Eyewitness News at 11: June 14, 2013

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Hello, everyone.

Thanks for staying up with us on this Friday night.

I'm Kenny Burgamy, in for Frank Malloy.

And these are the stories you've been following in your community...and around the world on this fourteenth day of June.

<work is now under way for a new Bibb county animal shelter. They broke ground today off Fulton Mill Road. That's near Lizella. The site still needs some work, like removing more trees and grading before actual construction can start.

The Bleckley county sheriff's office says they now have a murder suspect in custody. He's 18 year old Magic Fuller. The Sheriff's office says he's a suspect in the death of a man from the Atlanta area, who was found dead in Dodge County.

24 square miles of dry forested terrain has gone up in flames around Colorado springs. For days, life has gone on, just one step ahead of the fire.

What did you get out? Not much. Just ourselves.

Nature put on a light show last night, and two Jones County men say they had an electrifying experience.

Suddenly you know a flash, and then it just went dark.

You know, I was doing a favor for a friend, and it cost me the shock of my life.

For the first time, the Obama administration says Syria's government is using chemical weapons against rebel troops. Those weapons include seren nerve gas. And now the us is promising more help for rebels trying to overthrow Syria's president.

Fort Valley state university has a possible replacement for outgoing president Larry Rivers.

Today, the state board named Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith as the finalist for the president's seat.

One man we're about to introduce you to with no arms...doing something many of us without a physical challenge would never tackle.

He's cycling 3 thousand miles cross country for a baby with prosthetic arms.

I'm doing a bike ride across the country called hands for baby Jameson, in order to raise money, and for a little boy with Jameson Davis born with out arms. He's in need of prosthetics, and also, i wanna show him and his family that anything is possible.>

And that's what made headlines in your community and beyond on this Friday.

Tonight on Eyewitness News at 11 ...we begin our coverage with a gathering that brought more than a hundred friends, neighbors, church members, even strangers, to South Macon to remember a mother and her three daughters who died when their Carmen Place home burned early yesterday morning.

13WMAZ's Chris Connors captured their tribute at Countryside Baptist Church on video tonight.

<nats: amazing grace>

They were real sweet people. You couldn't have asked for no better people.


Sermon: God took them home. And that's the way we got to look at it. He took them home.

This is one of the second families I met in here. And I really got to meet a lot of little kids. And I've seen them come to the church. Even the ones that's passed away, little holly, and then liz. They come and theylove so much.

Those three kids will be missed. You know Wendy. She has cerebral palsy. But when tshe come to church she knew where she was at. She might not have known it was a church bulding but she knew she was around people that loved her.

Heaven has more angels tonight. That's a big loss to the community aroundhere, and we're going to miss them very much >

Mom Jennifer Caffee, age 35, 15 year old Lizzie, Wendy, 10, and Holly 5, all died in the fire.

A father...and two stepsons ... Escaped with injures.

Investigators still don't know what caused the fire.

The body of a Georgia teen found dead inside his school 6 months ago is set to undergo a second autopsy.

It's a follow-up to a story that's drawn speculation on social media...and devastated a family

Kendrick Johnson's body was exhumed this morning from a cemetery in Valdosta.

The sheriff's office says the 17-year old, suffocated in a gym mat trying to grab a shoe.

The family says that theory doesn't make sense .. and it doesn't explain the bruises on Johnson's chin.

The county coroner has said that the sheriff's office did not follow protocol in notifying him of the death.

So now... Kendrick's body is being taken to a pathologist hired by the family.

"Somebody has got to pay. You know, It's just hard to believe that something like that can happen at a place like that and nobody knows nothin'.">

The sheriff's investigation and initial autopsy conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation both say Johnson's death was accidental.

There's no word yet when the results of the second autopsy might be available.

We're now getting a look at video taken shortly after a packed restaurant deck collapsed near Miami.

This was the scene last night at the popular Shuckers Bar and Grill in North Bay Village.

Police say as many as a hundred people were packed onto the deck when it suddenly crumbled into Biscayne Bay.

Here, you can see and hear the chaos that followed.


Victim: "Everybody is screaming and myself going down. The table going up to me. Everything - chairs, everything going up. Glasses - everything. And I fell under the water. When I can't move the table and everything and I can't get out - I get out."

Reporter: "So the table and everything?"

Victim: "Everything was on top of me. That's why the cut is here. It's from the table. One of the tables. And thank God I was awake for me to get out.>

It's not clear what caused the deck to give-way.

police say at least 24 people were hurt... three of them suffered critical injuries.

