Eyewitness News at 11: June 5, 2013

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  Good evening.
   Thanks for joining us.
    I'm Lorra Lynch Jones.
    Frank is off tonight.
  The first named storm of the season has formed over the Gulf of Mexico..bringing with it lots of wet weather.
   Forecasters say Andrea will be a rainmaker..and is expected to drench parts of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.
   We're already seeing come rain here in Central Georgia..
   Ben is keeping an eye on things in the weather center.
  In other news tonight..
    A Warner Robins man is dead... after he fell 40 feet... trying to get away from police.
    That's according to the Macon police department.
    Officers were making a routine check at the Presidential Parkway Shopping Center when they noticed a car with two men inside.
     Officers say when they approached the car..the men became combative..
     They pepper sprayed one man..
      The other one ran away, hopped a fence and dropped about 40 feet.
       Police say by the time they got to him... he was dead.
       Investigators have not released the man's name..because they haven't been able to contact his family.
     The GBI says two men are charged with two murders in Dodge County.
     Investigators say they arrested one of the suspects today... 20-year-old Jeffrey Madison.
    Madison faces two counts of murder and armed robbery.
    He's accused of killing Jimmy Gay last Friday and Greg Giddens last month.
     They're looking for a second man... Nathaniel Cummings of Eastman... who's facing the same charges... in the same two cases.
     So far...the GBI won't say how the two men died... but said they appeared to be random robberies.
     50-year-old Greg Giddens was found dead in his Eastman home on May 12.
     Gay was found dead last Friday in woods off  Harry Hargrove Road in Dodge County.
     Anyone with information on the case can call the GBI at (478) 374-6988. Again....that's 374-6988.

 Two Central Georgia women accused of harming their own children are scheduled to be in court tomorrow.
   A commitment hearing is set for 24-year-old Jameshia Reid in Bibb County.
   She's accused of killing her three-year-old son, Jakarie.
    According to the autopsy...the child was beaten to death.
   His mother told officers that the boy drank nail polish remover and passed out.
     In Houston County...25-year-old Arkebia (Ar-KEY-Bee-YA) Albury is scheduled for a bond hearing in Superior Court.
     Police say Albury ran over her four-year-old son as she ran from store... where she was allegedly caught shoplifting.
    It happened last month at the Galleria Mall in Centerville.
    The boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
     Charges against Albury include cruelty to children... and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

 Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams says he hopes to send additional information to the U.S. Department of Justice this week....so that the county can hold its election as soon as possible.. 
     Adams met with seven of the eight members of Bibb's legislative delegation Monday.
     Last week.. Justice officials asked for more information on such things as emails.. Minutes of delegation talks and records of phone calls.
     All of it regarding the election for the new consolidated Macon-Bibb government.
     The officials say they need the information before deciding whether to approve the legislature's votes from last winter.
     That would have shifted the election from November to July... and make it non-partisan.
     After that.. Adams says he'll send as much information as possible...and explain why some doesn't exist.
   Because of the request.. the board of elections canceled the July 16th election until the justice department makes a final ruling.
   Georgia is set to receive $717,000 in federal grants for workforce and training programs after the state exceeded its goals for helping unemployed residents find jobs.
      The Governor's Office of Workforce Development announced the grants Tuesday, saying Georgia was one of 15 states to receive the funds.
      Governor  Nathan Deal says the grants show "Georgia is on the right path to building a strong workforce."
     The funds must be used during the next two years.
      The grants are based on how many people get jobs after training..and how many stay employed.
  Some Houston County students are still in school...a week after the school year ended..and it's not because they needed to go to summer school.
     The county's Summer Enhancement program offers rising 5th, 6th, and 7th graders... the chance to expand their minds... with an unconventional curriculum.
School's out for the summer, and a select group of Houston County Students are trading pencils and books, for a different set of tools
"I first thought it was going to be kind of boring because I was going to be in school, but they make it fun."
Darby Masters is one of over 430 students participating in Houston County's Summer Enhancement Program... at Mossy Creek Middle

