Eyewitness News at 11: June 29, 2013

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The news is often filled with stories about young men who commit crimes.But a unity retreat at camp john hope celebrates the men who stay on the right path.Elise Brown takes us to the retreat... Where young men learned the skills they need to stay on the course ahead.16-year-old Donnell Phelps is by many standards.....a good kid....headed on the right path.<he's a young man that hasn't been in trouble, has his head on straight.>But the environment around him isn't always the best.<drugs....alcohol...I'm trying to stay away from that.>Other young men...just like Donnell.... are at the first Unity Retreat hosted by the Vic-ki foundation...that stands for violence isn't cool....knowledge is.<usually violence occurs when young men encounter other young men from different cities. So the mission...objective of this is to form relationships with other young men from different cities.>The students are learning leadership and communication skills through team building activities at Camp John Hope.<what I learned is people..some people...need a leader...so they can follow them. And some people can't stand up to be a leader.... And when they come together to work as one...they can make the best team ever. ><my favorite one was getting through the houla-hoops. Because everybody had to work together on that one. Because I couldn't get the houla-hoop over my head so the person next to me gave me a boost. >Houston County Sheriffs Officers officers spoke with the students. Corporal James Spivey wants them to know that they determine their future....just like he did.<the inconsistencies of their parents is not their fault. You're just merely born into a situation and that they can overcome. ><it motivated me because...that police officer went through a lot in his life but he chose to stay on the right path. >Phelps plans to stay on that path....and after high school...he wants to go to college and become a game designer or work with wildlife.Elise Brown, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. The retreat ended tonight with a banquet....the keynote speaker is the mother of a man who shot and killed someone.

Busy living could sometimes cause people to lose track of their health. The Medical Center of Central Georgia provided a way for hundreds of people to catch up on screenings. The Code Med health fair took place at the Anderson Conference Center in Macon. 50 community and health organizations provided screenings to the public. Those screenings included blood pressure... cholesterol... and blood sugar checks. Health professionals also provided information on topics like heart disease... mental health and cancer. Colt Dunteman, Medical Center of Central GA: It draws a lot of people in that maybe wouldn't normally just go see a doctor on their own, plus they can get a lot of different things checked at one time. Bobby Temple, Macon: I think it's so important that they have this for the community. So, I appreciate all of the vendors that come out and do this each year. All of the screenings were free... except for the cardiovascular AngioScreen. The AngioScreen cost 50 dollars... and required an appointment.

Independence Day is just around the corner...but a non-profit organization is celebrating a little early with those in need. Angels Hosting Angels provided clean clothes, toys, and food for the homeless. Mary Diaz... known as Mama Diaz to the homeless population... has operated in Central Georgia for 4 years. She says the organization does not accept monetary donations...but volunteers help out. The non-profit is all about getting through hard times together. Courtney Anderson, Macon: A person can lose their job and can end up on the streets. A person can get sick and lose everything so you never know the situation that may happen. Mary Diaz, Angels Helping Angels: I found out that 4 of my babies have full time jobs. So, it's working. It's working. Angels Hosting Angels has another location in Warner Robins... and international connections in Australia and Nigeria.

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen has seen a lot of high profile companies drop their endorsements of her over the past week. Alina Machado reports how Deen is managing the fall out... And trying to prevent her entire empire from falling. DESPITE HER REPEATED APOLOGIES...Nat sound...I hope that you forgive me....AND HER EXPLANATION ON NATIONAL TELEVISION...Nat sound: Are you a racist? No. By birth, by choice, you don't feel you have racist tendencies. No....THE NUMBER OF COMPANIES ENDING THEIR TIES WITH PAULA DEEN CONTINUES TO GROW, AFTER SHE ADMITTED TO HAVING USED THE N-WORD IN A DEPOSITION TAKEN FOR AN ONGOING CIVIL LAWSUIT FILED BY A FORMER EMPLOYEE. She's making the issue worse every time she opens her mouth. ON THURSDAY, TARGET SAID IT WOULD DISCONTINUE HER PRODUCTS. HOME DEPOT ANNOUNCED IT HAD STOPPED SELLING DEEN'S KITCHEN AND COOKWARE LINE. AND DIABETES DRUG COMPANY NOVO NORDISK SUSPENDED ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH DEEN. SEVERAL OTHERS, INCLUDING WALMART AND THE FOOD NETWORK, ALSO HAVE CALLED IT QUITS IN RECENT DAYS. Your big sponsors, your big corporations are going to stay away from her. FORBES RANKED DEEN THE 4TH HIGHEST PAID CELEBRITY CHEF LAST YEAR, ESTIMATING HER ENDORSEMENT EARNINGS AT 17 MILLION DOLLARS. BUT IT'S NOT ALL BAD NEWS FOR DEEN. HER NEW COOKBOOK, SET FOR RELEASE LATER THIS YEAR, IS TOPPING AMAZON'S BEST SELLERS LIST. HER FANS HAVE FLOCKED TO HER FACEBOOK PAGE TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT. THERE'S EVEN A "WE SUPPORT PAULA DEEN" PAGE WITH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LIKES. SOME MEMBERS OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY HAVE ALSO COME OUT IN HER DEFENSE. Was it right? No. I mean she could have used another term, but hey, it was a mistake that she made. She can't have a heart against black people with all that she's done. ACTRESS STACEY DASH SHOWED HER SUPPORT IN A TWEET, SAYING IN PART, "GOD DOES EVERYTHING FOR A REASON AT PAULA DEEN ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOUR HEART." One of the cruises that works with Paula Deen says they do not plan to drop her any time soon. They have been taking requests for future cruises.

