Eyewitness News at 6: June 23, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Austin Lewis.

We start the broadcast with a search for two missing people from Macon.
18 year old Tytiana Atkins and her 1 year old daughter Tiana Harvey are missing.
According to her mother, her brother saw them get into a green Lincoln towncar with silver rims.
There was a male driver but the brother did not recognize him, nor was he able to get a license plate number.
She has been missing since Thursday and Macon police say she still has not been found.
Macon police confirm they are looking for a green lincoln.
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Tytiana and her child. Please call the macon police department at 478-751-7500. Again that number is 478-751-7500

This morning, police had a levi's call for a missing Georgia boy.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the boy has been found but have not released any other details.
Authorities said Rylan Hamby was taken by his mother, Miranda Hamby from Summerville, South Carolina.
The family is from St Mary's Georgia.

Houston County Sheriffs investigate an ATV crash in Warner Robins where one person died from her injuries.
Police say the driver was moving fast when he made a left turn on Minick street and lost control.
Deputies found 17-year-old Joshua Ryals, and 16-year-old Thresa Bridges.
Both went to the hospital where Bridges died from her injuries, Ryals is in critical condition.
Houston County Sherrifs say the vehicle was equipped with the proper restraints but neither driver nor passenger were wearing them.
The incident is still under investigation.
However, authorities say neither alcohol nor drugs appear to be a factor.

Several amateurs radio gurus gathered in Houston County to put their hobby into action.
It's called Amateur Radio Relay League and the group gathered to communicate with other participating stations within a day period.
They say it's good practice for them because the radio waves can still be heard when communication is down in an emergency.
John Louth, Public Information officer for Houston County: "Well during this event you learn a lot of things with having to do with setting up in unfamiliar situation, remember what to bring the types of things that you need what things work what things don't work as far as temporary attenaes emergency power that type of things."
Louth says one problem with amateur radio is limited bandwith but he says during times of emergency you can communicate critical information by radio.

People got a chance to visit Africa, Asia, South America and many other countries all without leaving Central Georgia
At the International Taste of Soul different cultures were brought together to enjoy some down home cooking and live music.
People paid 25 dollars each to sample everything from collard greens to banana pudding.
The fundraiser comes as the Tubman African American musuem is making plans to begin construction on its new larger building across from the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame this fall.

The fourth of July is just next week and many people plan to hit the road for the holiday.
But according to triple-a, a shorter weekend means fewer people will pack up the suitcases and head out of town this year.
They estimate nearly 41 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home from July 3rd to July 7th.
That's down nearly 300 thousand from 20-12.
Now last year, people had five days to enjoy the weekend but there are only four days this year.
Triple-A says the shorter holiday weekend could explain the lower numbers.

If you plan on driving the roadways July 4th weekend you might see more law enforcement.
That's because they're joining a nationwide effort to crackdown on drunk driving.
Operation Zero Tolerance started this past Friday and will continue until the 7th of July.
Officials say the fourth of July is one of the most dangerous holidays on Georgia roads.
The state had an average of 88 alcohol impaired crashes from July 3rd to the 5th in the past two years.

Leaders of the Republican Party in Georgia voted unanimously to press state officials to withdraw from Common Core.
It's a national program that sets basic standards in education.
The leaders of the Georgia G-O-P feel that this should be controlled by the state.
The federal government did not help create Common Core.
However, it encourages states to use the standards under it's "Race to The Top" grant competition.

A solar power project in Dublin presents a big challenge to how utility companies sell electricity.
Workers install solar panels at Dublin High School.
And this project uses local government to go around a state law.
Georgia is one of six states that prevent solar power companies from directly selling electricity to utility customers.
Utility companies discuss how they will get reimbursed. If the popularity of solar technology grows and utility companies lose sales.
The state law gives Georgia Power an almost exclusive right to sell electricity to government customers.

A new study says Georgia ranks low in civic involvement such as voting and volunteering.
Several organizations partnered with the Carl Vinson Institute at UGA to measure how citizens help in their communities.
They created the Georgia Civic Health Index which indicates the state lags behind the national average in voter turnout and attendance for public meetings.
W. Dennis Epps deputy director of the UGA institute says he thinks state and local officials can work towards a better job of engaging Georgians using the results.