"When you start off you just have a piece of duct tape, but when it's done, it looks really cool."
Houston school have offered the Super Summer School since the 1970's, around the time Georgia's gifted program began.
"Some schools you're just learning about science and social studies, but here you get to learn about crafts and sports."
 Darby signed up for some crafts classes, but science minds have options, too
In a class about bugs, Mossy Creek's Principal got an education in eating a chocolate covered cricket
"That's why it's important that we all get involved, and show the kids that I'm willing to do whatever you're willing to do. They're getting a really great rigorous education during these two weeks, and it's relevant to them because they get to choose their classes."
Rounding out the crafts and sciences, students also had athletics in their sights
"I think it's awesome. I've learned how to hold the bow, how to load, and how to aim correct."
And Jan Jacobsen says Houston county's aim looks far beyond the two-week program
"It's so crucial that we talk about creative thinking, and critical thinking, and higher order thinking, and to prepare them for things in the future. It's good for our nation, it's good for us locally."
     The Houston County Board of Education contacted honor roll students in January... Inviting children to register for enhanced courses.
     Each student is enrolled in their top two class choices.
     The program lasts ten days...or through the end of next week.
"We was laying roof. We heard a big bang - explosion - whatever. We looked over, everything was clouds, so we ran down - everybody ran down and we went in there and started pulling people out.
   One person is dead after a building collapsed in downtown Philadelphia..
    Firefighters say 13 other people were hurt.
   Demolition crews had been working on the four-story building just before it caved in.
"I don't care what you believe, wait, wait, wait. one of the things, one of things i don't do well is this." 
    First Lady Michelle Obama didn't take too kindly to a heckler who interrupted her speech during a fundraiser Tuesday night.
    Mrs. Obama was there to talk about children...the heckler wanted to talk about gay rights.
    The fundraiser was held at the home of a lesbian couple.
     The first lady's tough talk got rave reviews from the White House.
"Winner of the 590 Million-dollar jackpot is Mrs. Gloria C. Mackenzie, 84 years of age of Zephyrhills, Florida."
   Weeks after the second largest Powerball drawing in U-S history..we know who the winner is...but she's staying out of the spotlight....issuing a statement instead.
"She did ask that I share this statement with you.  'We bought the winning ticket as a single ticket, even though we bought four other tickets before the drawing.  While in line at Publix, another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning quick-pick ticket.  We are grateful for this blessing of winning the Florida Lottery Powerball jackpot and appreciate the interest of the public, state of Florida and the lottery."

 A government report blasting The IRS for improper spending... lists 22 conferences the agency held in Georgia at hotels in downtown Atlanta... And on St. Simon's Island. 
     One conference at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta came to a total cost of 1-point-18 million dollars for 800 people... That's almost 15-hundred dollars per person.
     A review by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration... also lists conferences at seven other high end hotels in Atlanta and the Hyatt Regency in Savannah.
     Training at the Sea Palms Resort on St. Simons Island cost more than 110-thousand dollars for 77 attendees in 20-10. 
     A separate conference at the King and Prince Hotel cost nearly 100-thousand dollars for 70 people in 20-12.
    Toyota is recalling 242-thousand hybrid vehicles worldwide.
     They include certain Toyota Prius cars built between March and October of 2009.
     Toyota says the vehicles might have a problem with the breaking system.
     They received more than 90 complaints from owners. 
     Drivers said they needed to apply more pressure on the break pedal when stopping.
     Concerned drivers should contact their Toyota dealership with any questions.

   Ohio State has a new study out that says smokers cost their employers nearly six-thousand dollars more a year, than employees who don't smoke.
    Micha Berman who led the study says smokers hit their employers wallets in two ways.
     The main way is the health care costs... and the second is the productivity loss of stepping away for a smoke break.
     The study also says smoke breaks cost 16-hundred dollars each year. 
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    There is a summer percussion camp at Mercer University that focuses on the school's new marching band... starting up this year. 
     The camp... Sponsored by Yamaha .. Lasts four days.
      It allows students from all over Georgia to learn new skills from some of the area's best musicians.

"And the overall discipline that it actually takes to be in marching band, it's always a good thing for someone to have. I think that's why the music program is very valued"
    Mercer University last had a football team...and a marching band....in 1942.
    This fall...they're bringing them both back.

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