Eyewitness News at Eleven July 5, 2013

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the fight spread outside, along with the shooting. Police are now looking for help identifying these people in these photos, taken inside the club. Four people were shot, including 17 year old Jemani Bland, who died inside the parking deck. It was a day of dramatic and dueling testimony in the murder trial of George Zimmerman today.. You just heard gunshots? Yes. Ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize? Yes. And who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

But Zimmerman claims that voice calling for help was his.. Not martin's. Do you know who's voice that was screaming in the background? Yes, sir. And who's voice was that? My son George. A runner died after collapsing during Wrightsville's Fourth of July Road Race. Johnson County coroner Kenny Jones identified the man as David William King of Abbeville. He said King suffered an apparent heart attack during the 10 kilometer race. So the unemployment rate for June held at 7.point.6 percent. Many who did find work had to settle for part time jobs...and others as Ben Tracy tells us, are still looking. The former real estate broker and financial planner is now training to be a bus driver in Los Angeles. Not to belittle the job at all, but did you ever expect to be training to drive a bus? No, that was so far from my mind. A lot of the blood was collected during the year, during the school year rather, with blood drives at local high schools, but, since school's not in session, we're out here today to try and replenish those stocks during the summer months.

There was a deadly shooting this morning on Walnut street in Macon, that killed a 17 year old whom police say...may have been an innocent bystander. And tonight... Police are looking for two suspects seen in these photos. Elise Brown has more details on what unfolded. A fight broke out during a fourth of july party at the Zodiac Lounge...a bikini bar.... in Macon. It was broken up by security....but then people started shooting. the crowd exited the club into the parking deck. There was additional gunfire. Four men were shot....one died in the parking deck. That's 17-year-old Jammoni Bland. we have not been able to confirm whether or not Mr. Bland was inside the club. Lounge manager Kelron Howard says Bland was not. we're under the impression that this guy was a part of an entertainment group that was out putting out fliers and he was an innocent bystander....had nothing to do with the altercation that happened. Friends and family gathered outside the teen's house throughout the day. Neighbor and family friend Courtney Ates...who didn't want to be on camera... says Bland was a good kid....with six younger siblings. his grandmother, his mother loves him dearly. He's just a great child overall. I mean we all have our faults, we all have our days. Like these last couple of months I've seen him walk up and down this street, he's been so humble, just a great kid. Ates doesn't know why Bland was outside the club. Bland's family respectively declined to comment....saying they want to learn the details of what happened first. Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. The other men shot....21-year-old Deion Davis and 25-year-old Steve Billue (Ba-LOO) are all listed in stable condition. Bibb coroner Leon Jones told us 30-year-old Andre Bonner was released from the hospital and arrested. We found him listed on the jail website Friday night. According to that website, he was charged for a probation violation.

As we mentioned, police indicated the teen who died in the Walnut Street shooting may not even have been involved in the fight. Today...we've also told you about another round of gunfire in which a Bibb County woman was hurt...as she sat on her own front porch. Investigators believe those shots may have been what they call celebratory gunfire. But today Sheriff David Davis told Tom George... Why firearms why shouldn't be a part of any celebration. For an East Bibb County woman, Fourth of July celebrations were brought to a violent halt when a bullet struck her out of the blue. 29-year old Jenni Rowe was hit in the chest by a stray bullet while she and her family were sitting on their front porch on Mogul Rd. Rowe is in stable, but critical condition at the hospital. The Bibb County Sheriff's Department's is investigating, but says her injuries may have been caused by celebratory Fourth of July gunfire, something Sheriff David Davis says is a preventable danger. and people not being trained as to exactly how dangerous those firearms are, they just see like in TV, you just fire off a round and there's no consequences to it. He have incidents where people learn that when that bullet goes out, it has to stop somewhere and sometimes it stop in a person. The Sheriff's office issued a warning before the Fourth of July advising people not to shoot guns in the air. He says it's a message that needs to be told, especially during holidays. Holidays like July the Fourth and New Years Eve is when we get a lot of reports on gunfire out in different parts of the community, so we wanted to be a little bit proactive get ahead of it, so we'll probably do some of the same things later on this year for New Year's Eve. In the end, Davis says what goes up must come down ... And that accidents can be easily avoided. And so when you just randomly just fire it off into the air, there's always a potential of someone being injured. The warning from the Sheriff's Department says when a gun is fired into the air, the bullet can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hours on its way down.

