Eyewitness News at 6: June 7, 2013

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   Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us. 
    I'm Frank Malloy.
 Our top story tonight..
  Two victims and two suspects - one still on the loose ... Tom George has the latest from Eastman on how two killings have shaken the community.
Two different victims ... Both with the same two men accused of killing them...

And a community in Eastman wondering why...
"Dodge County is a small community, a close community.  One that believes in treating people right and doing the right thing so when something like this happens in this county, it does shake the basis, it does shake the root of our beliefs here."
It started on May 12th, when 50-year old Greg Giddens was found dead in his Eastman home after an alleged robbery.
Then, again last Friday ... 62-year old Jimmy Gay found dead near dumpsters off Harry Hargrove Road in another alleged robbery.
"Now after Jimmy Gay's body was found here, the landowners that use to allow the county to use the dumpsters here, decided they would clear it out.  >
Gay was a painter in Eastman..and one friend remembered him as a good guy.
"He always had a smile and he had good things to say about people and to people."
Two men, Jeffrey Madison and Nathaniel Cummings have been charged in both killings ... Dodge County Sheriff Lynn Sheffield says the two homicides weren't connected, just random acts of violence.
"Not related as such, they were just haphazard, the opportunity was there and they took it."
Madison has been taken into custody ... Cummings is still at large...
But some in Eastman say they aren't deterred.
" We'll bounce back and be the good people that we are, and hope to see justice done."
  If you have any information on the case....you can contact the GBI's Eastman office at (478) 374-6988, Again that's (478) 374-6988.
 Milledgeville's police chief says he fired a guard accused of sexually assaulting a woman in their lockup.
  The guard is 40-year-old Jeffrey Brown of Milledgeville.
  He's being held in the Baldwin jail...charged with sexual assault on a person in custody.
  Police Chief Dray Swicord says the assault happened Tuesday night...when Brown allegedly had sex with the inmate.
  She told a female guard the next day.
  Swicord turned the case over to the GBI..The GBI arrested Brown Wednesday.
   Swicord told 13WMAZ he supports the GBI's decision and won't tolerate that behavior.
 Meanwhile....a national report says Georgia's youth detention centers have their own problems with sexual assaults.
   A study by the federal Department of Justice says the state's youth facilities have some of the highest rates of assaults on inmates.
  One of those is the Y-D-C in Eastman...where nearly one out of four juvenile inmates said they'd been assaulted by staff...or a fellow inmate.
   The federal student says that was the fourth highest rate among hundreds of centers nationwide.
  Today...the head of Georgia's Department of Juvenile Justice ordered a review of his youth detention facilities.
   Commissioner Avery D. Niles said he was concerned...and wants an advisory committee to review the report for any information that could lead to arrests.
 The first named tropical storm of the season is working it's way up the eastern seaboard.
    Today..Andrea churned up waves on the beach in North Carolina..
    The storm is expected to dump more rain along the coast as it moves northward.
     Authorities are warning people about the treacherous surf..
The new Installation Commander at Robins Air Force Base says he has some "big shoes to fill."
     Col. Christopher Hill stepped into the job... Held by Col. Mitch Butikofer for the past 18 months.
     Lorra Lynch Jones talked with Hill about the challenges ahead... and the footprint he wants to leave behind.
Col. Christopher Hill came before a crowd of airmen.. Civilians and the off-base community... As a familiar face.
He first got to know Robins from 2002 to 2004... an assignment with the J-STARS.
He came back a few years ago... Working in the Air Logistics Complex as Deputy Commander of Maintenance.
"It's the only place in 22 years, I've been twice, so Robins Air Force Base feels as much like home as anyplace we've ever been in the Air Force."
His background is in maintenance.
"I'm excited to be changing roles."
His new job is comparable to being a mayor or CEO.
Like his predecessor... Col. Mitch Butikofer... Hill will now command a staff 46-hundred strong... manage base infrastructure and facilities.... and control a 257-million dollar budget.
A budget that continues to shrink.
"It is very difficult for me to predict the future, but what I can say is that we are committed to taking care of all our employees, airmen, officers, enlisted, civilians."
He faces challenges ahead. Thousands received furlough notices last week.
It's a stressful time... But Hill says he's learned the job watching Butikofer.
"You won't see many changes from me out of the chute. My objective the first 90 days is to listen, learn and lead."
As he accepts command... Hill says he's focused on one vision.
"We are committed to making today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today."
At Robins Air Force Base... Lorra Lynch Jones... 13wmaz... Eyewitness News.
     Butikofer is leaving Robins for an assignment at the Pentagon.
  Telecommunications giant, T-Mobile is accused of discriminating against an employee because of her religion.
   According to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission...T-Mobile violated the worker's rights by firing her instead of accommodating her religious belief.
    The woman cannot work during her weekly Sabbath..which is from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday.
      According to a lawsuit filed by the EEOC..the woman was a new hire at the Augusta call center.
    The EEOC alleges that T-Mobile treated her unfairly when it allowed other new hires to take time off during their eight weeks' training.
 If you have old electronics you need to get rid of...don't throw them in the trash..
    You can recycle them by dropping them off at Macon Habitat for Humanity''s Re-Store tomorrow from nine a-m to one p-m.
    Organizers say it's environmentally way to dispose of old television, computers and other electrical items.
    The Re-Store is on Holt Avenue. That's off Vineville Avenue.
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency...
    "e-cycling" one million laptops saves energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than three thousand five hundred home in the U-S.   
     For every one million cell phones recycled...35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver  and 75 pounds of gold can be recovered.
    Half of the states have laws regulating the disposal of electronics..
    Georgia is *not* one of them.
 The national security agency has come under fire because it collected the phone records of millions of verizon wireless customers.
   Today's web poll asks..is the government collection of phone records necessary to catch terrorists?
    So far...47 percent of you agree with the n-s-a..
   To vote now... Visit 13WMAZ.com.
   Look for the question on the right side of the homepage.

