Eyewitness News at six July 4, 2013

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Our top story at 6.. The Telfair County Sheriff's office is investigating a body found in the Ocmulgee River. Sheriff Chris Steverson says a white female body was found around 11 this morning... downstream from a boat landing near Jacksonville in Telfair County. He says the woman hasn't been identified, but described her as middle aged with short hair, black capris, and a khaki shirt. The Sheriff's Department with working with the GBI and is treating it as a homicide case. They're planning an autopsy for tomorrow. If you have any information on this case, you can call the Sheriff's office at (229) 868-6621. That number again.. 229-868-6621.

You can still catch some fireworks in central Georgia this Fourth of July! Lake Tobesofkee has canceled their concert scheduled for tonight... but rain will not stop their fireworks show. As Katelyn Heck explains... A string of bad weather over the past few months... Has put a damper on the park's finances. Every Independence day... You'll find the Howard and Wood families out on Lake Tobesofkee. because I love this lake. i have tubed... I haven't ski'd yet, but i'm fixing to. we have poppers today... And we're going to pop them today. It's a tradition they plan to hold on to. And a little bad weather... Won't keep them away. maybe from riding my bike, but not from the lake, because it doesn't matter if we're already wet and we get wet again. we're still going to have fun anyway. But that's not the case for many others. This year... The park's grills are empty and cold... And so is the water. there's a lot less boats this year. 'how many people were here last year?' 'about 30-thousand'... 'and what about this year?... '60'... '60?'... '60 ain't much.' Those numbers may be a little off.. But Park Director Dough Furney... Says he's on the right track. normally this time of year, there would be a lot of people out on the beach and cooking out. The weather is keeping a lot of people away, and we know that. The last four months have been really hard on us as far as revenue. July has always been our best month as far as revenue, and this is a bad way to start it off. But he... And these two families... hope this Independence Day will go out with a bang...what are you most excited to see? 'the fireworks when the explode in the air and then turn into little ashes. Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. Tonight's fireworks show at Lake Tobesofkee starts at 9:30... and will last about half an hour. Park admission is three dollars.

The on and off rain didn't keep people away from the Fort Hawkins Fourth of July Celebration in Macon. Known as the "birth place" of Macon...the Fort was established in 1806 by Indian Agent Colonel Benjamin Hawkins and Thomas Jefferson. Another cool fact is that Hawkins served with George Washington during the Revolutionary war. Kids of all ages came out to the Fort to learn some history.... and to see fireworks set by Marty Willett. Willet is the Project Coordinator for Fort Hawkins. that grew out of an ancient native culture. Ocmulgee national monument and an early American frontier fort, Fort Hawkins. How many cities in our country can claim both? But the problem in our country is that we need to start appreciating and celebrating our history. If you're interested in learning more about some Macon history... the Fort is open from 12-4 on Saturdays and Sundays. Admission is free.

















With the rainy weather we've been having ... a lot of fireworks shows have been cancelled or postponed. The one in Forsyth is no different. Judy Le met a family who still found a way to celebrate independence day. Fourth of July means one thing for Alex Johnson ...i want to go to the fireworks. He was wrapped up in memories of last year's show...it can jump and the fireworks (whoah falls. Even bubbling over with excitement. This year ... His parents -- Josh and Shanna Johnson -- had to find something else to keep the attention of their three-year-old. standup - the fireworks show in forsyth was cancelled because of rainy weather. So the johnsons decided to spend their fourth exploring juliette. The family struck gold when Alex heard a familiar sound ...As trains flew past the Whiste Stop café ... it served as a good distraction from the weather and change in plans. it's just a day to be together and celebrating the freedom that we do have and..look forward to another important celebration.. Alex's birthday ...i remember when people were telling me when I was pregnant with him four years ago that he was going to be my little firecracker and they were right. Before I can get another question in ... hey is that a brown train right there? (leaves)Alex jets off to catch another train... Not letting rain ruin his 4th of july. Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness. The fireworks show will be rescheduled for some time next week. We will update you when we find out more on our website.. 13wmaz dot com.













