Eyewitness News at 11:June 12, 2013

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     Hello, everyone.
     I'm Lorra Lynch Jones...in for Frank Malloy.
     Here's what's happening in your community and beyond...on this Wednesday... June 12th.
< Construction on Macon's Tubman African American museum could resume this fall.  That's according to Andy Ambrose, the museum's director.  Now he's said that before, but this time he's got millions of dollars in SPLOST funds behind him.
 Massive line of storms with hail and high winds is expected to roll through 19 states from Iowa to Maryland. 
 The largest fire has been pushed along to winds gusting to 30 miles per hour.
 One of my worst fears is that people took their chances and it may have cost them their life.
 This picture captured the size of the fire, outside Colarado Springs.
 The Southern Baptist Convention approved a resolution today expressing opposition to the Boy Scouts of America's new policy allowing gay scouts.
 Testifying on Capitol Hill...  The direction of the National Security Administration today defending the collecting of telephone and internet data, saying he's trying to protect Americans.         
 Officials revealed details of the new fast-forward medical clinic on Tuesday.
 You won't be hearing Ray Charles, just the sound of construction.
 No signed guitars or drum sets.
 But soon, there will be something else.
 Mercer University will turn the building into a new clinic for its medical school.
 You have one last chance to watch the air force reserve band it action.
  They're headlining the Independence Celebration in Warner Robins.  The band is loosing the last few weeks to practice.
     And those are just some of the stories making local and national headlines tonight.

     Here in Central Georgia...we begin with what could be a reboot...for a 12-year-old project.

     This is what Macon's Tubman African American Museum looks like now... at its address on Walnut Street.
     Just a couple of blocks away... a new, partially completed building... has been pretty much untouched for about 8 years.
     But Andy Ambrose... the museum's director... says that could change this fall.

     He says he now has millions of dollars in SPLOST funds to help complete the 49-thousand square foot building on Cherry Street.
     It was started in 2001... before the economy slipped... and the project ran out of money in 2005.

     Ambrose says...contractors are now involved in plans that could start next fall if everything lines up.

     A building that once housed another Macon museum... Is moving towards a rebirth as a medical clinic.

      Poor attendance led to the state pulling its funds for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.
     It closed in 2011.
     The building on MLK Blvd in downtown Macon once housed exhibits of Georgia's music legends.
     Now... the building is living on for a new purpose.
     Mercer University plans on installing a new clinic for its medical school.
     They'll reconfigure the inside to see and treat patients... While keeping the outside of the building pretty much the same.
< It kind of is the entryway into the downtown area so it's a very visible building for Macon and Bibb County.  And I feel like just seeing it being able to
     Mercer says construction will start next month.
     The goal is to have the new facility open by next summer.
      Changes within the federal budget and our national security is causing a combat communications wing... of the U.S. Airforce to stand down.

     The 689th Combat Communications Wing at Robins Air Force base inactivated during a ceremony... this morning.
     The wing has been in place since 2009.
     Commander of the group... Colonel Joseph Scherrer (Share)... says the changes will not cause any job losses.
     33 airmen and 2 civilians will transfer to the 5th Combat Communications Group at Robins.
     The group is the only U.S. based combat communications group in the Air force.

< Col. Joseph Scherrer, Commander, 689th Combat Communications Wing, USAF: They have a lot of projects underway right now to improve the mission, to train our airmen better and to deliver better capability for air operations in the field, so I'm very confident that they're going to be able to pick up the mantle and run with it. >
     The 689th combat communications wing will officially shut down in September.
     The Band of the Air Force Reserve was also cut because of federal budget constraints.
     Before members pack up their instruments and put down the mics... they'll headline the Warner Robins Independence Celebration one last time.

     The lead singer is Frances Kness.
     A vocalist for Reserve Generation... She joined the Air Force as a weapons simulator.
     She only has a few weeks left with her four band mates.
     Along with a total of 33 members... they'll be splitting up among five other air force bands around the country.

<kness - it's sad to know that it is our last concert. Literally the next day, we start moving our separate ways. Im going to illinois, the band of mid america>
     This year's celebration will take place at McConnell-Talbert Stadium on July 3rd.
     This will be the absolute last performance for the Band of the Air Force Reserve.
     And in keeping with tradition... it will finish with fireworks.

     The Southern Baptist Convention today... Pushed back against the Boy Scout's of America's decision... to allow gay scouts to participate in troops.

     Members voted on a resolution at the s-b-c's annual meeting in houston, Texas.
     It stops short of asking members to leave the Boy Scouts of America, but expresses support for churches and families who choose to do so.
     The Southern Baptist Convention has a national network of 45-thousand churches and church-type missions.
     Some of those sponsor local troops or packs.

    Last month, the Boy Scouts of America reversed its long-standing policy to allow gay members.
     The deputy director of the c-i-a, Michael Morell, has resigned.
     Morell spent 33 years with the central intelligence agency.

     He was appointed deputy director in may of 2010 but recently served as acting c-i-a director... after General David Petraeus stepped down last year.
     Morell will be replaced by Avril Haines, a current deputy assistant to the president.
     Morell is expected to still be a part of the Obama administration.
     Today ...the president appointed him to serve on his intelligence advisory board.

     Today, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, had this to say about Morrell.
     "There are few people in the intelligence community who have had the distinguished career Mike Morrell has enjoyed at the CIA for over 30 years."
As Deputy Director and Acting Director, he has led the agency with distinction, through good times and bad. 
 It's not an understatement to say the world is a safer place because of his service, and we are grateful for his family's support through his many difficult assignments. 
I speak for many of my colleagues who have worked with him when I say he will be missed and not easily replaced."
     Chambliss, Georgia's senior U.S. Senator, has his own plans to leave office.
     He announced he won't be seeking reelection... when his term's up in 2014.

 A North Georgia man faces a tough road ahead after becoming paralyzed while saving the life of a 4-year old.

     Michael Patterson and his son were at a park in Rockmart when they heard the screams of a child in danger.
     Patterson then dove into the creek head first to save the child.
     He hit the bottom of the creek and broke his neck.
     He somehow still managed to save the child, but he lost the use of his legs and is paralyzed in one arm.
     Patterson's family is now staying close by his side.
 < He acted unconditionally for someone else. Because  my kids have always thought that, and been taught, that everybody is equally as important, and if somebody needs you, then do what you can. >

     That was Michael's mother you just heard from.
     This wasn't the first time he risked his life for someone else.
     Two weeks ago, our sister station 11 Alive reported...Michael helped save a man from a burning tanker truck...
     Have you noticed?
     Lego figures are getting angrier, according to new research.
     A robot expert at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand examined six-thousand of the popular mini-figures.
     He found the number of smiley face lego's is decreasing...
     And being replaced with angry faces and more weapons.

     So why do a study on this?
     A spokesman says the school wants to see if all those frowns affect how kids play.
     Lego group is the world's third largest toy manufacturer by revenue, after Mattel and Hasbro.
     according to its web site, children around the world spend about five billion hours each year playing with lego bricks.

     Before we get to sports... Check this out...
     An underground pipe burst yesterday at the Texas Ranger's Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

     It soaked the infield and created a sinkhole near the pitcher's mound.
     Grounds crews were able to repair the field in time for the game between the Rangers and the Cleveland Indians.
     But, both teams had to cancel their pre-game batting practice.


     But leadership positions... Are still off limits for gay adults.

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