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Eyewitness News at 6: June 18, 2013

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< It's just always something look at your cousins and your friends and you see them growing and doing what they want do and she ain't here to do the things that she used to do.>

Tonight, family members reflect on the unsolved death of a Macon teen...killed by a stray bullet that traveled straight through her bedroom wall.




Hello everyone. Thank you for joining us.

I'm Frank Malloy.

Last June...... The life of a Bibb County family changed forever.

18-year-old Shar'bora Daniels was sitting at home playing video games with her brother... when a stray bullet came through the wall and hit her in the head.

In our top story tonight... Leah Johnson has more on where the investigation stands... and how the family is dealing with unimaginable loss.

Good evening, Frank.

The Bibb County Sheriff' office says they still don't know who fired the shot that killed Shar'bora... but they're working to find out.

A question... much like her death... that still haunts the Daniels family one year later.

Austin Lewis visited the home that they say will never be the same.

< Lori Daniels: Ain't nothing changed we still think about her everyday, we re-live those events everyday. >

A year later... the Daniels family still lives in their Brookhaven home.

And the hole...that took everything...still leaves its mark..

The room where Shar'bora a room that the family avoids.

< Lori Daniels: It's not a homey feeling anymore it's a we got go in here again feeling>

<Alfred Daniels: It's just always something look at your cousins and your friends and you see them growing and doing what they want do and she ain't here to do the things that she used to do. >

Shar'bora used to hug her little brother Ni'kel...who was one when she died.

Shar'bora still watches him...and Ni'kel reaches for a sister...who will never hold him again.

<lori: that's a big deal wondering how we are going to get him to remember her. >

And her son forgetting Shar' a thought too difficult to bear.

<daniels: it is>

< Lori Daniels: Because she loved him when he was here>

<austin Lewis: it's been nearly a year ago that Shar'bora Daniels was buried and her family says they thought they would have more answers than questions regarding her death. >

< Alfred Daniels: there is somebody out hthere living they everyday life and she don't have hers no more. I don't know what they had going for them but she had a lot going for her and it just hurts that they still doing whatever they want to do and she's not here with me>

Investigators with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says they haven't forgotten the Central High graduate either....

< Smallwood: it's not a cold case and we have sent some things to the crime lab and it's...the main reason is if somebody send something there and then they could match it up.


But a year later...Alfred Daniels can't help but think of last year's father's day.

< Daniels:she had job last year and she gave me 20 dollars for father's day and I told her I finally get some of my money back and she went to laugh and I hugged her and kissed her and it's going to always bring me back to that day


A day...made for him and his little girl...

right before....Shar'bora's life ended...and his would never be the same.

Austin Lewis 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

If you have any information on the Daniels case, call crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME.

Again, that's 1-877-68-CRIME.

New information tonight...on the case of another young woman's death.

The trial of murder suspect Stephen now off the table until at least next January.

That's according to Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke.

He told us a little over an hour ago ago that lawyers in the Lauren Giddings murder case met today with Judge Philip Brown.

They agreed to argue motions in the case in September...and schedule the trial for early next year.

That conference came one day after Lauren Giddings' family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Katelyn Heck breaks down their lawsuit against Giddings' former neighbor and classmate... Stephen McDaniel.

Lauren Giddings' family blames Stephen McDaniel for her death... and wants him to pay for it....5 and a half million dollars or more.

But they also want a chance to search property in Pike County for some of her body parts...still missing nearly two years after her death.

Giddings family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against McDaniel U-S District Court.

<the purpose of this suit is two-fold. The first is for an additional avenue of discovery and the other is to make sure that he never profits from his crime by writing anything, blogging anything, and if he ever gets a cent, all of it goes to the giddings.>

The family's lawsuit reviews evidence in the case already brought out by prosecutors.

They say McDaniel told a college roommate how he planned to commit...quote..the perfect dismembering his victim's body...and scattering the parts.

They say McDaniel had five days to cover up the murder...including painting over bloodstain in Giddings' apartment.

The lawsuit says cadaver dogs sniffed human remains in McDaniel's apartment...and that he had scratches on his body several days after Giddings went missing.

It also says a stolen flash drive..with pictures of Giddings...were found in McDaniel's apartment...along with her underwear.

But the Giddings family is also asking a judge to let them search property in Pike County owned by McDaniel's late grandfather.

They say he visited the land in June 2011...a week before Giddings died...apparently to find a place to leave her body parts.

Their lawyer writes.

McDaniel refuses to confess...refuses to provide any details concerning where he disposed of the dismembered parts of the body of Lauren Giddings...and displays no conscience or remorse whatsoever.

The lawsuit also asks for damages for emotional distress to the Giddings' family...and because McDaniel prevented her family from giving her a proper burial.

