Eyewitness News at 11: June 13, 2013

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Hello, everyone.

I'm Kenny Burgamy, in for Frank Malloy this evening.




 a look over Warner Robins....on our alfa skycam.

The weather is our top story tonight...as the threat of possible hail and high winds looms over Central Georgia.

We want to begin with Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones in our weather center...as he tracks what's moving our way.

Good evening, Ben.

Thanks Ben. We'll look to you for updates throughout the newscast and head back over to the weather center for updates if anything changes.

For now... we take a look back at some of the local...and national stories...making up your headlines on this Thursday, the 13th day of June..

And that's a look at what's going on in your world tonight...

In local news, we begin with the early morning fire...that claimed the lives of a mother...and three of her children.

< They all lived on the same street, the grandmother, the family that's gone, they were all close knit.>

Investigators say the fire started in the attic of this Carmen Place home.

That's in the Lynmore estates area of south Macon.

Three family members were able to get out...

17-year old Brandon and 16-year old Scott Caffee...and James Tucker.

He was the father of the youngest child....stepfather to the rest.

But their mother, 36-year-old Jennifer Caffee and the three girls did not escape...

They included 5-year-old Holly, 15-year old Lizzie...and 10 year old Wendy.

< Wendy had cerebral palsy ... And was in a wheelchair, but when we had special occasions up here, they always brought Wendy for whatever was going on.>

A makeshift memorial is already forming outside the burned house for the lost family members.

Both the father and oldest son, Brandon are in good condition recovering at the Burn Center in Augusta.

The other son, Scott is being treated at the Children's Hospital in Macon.

Friends of the family will hold a vigil tomorrow night for the four victims....at Countryside Baptist Church.

That's also on Carmen Place... off Meade Road in south Macon's Lynmore Estates neighborhood.

That vigil starts at 8.

Investigators don't yet know what caused the fire... But they say...the home did not have any smoke detectors...a problem they tell us is easily rectified.

If you don't have one...many local fire departments will both provide and install one for you...if you give them a call.

On the national front... The head of the National Security Agency says more information *will be* released about the top secret programs that have caused so much controversy.

General Keith Alexander's comments came after a closed-door meeting with house members.

This is video of the members leaving the meeting.

Edward Snowden, a former N.S.A computer contractor leaked information about the programs to a British newspaper.

They reportedly collected vast amounts of phone and online data from Americans.

Alexander did not say what information would come out, only that it would involve statistics about those programs.

Many Americans are unhappy with the government.

That's according to a Gallup poll released today.

Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.....appearing on c-n-n... isn't surprised with the cynicism.

"What people have to recognize in this city is after you had the I-R-S scandals, after you've had fast and furious, you've had Benghazi, there is no belief in trusting the government. The President the other day, said 'Gee, if you don't trust all these people, then we've got a real problem.' Well, Mr. President, we have a real problem."

According to the data, a mere 10-percent of respondents have confidence in congressional leaders.....an all-time low.

Less than 40-percent say they're confident in President Obama.

The bi-partisan poll is based on more than 15-hundred adults.

The supreme court unanimously ruled today that natural human genes cannot be patented.

But- the high court decided that synthetically produced genetic material can be patented.

The case involved a Utah-based company, Myriad Genetics, which was sued over its exclusive claim of two genes, known as bcra-1 and bcra-2.

Both mutations are linked to increased hereditary risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

Some groups complained the patent protection restricted research and access to information for high-risk patients.

Actress Angelina Jolie recently had a double mastectomy after discovering she had the bcra-1 gene.

Cancer diagnosis is tough for anyone... but it's especially tough on children.

But there's a summer camp that is helping kids deal with a breast cancer diagnosis in their family.


(kids playing outside)

The United in Pink Summer Day empowerment camp at Forest Hill United Methodist church focuses on children ages 4-18.

From nutrition seminars.... to arts and crafts.... the camp features hands on emotional support in a group setting overseen by a licensed therapist.

The program is in its fifth year.

Some campers form a bond that can't be broken.

<Dr. Bowden Templeton: It strikes me as hard for words.. But it's invaluable just invaluable many of them have said over the years they didn't even know what their saying just how meaningful it is to them.>

The camp runs through Friday.

This program operates on volunteers and donations...You can help by calling 478-254-5247. That number again...254-5247.

"People of Geismar and the surrounding communities need to know that they're in our thoughts and prayers and they're certainly - we're going to provide every assistance we can to help them get back on their feet. To go on with their lives to get back to normal."

Several hundred people were killed inside the plant in Geismar this morning when it happened.

That's about 30 miles Southeast of Baton Rouge.

A witness describes the initial confusion.

"I mean at first, I didn't really - we didn't take it - I didn't take it so seriously at first. I wasn't sure what was going on where it was coming from and what to do. As we got more information over the course of the situation, we found out what - kinda- what was going on, which plant this happened at and everything else that was going on. So, it started to really get scary after a little while because it hit so close to home with working in this type of field."

Dozens were injured in the blast and taken to the hospital.

Local media has identified the facility as the Williams Olefins plant.

According to the company web site, it produces the chemicals ethylene and (pro fy lene) propylene. That's Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal... Addressing his state after at least one person was killed in an explosion and a fire at a chemical plant.

The death toll from May 31st tornadoes and storms in oklahoma has risen to 22.

That's according to the state's chief medical examiner's office.

Authorities say a child's body was recovered wednesday in an Oklahoma City River.

The severe weather that plowed through the state came less than two weeks after an EF-5 tornado killed two dozen people in moore, Oklahoma.

The death toll there ...also around two dozen...with many more injured.

I heard a HMMM, and it just got louder and I grabbed her and I ran to the basement. My husband was at the basement door. I told him, something big just fell.

In westminster, Maryland, a 380-year-old white oak tree toppled over, after being hit by a burst of heavy wind.

The tree hit a car when it landed, but missed a home about 50-feet away.

Much of that area spent the entire day under a flash flood and severe thunderstorm watch.




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