It was a peachy Fourth today at Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley...

Lane's had live music, waterslides and activities for the kids. And of course, bushels of peaches ready to buy in the shop. Despite the rain, it was an enjoyable Fourth for visitors old and young. we have plans to grill out some ribs and some chicken legs and things. Hopefully the weather will hold out...if not we'll do it in the oven. But we have a lot of friends and family coming over. Maybe to swim, maybe playing games inside. We're not really sure. Go to Lake Sinclair , um shoot a bunch of fireworks off, kind of doing the typical thing, roasting a pig. Got to have a good time with the whole family. Martin and her family picked up some supplies to make a cornhole game.















There's one more entry in the Macon-Bibb mayoral race. Anthony Harris announced his plans to run for the consolidated government's top spot. Harris has made appearances at several protests in the past few months... Many of them regarding the shooting of Sammie Davis Junior. Police arrested him at this year's Cherry Blossom Festival... After Harris protested during one of the ceremonies. Harris labels himself as an anarchist... And says his views will help move the new government and community forward. anarchy is just straight, no rule. We rule ourselves, we respect ourselves. I think the city has to go back to the people. Once we get the politics out, once we get the money hungry attitude out, once we get the 'you pat me on the back, i'll pat you on the back' out, then the city can finally grow and move into the next century. The Bibb County Board of Elections will open qualifying back up... August 5th through the 7th. Harris says he will either run as a write-in or as a pauper in the September election. 13WMAZ and the American Red Cross sponsor several blood drives throughout Central Georgia tomorrow and Saturday. On Friday, there will be drives at the Galleria Mall in Centerville, Macon Blood Donation Center, and Bass Pro shops in Macon. Those will run from 12 to five o'clock. Saturday, there will be blood drives at the Galleria Mall, Macon Blood Donation Center, and the Milledgeville Mall. Those drives will be held 12 to five o'clock as well. For more information on these blood drives you can go to our website at 13 WMAZ dot com.

Bibb County Sheriffs search for a man... Who robbed a hotel in north macon this morning. According to a news release from the Bibb County sheriff's office... An armed man entered the Comfort Inn & Suites, on Arkwright Road and demanded money from the clerk. He also wanted a personal computer and cell phone. The man then left the hotel with some money and items in a white car. No one was injured. The man was last seen wearing dark colored clothing, and a white mask. Anyone with information can contact Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME. Again.. That's 1-877-68-crime.

As many as six hundred firefighters are working to stop the spread of the Arizona fire... That took the lives of 19 firefighters. The People who were evacuated from Yarnell... could return to their home by this weekend. You can help the victims of the Yarnell fire... At Johnny G's in Warner Robins. The fun center will donate 100 percent of the revenue it collects tomorrow... to the Yarnell Emergency Fire Fund. The donation will be made via the United Way of Yavapai County. Johnny G's Fun Center will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information about the event.. Or other ways you can donate to the cause.. Look for this story on our website.. 13wmaz dot com.

Plant Vogle has been given a third deadline extension... To agree to financing terms for two new nuclear reactors being built in the state of Georgia. An 8 point 3 billion dollar loan offer from the U-S Department of Energy... has been on the table since 20-10. Owners at Plant Vogle have not agreed to the terms of the loan... Which includes an item that would pass any debt by the owners onto the federal government... If the plant owners default on their debt. A new deadline to reach an agreement is set for the 30th of september. Plant Vogle is owned by Georgia Power.

Independence Day is a celebration of our rights as an independent nation. And today... some people decided to celebrate the fourth amendment... for the fourth. Supporters for Edward Snowden gathered in Washington D-C... For a "restore the fourth" rally. The fourth Amendment protects americans from unreasonable searches and seizures. Protesters urged people on and off line to protest government surveillance of internet activity. It is one of the most important issues at the center of the controversy surrounding Snowden... Who leaked intelligence documents as a former contractor for the National Security Agency.






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