The lawsuit does not cite a number...but the family's lawyer says Giddings earnings as a lawyer...and the other aspects of the life she was deprived of...would total in the millions.

Katelyn Heck 13WMAZ Eyewitness News

Giddings' sister Kaitlyn Wheeler says her family has been planning on filing the suit for a while.

McDaniel has been in the Bibb County jail since July 2011.

We could not reach McDaniel's lawyer... Floyd Buford.... for comment.

Modern daycares are about more than just a safe place for the kids to stay while Mom and Dad are at work.

Georgia is now rewarding daycares that begin teaching at a younger age, as part of the state's new Quality Rated program ...

Tom George went to one child care center in Macon that's getting on board.

When parents are away ... The kids will play...


But also learn


< When you come into Joshua House, you're gonna get first of all a warm, welcoming feeling, and your kids are going to be safe, they're going to be loved, and their going to be learning.>

Joshua House off Mercer University Drive is one of more than a dozen daycares in Macon that have signed up for the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning's new Quality Rating system.

< We felt that a quality rating would just be something to enhance and to be able to give the parents an opportunity to make a quality decision and choice when choosing a childcare center.>

The new voluntary system goes beyond just babysitting, and recognizes daycares that promote education, physical activity and nutrition.

Each daycare sends in a portfolio to DECAL, which reviews them and gives a rating from 1 to three 3 stars.

Along they way, they also get funding to help run their daycares.

<we are almost ready to receive a thousand dollar incentive to help us with the classroom resources that they require that we have.>

The state is still working out the details on funding... but it includes incentives for quality ratings.

Out of more than six-thousand daycares in the state, around one thousand will participate.

Starting in July... you'll be able to go to the agency's website to see their ratings.

In our web poll today... We asked if you're satisfied with your kids day care?

17 percent of you rated yours as poor... 10 percent said fair... 42 percent... Good...and 31 percent... Rate your childcare provider as excellent.

Vote now at 13WMAZ-dot-com.

So who's responsible for the alleyway between your home...and your neighbor's?

One macon homeowner contacted us to say the narrow road behind his home is filled with sticks and trash.... and the city has never cleared it.

Elise Brown did some digging.... And got an answer that he wasn't expecting.

Ozie Haralson and his wife have owned their Napier Avenue rental home since 1984.

Now they say the road behind their home is littered with debris....and that the county needs to do something about it.

<the road has been left to where it's completely overgrown, there's debris everywhere and it's being used as a dumping ground.>

But according to Bill Causey with the Bibb County engineering department...the land behind this home is controlled by the homeowners on each side....even though it's not within their property lines.

He says it was designed like this in the 1900s...allowing homeowners access to the back of their property.

<if the alley were open..let's say it was open and the lot owners were using it. One guy decided on his end, he was gonna put a fence up. He couldn't do that. It's there to be used jointly by the people that own property that touch it.>

He says it's complicated... and they receive lots of calls about similar issues. He tries to explain to people that alleyways like this weren't intended for public use.

<if you live here you really don't want the public coming through here, you don't really want this to be a public way...because that brings problems. >

Haralson says he was never informed of this...and has contacted the city and county but hasn't heard back.

He says it's not right that homeowners are left to solve this issue.

Elise Brown 13WMAZ Eyewitness News.

Causey also says no one pays taxes on the land.... and it's up to neighboring homeowners to solve issues like this.

There's a place to talk about race... Diversity ... And adversity.

The Sallie Elllis Davis Cultural Arts Center at Georgia State College University is offering a few events to encourage the community to talk about issues that are still prevalent. Judy Le has more

<also she would allow courting students in this room. If you were of age and could date, she would supervise you>

That was back in the early 1900's when Sally Ellis Davis opened up her home to students.

<it is interesting that her house is still here. Because that is not always the case in communities here in Milledgeville>

Davis was the first African American educator with a degree to teach in this city. She studied with

<w.e.b. Du bois and george washington carver>

and worked to break down racial barriers in her community.... Despite her appearance

<(when I looked at her picture, she doesn't look african american.) Oh yes, she has very strong irish features>

She looks like her father ... But identified with her mother's african american community. The Sallie Ellis Davis Cultural Arts Center at Georgia State College University is using her past ... To drive today's conversation of race.

<it's also relevant to look at the history that miss davis represented and her time period and talk about our issues today>

Through the month .... the Center is offering free screenings of movies centered around african american women in the workplace.

Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news

This afternoon's movie..Imitation of Life echoes Davis's experience.

It's the story of a young black woman who looks white.. but unlike Davis.. chooses to deny her African American roots.

Next.. the center will offer "nothing but a Man"..starring Ivan Dixon.



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