    If you were Mercer Village around noon today...you may have heard the sweet sounds of Sophia Bastian..
   It was all part of a free concert to preview Macon's new Music Ambassador series.
     Bastian did a few original songs..and covers of other R and B and blues tunes.
    Although Bastian's music has been on vh-1...bbc radio and mtv-u...she says she is excited to play in Macon because of its rich music legacy.
     If you missed Bastian this afternoon...you have one more chance to check her out on Sunday at 6 at Washington Park. 
     Tim Regan Porter....head of Mercer's Center for Collaborative Journalism.... says the goal of the Music Ambassador series is to introduce out-of-town artists to the music history of Macon.
 If you're looking for a surprise shopping experience,
   A first friday event in Macon is on the scene for a short time...giving people a chance to expand their wardrobes
"Flaunt: A First Friday Pop-up Boutique"...
 is currently open at 466 First Street through 8 p-m.
The pop-up store is showcasing designs from a few local stylists and designers...
Shoppers should know that there's not much time to spare.
This store is only open for a limited time 
"We have boutiques from here in the Macon area as well as well as outside the Macon area, and they have come to set up shop downtown for one evening, and it's meant to really showcase downtown, and showcase the city of Macon, and what we can do for commerce here. "
Five boutiques from Middle Georgia, and one from Kennesaw, are contributing to the event
 Shoppers have until eight tonight.. to check out the pop-up store.

Where you grow up...usually determines the type of food you eat.
   And that means many foods from distant lands...may be foreign to Bibb County kids.
Kids with The Mentors Project took a trip around the world ... at an international food fair.
They dined on everything from Gyros....Jambalya....and bruschetta.
Many of the kids said they enjoyed trying foods they don't normally eat.
12-year-old Jamila Brooks says she going to try to make the alfredo pasta when she gets home.
"It tastes spicy. And a lot of cheese (laughs)."
  June O'Neal....executive director of the mentors project...says their mission is improving Bibb County's graduation rate.
   O'Neal says more than 50 kids are on a waiting list needing mentors...and you can call 478-765-8624 if you're interested in helping out. That number again...478-765-8624.
And from international foods....to a local favorite. Tomorrow....Fort Valley celebrates the peach.
  It's the annual Georgia Peach Festival.
  It all starts with a pancake breakfast at 7....at the Fort Valley Methodist Church.
  It's followed by the parade downtown...the crowning of miss georgia peach...and of course the world's largest peach cobbler gets dished out at 2-45.
  And the grand finale...fireworks at dusk.
   For more...look for the schedule on our Peach County where you live page.


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