Nelson Mandela's condition has now become critical that's according to the South African President, Jacob Zuma.
Zuma visited the 94-year-old leader this evening and was told Mandela's condition worsened within the last 24 hours.
Zuma released a statement saying doctors are "doing everything possible to get his condition to improve."
Mandela became South Africa's first black president when apartheid ended in 1994.
He was hospitalized on June 8 for what the government says was a recurring lung infection.
This is his 16th day in the hospital and his fourth hospitalization since December.

The U-S government has charged Edward Snowden with Espionage.
Snowden was believed to be in Hong Kong and yesterday. The government set extradition in motion from the country.
Now, he has landed in Moscow and a spokesman from Wikileaks confirmed he has applied for asylum in Ecuador.
Ecuador has already given asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (a-saynge)... Who lives in the Ecuador Embassy in London.
Snowden claimed responsibility for leaking classified documents on the National Security Council's phone surveillance programs.
This morning on Face the Nation, Senator Diane Feinstein chimed in on just how much the Chinese government played a part in Snowden fleeing to their country.
"I had actually thought that China would see this as an
opportunity to improve relations, and extradite him to the
United States. China clearly had a role in this, in my view. I
don't think this was just Hong Kong without Chinese
acquiescence. I think his choice of Moscow was interesting. I
think what's interesting is that he was taken off in a car and
his luggage in a separate car. I think it will be very
interesting to see what Moscow does with him."
The senator also stated that one of the main reasons to get him back on American Soil is to see just what information he has.
Brazil prepares to host two of the world's premier events within the next three to four years.
But for the past two weeks protesters in the country have made it know that they feel the government has misplaced priorities.
Matthew Chance has more on the focus of the protests.
RIO DE JANEIRO (CNN) -- Brazil, rocked by recent nationwide protests, hosts two high-profile football games on Sunday in preparation for next year's World Cup.
On Saturday, there were demonstrations surrounding the Confederations Cup matches, a World Cup warm-up tournament involving eight nations.
In the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, outside the stadium where Japan and Mexico played, protesters flooded the streets and clashed with riot police. Brazil's state-run news agency, Agencia Brasil, reported that approximately 66,000 people came to protest, according to military police.
CNN affiliate Band News showed aerials of crowds clashing with riot police and police using rubber bullets and tear gas to keep protesters at bay.
Smaller protests also occurred in other parts of Brazil on Saturday, a day after President Dilma Rousseff addressed the nation, warning that the government would not tolerate violence.
In Salvador, a small crowd of peaceful demonstrators gathered outside the stadium where Brazil's national football team won over Italy. Elsewhere, in Sao Paulo, military police estimated a crowd of 30,000 flooded the city's main road, according to state-run Agencia Brasil.
The protests over the weekend are part of a movement that has brought together Brazilians angered by their government. Protesters say the government is falling short in its duties to its citizens while spending lavishly on events such as the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. While most of the protests have remained peaceful, there have been reports of sporadic violence, which has resulted in two deaths.
Public transportation fare hikes spurred the discontent weeks ago, but protests continued to escalate last week despite various state governments repealing the fare hikes.
Until now, the government's position has been to support the protests as peaceful freedom of expression. It is unclear whether there will be a shift if violent incidents mount and the unrest continues.
On Friday, Rousseff announced that she planned to meet with leaders of the protest movement, but did not publicly detail when or where the meetings would take place. Her remarks followed an emergency meeting with her Cabinet.

Flood victims in Canada can now return home after heavy rains and flood waters have subsided.
Around 175-thousand people were evacuated from their homes in Calgary after two main rivers overflowed.
Turning streets into waterways and flooding homes.
At least three people were killed in what's considered the regions worst floods in decades.
Some areas still remain without power and is off limits to the public.
Crews continue to check damage to buildings and other roadways.

Thank you for joining us for Eyewitness News at 6.
We'll see you back here tonight for Eyewitness News at 11.
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