federal drug charges.

We're going to check back in with Judy Le... As Warner Robins celebrates our nation's independence today. Judy... Can you see the new pressbox?







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