Eyewitness News at six July 3, 2013

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we've come to the point where it is going to be a safety hazard for the community. Warner Robins Mayor Chuck Shaheen... Making it official that tonight's city's Independence celebration... Is postponed due to weather.  I'm Kenny Burgamy. Frank Malloy is on assignment.  The announcement about the celebration change came about an hour ago. Frank and Lorra Lynch Jones spoke with Mayor Shaheen live on Eyewitness News at Five about the decision... Which he says, became clear as the rain continued to come down. we have decided to cancel the concert, and the fireworks for today, but we're already going to want to confirm with everybody that we're going to reschedule for Sunday, July 7, 6pm, gates open, 8 pm fireworks. We didn't want to pull the plug on the whole thing, but we're going to reschedule. How difficult a decision was it? It was going to be very difficult to just stop the whole thing,but once we got in there, we got together with a group of people, called the council...the council was really supportive of rescheduling. This video will give you some idea of why they made that decision. That's McConnell-Talbert Stadium... Pretty much a soggy mess. Our crews came out there in rain boots and galloshes. They say it would have been very difficult for crowds to even get around on the field. The concert's rescheduling causes a slight change to the concert line-up for Sunday. Tonight's concert was supposed to be the final show for the band of the Air Force Reserve. Many members of the band are leaving tomorrow mornimg for their new assignments. Lorra Lynch-Jones spoke with a member of the band during Eyewitness News at Five to find out what it means for Sunday's show. Lorra: You guys will not be at the concert on Sunday night, is that correct? Band member: The band as a wjole won't be at the concert, they're trying to still involve some of the members that are still around. so there will still be Air Force representation at the concert." The federal spending cuts known as sequestration led to the disbanding of our Air Force Reserve band - members will join other Air Force bands across the country.







When the concert happens... The location remains the same in keeping with tradition. But for those of you familiar with McConnell Talbert Stadium ... Then you also know it's more than a place to play football. Since it opened its gates in 1971.. Its become a community center for Warner Robins... Hosting fund raisers... The senior and special Olympics.. And of course.. The Independence Celebration. It's undergone 3 million dollars worth of renovations in the past few months... And Sunday, when the festivities go on... Concert goers will see its facelift for the first time.

A few days before the big show... Crews left no detail to chance. everybody's in clean up mode Jason Daniel... Facilities director for Houston Schools... Says when renovations on McConnell Talbert began... The Independence Celebration wasn't on the calendar. we didn't think it was going to happen, but at the beginning, we self imposed this deadline just in case. It's now ready to welcome the 10-thousand plus that typically attend the concert... Plus the football fans arriving this fall. we had some code issues we needed to take care of as far as handicap accessibility, ramps into the building. They added 50 handicap seats... Bringing the total on the home and visitors side to 70. we replaced all the lighting on site. We've got better lighting on the field, all the dark areas everyone is used to when they come out here, they're lit up now. There are now brick facades... New fencing... Landscaping... a complete makeover of all the restrooms... And a fresh look at the entrance gate. that's completely redone. We took down the old ticket booth. They added a visitors side press box... to relieve the cramped quarters on the home side. when we have the Warner Robins-Northside game, it's going to give everybody their space to work from, instead of being on top of one another. The stadium's fresh face won't be the main attraction Wednesday night... But may add a little sparkle to the light show overhead. Daniel says the only work left to do is laying down a new track. They wanted to do that after the concert.. So it doesn't get damaged by foot traffic tonight. That will go down July 17th.











With this stretch of heavy rain over the past two weeks...we've gotten lots of reports about large trees being uprooted. Judy Le talked to one Warner Robins man about the state of his two oak trees. Calvin Hedden figured out the answer to this age-long question. if a tree falls in a forest, nobody hears it, will it make a sound? Will it? And it sounds...just like a tree falling. Heddon can joke about it now ... But Monday was different. A thunderstorm flooded his yard and ripped out two oak trees. they're probably a hundred years old. and about 70 feet tall ... i'm standing in heddon's back yard. This is where one of the oak trees landed. The heavy winds easily knocked down the two trees because the ground was already softened by the rain. Where the trees came apart you can actually see a pool of water where the roots used to be. That weather combination ...Wind and rain...is more likely to uproot trees... Compared to dry weather where trunks are more likely to break-off. are you worried that this might happen again with the amount of rain we're going to be having? You know, It's very possible. This one right here, the way it's leaning, it could be next. In the meantime ... Hedden plans to clean up his yard ... With a little extra help. i have a grandson that i'll put to work, let him drag some limbs out. And for Hedden...more fallen trees ... Means more firewood. Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news. If trees fall on private property ... It's up to the owner to clean it up. But if they fall on public property ... It's up to the city or county to take care of the debris.

The Georgia Children's Museum has some new exhibits and renovations on the way. Katelyn Heck explains how the city of Macon plans to help people see them. A few pieces of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame have found a new home... just down the street. the music factory exhibit was originally at the music hall of fame, but when they closed, they very generously donated it to us. The Georgia Children's Museum plans to unveil their version of the exhibit in the fall. We're working on reworking it into our space because we have less square footage to dedicate to it than they did, and some of the electronic components need to be replaced. So, we're working on getting the pieces that we need with the electronic components together. Also on the way... a few updates to the building. as they're putting in the lofts upstairs, we're able to do some of the things we've been wanting to do for a while. We're replacing some lights, getting some new restrooms, and we're really able to focus our energy on our exhibits. In the meantime... The museum is showcasing their Kidstowne setup... Which opened in January. Kidstowne is an interactive community where kids can learn to run and function as a community. It features a grocery store, a hospital, a vet center, a restaurant. The museum is also trying to add a bank... To help kids learn to manage their money... Fake money of course. But for those parents who may be short on real cash... The city of Macon may be able to help. we receive $25,000 from the city of macon, in exchange for free hours throughout the month, all you have to do is bring proof of residency and admission is free for you and your children. This will be the fourth year the city partnered with the museum. In 2012... Over 28-hundred people took advantage of the free trip. Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. The next free admission day is this Friday... from 5 to 8 p-m. Macon city council will discuss their donation at a committee meeting next week. If it passes...l the full council will vote on it.













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