The shuttle company operating buses at the Atlanta airport... Has been suspended. Officials at the Georgia department of public safety... Forced the company to pull its vehicles off the road on Thursday. The company will not be able to transport passengers... Until they prove their buses are safe. One of the buses was involved in an accident in May... Where 17 people were injured. Officials investigated the company... Called M-T-I... And found safety violations from bad brakes to bald tires and other problems with the entire fleet. A spokeswoman says the company will address the problems.

A neighborhood in Tampa was shaken up...when an SUV crashed into a home. According to police... A 24 year old driver was speeding through when he lost control while turning a curve. People who live in the neighborhood say drivers always speed through around 50 to 60 miles per hour. Now the posted limit is 30. Two women were sleeping inside the home... And the driver was taken to the hospital. No one was seriously injured.

In Bradford County Florida... A monument to the ten Commandments now has a new neighbor. A New Jersey based group called American Athiests unveiled a granite bench to counter the religious monument... In what is called a free speech zone. Mostly atheists attended the ceremony... But a few people protested. The group originally sued to have the ten commandments monument removed... But dropped their case when they were told they could have a monument of their own. According to leaders from the group... It is the first atheist monument on government property.

An American college student is dead... From being stabbed during violent protests in Egypt. 21 year old Andrew Pochter was a student from Kenyon College... And was in Alexandria Egypt to teach english to students this summer. According to his family... He was witnessing an uprising in the Egyptian port city... When a protester stabbed him. They also say he deeply cared about the middle east... And planned to live and work there once he graduated. There were 70 people injured in the clashes according to egyptian state media. Egyptian troops work to prevent the demonstrations that led to the ousting of egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

The Food and Drug Administration says it will hold shipments of pomegranate seeds from a company in Turkey... Because of a multi-state outbreak of Hepatitis A. Officials from the FDA and Centers conducted an investigation... Which led to a common shipment from the Turkish company Goknur Foodstuffs Import Export Trading. More than one hundred people in eight state report illnesses from frozen-food blends containing the seeds. Products linked to the outbreak have been recalled.

Nelson Mandela remains in critical condition at a hospital in Pretoria South Africa. President Barack Obama met with family members of the beloved former leader... As the nation continues to rally for the health of Mandela. Alphonso Van Marsh reports from outside the Pretoria hospital... where Mandela is being treated. Members of a South African choir gathered outside the Pretoria hospital where Nelson Mandela is being treated...to use their voices to send support to the ailing 94-year-old. President Jacob Zuma says Mandela is still in critical condition - but - Zuma says he's hopeful the former leader will leave the hospital soon. (1:21-1:25)(SOT South African President Jacob Zuma) I THINK WITH ALL THE PRAYERS AND GOOD WISHES THAT ARE BEING MADE CERTAINLY IT MUST DO SOMETHING. AS YOU HAVE SEEN EVERYONE IS WISHING MANDELA WELL. President Obama met with Mandela's daughters and grandchildren for about a half hour in Johannesburg Saturday. In a statement President Obama said "I expressed my hope that Madiba draws peace and comfort from the time he is spending with loved ones." (:41-:50)(STANDUP) "The President did NOT meet with Mr. Mandela. But he did call his wife Graca Machel, who was here at this hospital, at Mandela's bedside." During a meeting with South Africa's current leader - President Obama praised Mandela's legacy. (SOT OBAMA) "MADIBA'S MORAL COURAGE; THIS COUNTRY'S HISTORIC TRANSITION TO A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC NATION HAS BEEN A PERSONAL INSPIRATION TO ME. IT HAS BEEN AN INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD." Police clashes with demonstrators outside President Obama's town hall meeting in Soweto. The protests didn't disrupt the event and President Obama encouraged young people to advance Mandela's legacy... a legacy people holding vigil outside the former President's hospital are still holding onto. Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News, Pretoria, South Africa. Mandela spent 18 years behind bars on Robben Island... Where the president will visit tomorrow.






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