Eyewitness News at 11: June 22, 2013

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Thank you for joining us.
I'm Austin Lewis.

We begin our broadcast tonight with a fatal house fire in Bibb County.
19 year old Brandon Johnson died at the Medical Center from being trapped in his house during a fire.
It happened in the 23 hundred block of Mafiel (may-fiel) Drive in East Macon.
Fire Deputy Chief Shane Edwards says crews faced heavy fire when they arrived.
Family members warned them that someone was still inside.
That's when firefighters began the search.
Deputy Chief Shane Edwards, Macon Bibb Fire Dept.: "They did manage to find him. He was in the bedroom. At that point they removed the victim from the house and put him into an ambulance. The Medical Center ambulance was on the scene."
Johnson was taken to the Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
Fire investigators have not yet determined the cause.

When you usually think of poker runs, you think motorcycles.
But facing a lack of donations, Houston County's Meals on Wheels looked to a four-legged fundraiser for help.
Tom George went along for the ride.
The past few months haven't been an easy ride for Houston County Meals on Wheels.
Donations have been dropping, and there's of more than 100 senior citizens waiting to sign up for the program.
"Some of these people are desperate, I said I don't know how they're making it if they don't have some kind of program to help them out."
And with an all-volunteer crew that relies on donations, they needed some help.
"We lack about 10,000 dollars, so we're hoping to bring in several thousand dollars with this event."
So, they had to get creative... Setting up a slightly non-traditional poker run.
"I've actually never done a poker run on horseback, but I figured hey why not, let's just do it."
More than 50 riders saddled up at 20 bucks each, making the rounds at the Silver Spur Riding Club in East Dublin.
"Riding the horse is the easy part ... It's playing the cards that's the luck of the draw."
Stopping along the trail trying to gather the best poker hand.
"Look Sarah, ace of clubs haha."
For a cause that works to help those in need using only the cards they're dealt.
"We might get some people, some volunteers to carry around on horseback. I can see that now instead of saddlebacks have a cooler on both sides of the horse."
In East Dublin, Tom George, 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.
Meals on Wheels says sequestration cuts at the base have also led to a drop in donations.
Most of the money they collect goes toward operating costs for their 10 delivery routes across Houston County.

Summer is here in Central Georgia
And for some, the perfect summer day involves fishing.
Children of all ages took over the pond on the Tift Campus in Forsyth Saturday for its first free fishing day.
120 kids and Families tried their luck reeling in a big fish.
Organizers say this is all part of an effort to introduce kids to a new summer activity.
Hayley Coe, Forsyth: "I like just like the sport I mean like you don't have to keep the fish they're kinda like a prize to you."
Becky East, Chief Financial Officer: "The commissioners always give back to the community and we feel like this is one way that we can do that."
Organizers say this was the first time they held event like this at Tift campus

The skyline in Atlanta is set for a big change.
Work is underway for a huge new ferris wheel right across from Centennial Olympic Park.
But as Duffie Dixon shows you It's just one piece of a much larger plan.
As they pour the foundation is being poured for that ferris wheel,Skyview Atalanta its important to remember its just one of attractions coming downtown, totally changing the face of what we've seen before.
As crews dig in, the buzz has already started...a 200 foot high ferris wheel providing never before seen 360 degree views of downtown Atlanta.
(sot 1:16:56) I can't wait. As you can see I have little ones I think it will be nice to have something like that in the park. It's missing. Something's missing. Some type of amusement.
For longtime Atlanta's this is simply the next phase in a long process that started with The CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park..and later the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke.
(sot 1:21:12) I think its changed tremendously, we lived here, what, 15, 20, years ago. It's really improved. I loved to come back and visit.
City planners say what's happening in the next year will make all of this pale in comparison,
(sot 1:43:02) the next 16-18 months are a magical time.
Under construction right now is the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. It will be nestled on the back side of the Georgia Aquarium.
This is the location of the new college football hall of fame. Set to be finished next August..It will sit between CNN and Phillips Arena.
The long awaited streetcars will make one of it's turns directly in front of the park...and of course there's the new Falcon's Stadium, being designed right now, that's set to open in 2017.
(sot 1:43;49) I think we're finally leveraging the legacy of the Olympics.
((butt with))(sot 1:45:56) It's not like these thinks just happened. They've been nurtured now for a number of years and I think the aquarium was the game changer..whole lot of people here on a daily basis.
The goal --- don't replace the progress made downtown so far, but enhance it... So in the next twenty years Atalnta looks even better.
(stand up 53:02) this will be the visual change. The ferris wheel is set to open July 2nd.