A long awaited...and much-discussed... project saw its official groundbreaking today.

10 acres that includes a dog park...and walking trails are a few of the features planned for the new Bibb County animal shelter.

The building will have enough capacity for more than one hundred and thirty animals when it's finished.

The site will be near Lizella, in west Bibb County.

Though there's still much work to be done... Like grading and tree removal...before the first concrete's poured... Shelter managers look forward to new amenities for Bibb County's four-legged residents.

<my favorite aspect I think is that we will have a surgery center in the shelter where we can do spay and neutering, and hopefully in the future, we will be able to offer some low-cost spay and neuter to the public as well.>

We're not sure exactly what the shelter will look like. County Commission Chairman Sam Hart says architects are still designing the outside.

He hopes construction will start this summer... with a projected completion date in early 2014.




In the summertime... the lake sounds like an appealing option.

But some visitors to Lake Sinclair say...they've left with unwanted souvenirs.

Steve (scly-ger) Schleiger from the Department of Natural Resources says over the last week, he's received several calls about leeches at the popular central georgia attraction.

He says more people may be noticing leeches because of more rain and cooler temperatures. He said it's probably happening at other lakes as well.

Lake visitor Taylor Sims says the little creatures showed up after his most recent swim.

< That's the first time I've ever seen leeches at Lake Sinclair. They were probably about that big, they were little bitty ones ... Did you know it was a leech? At first off I didn't, I thought it was like some little worm, but I went to go take it off and it was stuck to my arm.>

Leeches are worms...with suckers at each end. They can be as long as a foot...although the leeches seen at Lake SInclair are much smaller.

Schleiger says these leeches tend to stay close to the shore and.. while there's no danger, leeches can be a pain to pull off.

Many young Americans are steering clear of credit cards.

New research from credit score provider F-I-C-O shows the number of young people without credit cards has actually doubled since the recession.

It says about 16 percent of consumers age 18 to 29 didn't have a single credit card in 2012.

That's up from eight percent who didn't have one in 2007.

As a result, credit card debt is also down... to just under an average of 21-hundred dollars per person.

F-I-C-O says watching older generations get hit hard by the recession may have caused younger americans to shy away from credit cards.

The company adds recent legislation has also made it more difficult for people under 21 to qualify for credit cards.

Many of those young adults may have gotten sage advice from dear old dad along the years... About swiping that plastic.

And when Eyewitness News at 11 continues...it's time to learn something else...about the origins of the day designated in Dad's honor.

But first... We have a few ways you can celebrate your father... coming up on Sunday.

It's the best job I've got and I know all the fathers here feel that same way.


He's the commander-in-chief to us... But to Sascha and Malia...he's "daddy".

We're talking about Dads tonight... Lots of us in the building are fortunate enough to hold that title.

That's Frank Malloy... A father four times over... With his grandson in a picture he sent us tonight...while on vacation.

Our own Marvin James...and daughter Drew...

And Ben Jones's trio.. Benjamin...Olsen...and the newest addition to the Jones clan, baby Hope.

But where did father's day...get it's origins?

Well...First... We begin with mom.

According to usa-dot-gov...a federal government website... the first mother's day was celebrated in 1914.

But for dad?

No holiday until 1966.

That's when President Lyndon Johnson, himself a father of two daughters, declared the third Sunday in June a national holiday.

The idea for Father's Day? It's said to come from a lady named Sonora Dodd...who was raised by her father after her mom died in childbirth.

According to USA-dot-gov... Dodd started thinking about her dad during a mother's day sermon at church... And realized the sacrifices he'd made raising her and her siblings.

Her dad was born in June...so she encouraged area churches in her hometown of Spokane, Washington to honor all dads that month.

That was back in 1910.

Since then... the celebrations have continued...and the day is now both officially and unofficially observed in lots of countries around the world.

And what would this story be.... Without a picture of my own daughter, Morgan...

Before you salute dad...

Get ready to salute: the flag.

The first flag day was observed in hartford, connecticut on june 14th, 18-61.

Then in 18-77, congress ordered the flag be flown on public buildings on that date.

Later, in 19-16, president Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation asking the u-s to observe flag day.

And finally, in 19-49, congress -- in a joint resolution -- agreed to an official flag day and president Harry Truman approved.

That's it for Eyewitness News at 11.

The news never stops at 13WMAZ dot com and MAZ mobile.

Before the weekend starts we have a look back at the week across Central Georgia... this is home..


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