Eyewitness News at Eleven July 3, 2013

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The nation celebrates Independence Day... And a national landmark will reopen in time for the holiday. The Statue of Liberty was closed after Hurricane Sandy damaged Liberty Island last October ... But now the renovations to the island and waterways are complete... And she'll reopen in time for the country's 237th Independence Day celebration. Rain and severe weather threaten many of the observances up and down the east coast... As flooding is expected to threaten many coastal regions. We take a look at what you can expect here in Central Georgia with Ben Jones in the weather center.

The soggy conditions throughout central georgia cancelled the celebrations in Forsyth tonight ... And the International City.

The annual Independence Day Concert in Warner Robins was postponed this evening... But part of the main attraction may not be able to make it to the make-up date. Tom George spoke with organizers and band members about the big event and the plan to move activities to Sunday. The stage was set for music and fireworks... But the only show in the sky was the ominous clouds... The only music ... the sound of rain. unfortunately I don't think anybody can get here because it's surrounded with water, so we'd be singing for ourselves. And as the rain came down... Leaders huddled to figure out a game plan, but it became clear the Fourth of July concert... Would be a wash... When you get to a point where you need to worry about concern of safety of your citizens then we need to reschedule. After 31 years of concerts by the Air Force Reserve Band in Warner Robins, sequestration cuts meant this year's was a last hurrah... It was it was supposed to be our final gig here because, we're leaving ... We all going to leave for different bases. So the lights and music stands were packed up... Chick-Fil-A put away its sandwiches... And would-be entrepreneurs dumped out their lemonade. Yeah cause that's money we dumping out..But the show will go on ... Rescheduled for Sunday... Not the best timing for its sponsor. unfortunate thing you won't be able to get Chick-Fil-A sandwiches at the event Sunday but we still want you to come out and support our troops.. And they'll be down at least a keyboard and guitar... i'm off to Langley Air Force base in Virginia, and I'm going to San Antonio, Texas. But the vocalists and band members still in town will back ... For a hopefully drier sendoff the town won't forget... No matter what happens, rain or shine, war or weather, we're gonna have this concert's gonna go on. In Warner Robins, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. The rescheduled concert will take place this Sunday... July 7th... at McConnell-Talbert Stadium in Warner Robins. Gates open at 6 and the concert will start at 8 with fireworks at 10.

Now when you head to the stadium this Sunday... The MAC may look a little different. In the past three months... The stadium has gone through 3 million dollars in renovations...The upgrades include... more handicapped seating... Better lighting for the field... Landscaping and brick facades. The Entrance has a new look... And the restrooms went through a complete makeover as well. Probably the most welcomed addition... A new press box on the visitors side. So, when the big games come to town... Each teams' staff will have room to work.

As of right now there are several special events planned for the 4th of July... Fort Hawkins in Macon will host a celebration where you can tour the block house replica on site. The site is open tomorrow from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Then... if you're near Montezuma, you can enjoy a fun 4th at Carl Savage Airport. That's starts at 6:30 p.m. At 9:30 Thursday night ... fireworks are scheduled at Lake Tobesofkee. Again, as of now... These events are still planned and you can keep up with any schedule changes on our website... 13wmaz.com.

We take a look at your top headlines around the nation... Within the last 24 hours. We start in the state of Florida... that's where the prosecution attempted to wrap-up their case against George Zimmerman today. Witnesses for the defense included a crime lab analyst on the type of gun that was used... And a professor from a course Zimmerman took in college. Jurors got to see a tape where Zimmerman claims he had no clue about self defense and the stand-your-ground laws in the state of Florida. But the professor of the class testified today that they spent extensive time discussing the laws in more than one class. Zimmerman received an A in the class. Court will resume on Friday. Zimmerman faces a charge of second degree murder.

Edward Snowden... The man at the center of the leak regarding the N-S-A surveillance recordings... Has asked for asylum from 21 different countries... many of which have already denied his request. One of the countries... Bolivia... Lashes out at the U-S because the plane carrying their prime minister was routed to Austria and searched today. Authorities believed Snowden was on board at the time and reports in Russia were Evo Morales... The Bolivian Prime Minister... Was trying to sneak him out of the country. Bolivia claims American allies were forced to stop the plane by the U-S... But France, Spain and Portugal have denied this claim. Officials in Austria said the plane only stopped to refuel.

The world continues to watch the revolution unfolding in Egypt. The military has put Mohamed Morsy under house arrest... While they round up some of his top supporters. Morsi still claims he is the legitimate leader of the country. At least eight people were killed and more than 3 hundred and 40 injured... As hundreds of thousands of people opposed to Morsi... gathered in the streets all across Egypt to celebrate the coup. The military has not publicly commented on his whereabouts... But a spokesman for the muslim brother hood says he is at the presidential officer's club in Cairo. They have also suspended the constitution of Egypt for the time being. Adly Mansour, the chief justice of the Egyptian Supreme Court is expected to be sworn-in as next leader. You can follow the latest on these stories and more at our website... 13 WMAZ dot com.

In state news... Warren Lee Hill is scheduled to be executed later this month. The state said his defense lawyers have not proven his mental disability... Beyond a reasonable doubt. A 2002 U-S supreme court decision and a law in Georgia prevent executing mentally disabled offenders. Today... A judge signed a warrant for his execution. The execution is scheduled for July 15th. Hill is facing execution for the 1990 stabbing death of another prisoner.

90 thousand gallons of sewage has spilled off the coast of Tybee Island. According to officials from The state Environmental Protection Division... The spill is from a sewage line that ruptured on Monday. Water in the area has been tested by the Department of Natural Resources... And they say the bacteria levels are normal. David Lyle from the E.P.D. says the tidal area helped to naturally cleanse the affected water. Officials will continue to test the water.

A Forsyth couple is celebrating 7 decades of marriage, Today. 86-year-old Reason King and 84-year-old Lillie Mae King were married July 3rd, 1943. The couple say they grew up together in Bibb county. They were in their teens... when they married. They say they moved to Forsyth in 1947. The family celebrated this afternoon with cake... and food. The Mayor of Forsyth... John Howard... also presented the couple with a proclamation. Reason King, Forsyth: I believe that we are special people. The good Lord had this planned... I believe from the beginning. Everyday hasn't been sunny, but it's been great. The Kings have 6 children... 18 grandchildren... and 28 great grand kids.

The Georgia Children's Museum in downtown Macon has some new exhibits on the way. One of them... The Music Factory... Donated from the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. That's scheduled to open in the fall. In January... The museum debuted their Kidstowne... Complete with several different sets... Including a grocery store... Courtroom... And Hospital. To help visitors enjoy all of those exhibits... The city of Macon plans to donate 25-thousand dollars. The Museum will use that money to offer passes for residents on different days throughout the summer. so it's free admission if you're a macon resident. Last year we had over 2800 residents take advantage of this program, so we feel that it is a very successful and worthwhile program for our residents. The next free admission day is this Friday from 5 until 8 p.m. All you'll need to bring is a proof of residency. For the rest of the free admission schedule... You can look for this story on our website... 13WMAZ dot-com.

It is the first Wednesday of the month... and It's time for a personal profile with Del Ward. Tonight Del sits down with Macon native and concert violinist Robert McDuffie.









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