As tourism in Atlanta may be set for a boom officials in Savannah are uncertain of how backlash to Celebrity Cook Paula Deen will impact tourism there.
Deen apologized for using racial slurs by placing a video on You Tube Friday.
But the Food Network reacted to the situation by dropping her show.
Fans of Paula Deen took to facebook bombarding the the Food Network's page in outrage.
Many even threatened to stop watching the channel altogether.
One fan says she is not offended because of how the word is already used today.
"I'm able to forgive her because we do it in our own culture, and you guys do it in your own culture. You have words that you use for each other, and that's why I don't take it so personal because I know that's not who I am."
Critics of Deen have made this issue a trending topic on twitter.
They poked fun at her recipe names under tags such as Paula's best dishes.

As many as 16 wildfires continue to burn across southwest Colorado, destroying 83 square miles.
Thick smoke filled the sky as three separate fires combined to form a massive blaze.
More than 400 people were evacuated yesterday from the tourist town of South Fork.
Some of those fires were sparked by lightening.
The flames were driven by hot, windy weather and fueled by dry trees.
Hot, dry conditions are expected to continue through the middle of next week, with no rain in the forecast.

A portion of a construction site collapsed on the campus of Texas A&M and four people were injured.
Between 25 and 30 people were working on a new equine center when the building came down.
Three of the people who were injured are in critical condition with multiple trauma injuries.
The building is in the first phase of construction and will become a site for the Aggie equestrian and cross country teams.

The controversial NSA surveillance programs continue to heat up.
Especially now that the U-S Governement has requested extradition of Edward Snowden from Hong Kong.
It is believed that is where the 30 year old is hiding... From releasing classified information.
Snowden faces charges of espionage.
But a sharp warning from the White House to Hong Kong may make this legal process longer before Snowden even appears in court.
"The problem with extradition law is that it is so much political rather than legal, that there's always the possiblity that someone is whispering in someone's ear in a back room, and that 'that' more than any of the legal formalities is what is ultimately going to drive the outcome."
Prolonged extradition comes at a time when China is dealing with accusations by the U-S, that the chinese government carried out extensive surveillance on commercial operations in America.

Police in North Attleboro Massachusetts search the home of a pro football player as they investigate the killing of a man whose body was found nearby.
Several officers with crowbars and locksmiths arrived with dogs to search the home of Aaron Hernandez a Tight end for the New England Patriots.
They are trying to figure out who killed Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player whose body was found around a mile from Hernandez's home.
Authorities have ruled Lloyd's death a homicide.
Family members of the victim say the two men were friends and together the night he died.
An attorney for Hernandez has declined comment on the search.

A judge in the George Zimmerman trial ruled today, that the audio analysis of 9-11 tapes is scientifically questionable.
Expert testimony will not be allowed during the trial.
But the recordings will be played in court.
Witnesses will also be able to testify as to who they think is the voice on the tapes.
Jury selection in the case ended this past week
The trial is set to begin Monday.
Zimmerman is accused of murdering 17 year old Trayvon Martin last year.

Two people are dead after a stunt plane crashed during an airshow in Ohio.
Please be advised, this video is graphic and contains disturbing images.
Susan McGinnis has the latest from Washington, D-C.
A stunt plane -- with a wing-walker sitting on the upside down aircraft -- crashed at an airshow near Dayton Ohio.
Spectators screamed as the plane hit the ground and burst into flames.
Authorities say the stunt person and the pilot died instantly. A post on the official Facebook page for the performer - Jane wicker - states Wicker and her pilot Charlie Schwenker were killed in the crash.
The airshow was taking place at the Dayton International Airport.
Local authorities say they will work with the F-A-A to determine what caused the crash.
Officials say spectators were not injured when the plane went down.
The rest of Saturday's events were cancelled. The air show IS scheduled to resume Sunday.

People in New York celebrated the Summer Solstice with a little bit of yoga.
Thousands gathered in Times Square to honor the longest day of the year.
The "Solstice in Times Square" is one of many celebrations world wide.
More than 15 people took part in the morning yoga classes but the event included free classes all day long.

Star-gazers are in for a treat, a supermoon is getting ready to make its big sky debut, starting early tomorrow morning.
This is what the moon looked like last night over Los Angeles, glowing like a bright marble, lighting up the night sky.
It's called a Supermoon because it's 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than an average moon.
NASA says it only happens when the moon's orbit is closest to the Earth, which is over 2 hundred and 21 thousand miles away.

That is the show for tonight. We'll see you back here for weekend mornin at 7 a.m.
But the news is always on at 13wmaz dot com.
We'll see you tomorrow.





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