The prosecution wrapped up its side of the case today in the trial against George Zimmerman. He's the man charged with killing Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in Sanford Florida in February 20-12. They began the day by calling Trayvon's Mother... Sybrina Fulton... and brother to the stand. Both of them said they felt the voice on the controversial 9-1-1 call belonged to Trayvon. Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara then questioned Fulton's ID... Implying she wished it was her son's scream she heard. O'Mara: you must certainly hope that your son would not have done anything that would've led to his own death. Fulton says: What I hope is that this would never have happened and that he'd still be here, that's my hope. When the defense called it's first witness... It was the mother of George Zimmerman... And she felt she heard her son's voice as well. Atty: Do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? Mom: Yes sir. Atty: And whose voice was that? Mom: My son George. Atty: And are you certain of that? Mom: Because he's my son. The prosecution also called the medical examiner who performed the autopsy before they closed their case. He stated that other than the bullet wound... there was only a surface cut on Trayvon's hand... Not deep enough to break any blood vessels. There was no way to determine when the cut was made. The judge denied motions from the defense saying the prosecution did not prove its case.

Federal authorities have arrested a New York man they say was trying to extort money from embattled celebrity cook Paula Deen. The FBI said in a news release that Thomas George Paculis of Newfield, N.Y., was arrested today. A criminal complaint filed Wednesday in federal court in Savannah, Ga., charges him with extortion. The complaint says Paculis was threatening to go to the media with statements allegedly made by Deen unless the former Food Network star gave him $250,000. Special Agent Steve Emmett with the FBI in Atlanta says Paculis had an initial court appearance and was released on bond.

Early next year... Starbucks signature coffee products will be produced right here in Georgia. That's according to the Seattle-based company, which says a 172 million dollar facility will open in Augusta early next year. It'll make Starbucks VIA Ready Brew...a product made for home brewers...but also the base for the chain's Frappuccino drinks. The Augusta Chronicle says....more than 140 people will be hired to work as maintenance staff, automation specialists, and production operators.

When summer comes... it's the perfect time to lend a hand and give a little of yourself... where there is a need. The American Red Cross experiences a lack of donations this time of year..But you can help change that this weekend. Two locations in central Georgia will have trucks just like this one... for you to help 13 WMAZ as we join with the Red Cross... to get 24 hundred pints of blood. Red Cross officials will be on hand Saturday beginning at noon... so you can contribute to the goal. You can stop by the Galleria Mall in Centerville... or the Milledgeville Mall. The blood donation center in Macon... on Bloomfield Road... will also be available. You have from noon until five in the afternoon to help us reach our goal of 24 hundred pints in Central Georgia.





It's usually not considered polite...to turn around and give your birthday presents away. That is, unless you're this generous second grader. Paris Richardson, Warner Robins: I just want to give shoes to the orphans so they won't have broken shoes... and canned food to the homeless so they won't be starving. 8 year old... Paris Richardson is looking to raise 90 pairs of shoes... and 900 canned goods before her 9th birthday. 4 donation boxes are set up throughout Warner Robins... 2 on Robins Air Force Base... 1 at Robins Family Housing... and one at the Richardson's home. Paris and her father... Jason Richardson will donate the canned goods to the Middle Georgia Food Bank. Jason Richardson, Warner Robins: She thought long and hard about it and basically she wanted to forgo her birthday so that she can allow others to have the things that they need because she knows that she has plenty at her house. Again...the donation boxes are located at the housing office... and Airman's Attic at Robins Air Force Base. The public can drop canned goods and shoes off at Robins Family Housing... on MLK Drive in Warner Robins. Paris will turn 9 on October 8th.




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